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T.A.N.F.J. / I Quit 11-28-07

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It’s another one of those six-page screeds, so I put it over at the storage facility. Go forth and wallow along with me, if you are so inclined.

Weep for a stranger

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I followed a link from Balloon Juice to this thread on Fark, where this comment stood out like a dog’s whatsits: When my grandfather died, he was worth millions and left it all to his grandkids. Unfortunately, he made my grandmother executor of the estate. She had the discretion to disburse the funds as she […]


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Yes, it’s birfday announcement time again, and heeeeere we go. With my budget being what it is, presents and cards will not arrive before the sacred dates, so I might as well throw some love out onto the blogosphere ahead of time, so that they’ll know that I have not forgotten them, just that I’m […]

The Most Magnificent House In Italy

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You think I jest? Well follow me down to the basement then!

It’s that time again…

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And no, I’m not hitting y’all up for donations to the Feral Feline First-Aid Fund in order to finance participation in the pseudo-xian capitalist orgy this time of year. I’m only buying for my great-nieces & great-nephews (well, have already bought), and the one niece who actually SHOWED UP at the hospital. The rest of […]

#75: Meet Craig

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Retired, right? Six-month recovery from two major spine surgeries, right? Yeah. While I was at the Cath-O-Lick Central horsepital, having my guts splayed out on an O.R. table so that Good Doctor could rivet a huge metal plate to my lumbar and sacral spine, some lowlife mouth-breathing cousin-fucking inbred irresponsible idiotic cunt-fart hillbilly motherfucker abandoned […]

BILLY JACK For President!

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THIS IS NOT A JOKE! Writer/director/actor Tom Laughlin of the iconic 1970’s Billy Jack films has entered the Presidential race! He doesn’t actually want the job but he does have a plan. That plan is to end the illegal immoral war in Iraq and to stop the attempted theft of Iraqs natural resources! For those […]

Hmmmmm… Is Gawd Pissed Off At Israel?

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Is Gawd maybe on the side of the civilised world that said many times over that cluster bombs are an evil, evil thing? Seems so.(or would if there were a Gawd) The season’s first hailstorm Tuesday was a blessing in disguise for cluster bomb-infested parts of southern Lebanon, triggering blasts from previously unexploded bomblets. No […]

Anybody wanna trade?

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Okay, so I got really lucky and had some incredible friends send me incredible birthday and get-well presents this year, and the birthday money I got, I spent on a new pair of Chuck Taylors for me and xmas & birthday presents for my nieces, nephews, great-nieces & great-nephews (if I hadn’t, it’d have been […]

"Thankful," you say?

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Aside from all of the genocidal reasons to loathe the WASP holiday of “thanksgiving,” Teh Dick has given me yet another reason to loathe setting foot in their property, if not to avoid every one of my so-called relatives whatsofuckingever. Yes, I know, there are important things going on the world ’round, there are billions […]


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Have two new series of photos at my place, ‘Signs of the Times’ and late autumn things. Including a malicious looking Mallard. If the link above loads too slowly, try here And then just scroll down a ways. Don’t mind my ranting, btw. I’ve been ill. And that awning wasn’t a one-time manufacturing mistake, there […]

Eat The Rich

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In keeping with the new blog description on class warfare, I found this report on “fee-harvester” credit cards marketed to sub-prime lenders (WARNING – PDF!) quite interesting indeed. Read the whole thing, and if it doesn’t make your blood boil, check your pulse. A small sample: For example, one of the fee-harvester cards featured in […]

Just in time for your "holiday" charitable giving…

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SeattleTammy dun it. Dese catz just keeps showing up, I dunno how. (What’s ironic is that my nose is one of my few body parts dat de kittehz HAVEN’T bitten, scratched, perforated or gnawed.)

Somebody In The GOP Is Covering Their Bases

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I guess they want to make sure no perv is left behind. Annti P.S.: I’ve been saying it for over a year, and at least BartCop LISTENS!!! (There’s no story directly linked to this great graphic that Mags found, but I figured that we at least owed Bart some good trackbacks & hopefully some infrastructure […]

Blame The Little Cheese

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The post below from Le Petite Fromage sent me off on a tangent on the site to the bad SF book covers. I’d heard about this one, but never expected to see it. My joy at discovering it is so unbounded I must must must share. I give you… two nations divided by a […]

Not my Xmas list

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The 25 most baffling toys. Hilarious, and suitable for your favorite asshole. And sometimes funny things just happen…So yesterday I stopped at the Supermarket on my way home from work. I was in the magazine section, looking for the December Vanity Fair (for this article: The Economic Consequences of Mr Bush). From behind me I […]

This Land is Your Land

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Via Howie Klein at Crooks and Liars, Mojo Nixon’s stirring cover of Woody.