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Archive for September, 2007

About Books…

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This is about books, my Preciouses.Yes, books.Tammy, Dan, you know what I mean.Books are precious. They give you ideas, even.Some people get so fired up they go and burn them. How very odd. Burning ideas.…To some people, they can even be dangerous. As we have learned in recent decades. Kurt Vonneguts’ books were burned in […]

Annti update 28Sep2007

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She is alive sounds pretty good for someone who underwent major surgery this morning, although she’s definitely in pain, she was quite lucid. She had not yet had a post-op visit from the surgeon, so no word as to what transpired. That’s it for now.

She’s gonna love this when she wakes up!

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And so will you!

Annti update

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I have spoken with her Anntiness and she asked me to let you all know that she is trapped in Catholic hospital hell, although the dead guy on a stick is miraculously (so to speak) missing from her room. Her spine surgery was scheduled for about 8 a.m., commenced at noon, and was unsuccessful. It […]

I’d be willing to bet

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that this guy has an amp that goes to 11.

WTF is with the phone thingy?

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I seem to remember somewhere in the ethers that Anti said something about her phone. Am I remembering that she has NO freaking phone,…..cause I can’t get a freaking answer when I freaking call her. Somebody please tell her or tell me how to contact her other than email or this blog. I was gonna […]

Marlin fytes for all cat-kind — and wins!!!

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(Camera flash died w/weak batteries — he really does have lovely green eyes, despite what the picture shows. And no, I haven’t gotten to sleep yet, 2 Lunestas, 5 melatonins, and diddly-squat. Such is life. Y’all’s turn! Hasta manyana (or however that’s spelled!), mi amigos & amigas!)

Last-minute miscellany

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(Blogger is fucking with me tonight, so if there are blank spaces, scroll over them to highlight the lines, so that you can see what’s SUPPOSED TO BE THERE. Sorry.) PayPal Desperations Plea: $2 to get me through the rest of the month, with help en route, but prolly won’t get here until I’m under […]

Hi, Annti!

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As was the case last year, I’ve been harrassing the medical community to come up with a better surgical mouse trap before you start sucking ether. Drs. Watson, Frankenstein, Zaius, Franknfurter, Lecter, J, Zoidberg, Holliday, Strangelove, John, Livingston, Evil, Bombay, John, Kildare, Feelgood, Jeckyl, Mengele, Spock, all worthy healers, but they just don’t give you […]

Back when I was still good…

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Since nobody reads my posts nowadays or comments upon them, I figured that I’d do a rerun that WAS good, dammit. Jesus’ General’s post du noir inadvertently reminded me of this post from February (and he’s got some REALLY GOOD SHIT up tonight!), and I figured that, if I die on the table on Wednesday […]

Just when you think you are a tolerant person

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someone comes along to teach you you might be wearing blinkers. Pam Spaulding had some very thoughtful things to say which I read this morning. What hit me the most was the following: “What is the explanation? Oh, I could think of several, but overt racism isn’t one of them. I have a couple of […]

It does the soul good, you know

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Update: It’s a slow motion train-wreck First, an important announcement. September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. I’ve done my bit, though the eyepatch had to come off at about 2pm as strange Moire hallucinations were starting to happen to my covered eye. Now, on to the story of the day. From NewsTalk […]

The post I can’t put at the bookstore. So I’m doing it here.

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Please print this out and distribute the information. (may not be applicable in all jurisdictions.) It’s a little something I picked up at Hempfest. I keep it in my purse, right next to my laminated copy of the Constitution. And, do note the Union GCIU squib at the bottom! How often do you see that […]

Tomorrow, I will have mighty and righteous rants…

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…but tonight, I have selfish and greedy requests. 1. DONATE TO CAT HAVEN’S FERAL PROGRAM, OR AT LEAST ASK ANY FRIENDS WHO CAN AFFORD TO DO SO, TO DO SO! I’ve done (trapped/hand-caught/neutered/innoculated/placed) 71 cats thus far in my first year with Cat Haven (with their amazing and unending support and our amazing vets!), and […]

Update on the Crooked Canadian Police/Agent Provocateurs

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Meant to get this up a few weeks ago. Very interesting stuff! The story of the 3 alleged Canadian police attempting to start a riot at the peaceful protest at the North American leaders’ summit in Montebello, Que. made it onto the Canadian CTV News network. For 2 days after the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) […]

I heard something very unsettling today, this is just personal….

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But I think Dumbya is using up your credit as a people in the rest of the world. I work in a hotel. Two days ago, an elderly lady from Vienna who had stayed with us several times checked in with a very stern friend. A ‘Magistra‘. Which means she has a Master’s degree- And […]

Don’t faint or anything…

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…but I’ve got to say nice things, ’cause people keep surprising the hell out of me with kind gestures and wunnerful prezzies. First of all, there’s always Redcane, without whom I’d have resorted to severely-fucked-up hustling/scrabbling to survive, although sometimes I feel like a parasite as it is because of all of the nice things […]