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Since I’m trying to electronically sedate myself away from the horror…

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…as y’all well know, we are SOOOOO fucking FUCKED. Seeing as how the last Democrat just dropped out of the race and we’re stuck with “Dr. Dean’s” hand-picked Republicunts in Pseudo-Feminist and Milk Chocolate flavors, there is no hope. None. Unless Elizabeth Edwards decides to run in John’s bus and sweeps the general election, all […]

Edwards "Suspends" His Campaign

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What Liss said, andWhat Christy said. Don’t know what he means by “suspend,” but I guess it’s over and I’m too sad to do my own writing. I’m gonna go blubber elsewhere now.

So I got this email yesterday…

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And the subject line was: Have You Ever Wondered What an Idiot Looks Like? Well, here ya go:

Humor Time (sorta)

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Did you hear about the US soldier shot at a checkpoint by Blackwater mercenaries. His buddies carried him back to the post where he lie dying. And he says “I want to see the people I’m dying for”. So his company commander runs out and comes back with a picture of George Bush surrounded by […]

Rimone dammit, get outta my head!!!

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I dunno how she does it, but her LOLCatz are always in my head at really spooky times. All yer LOLCat are belong to us. Those last two fat cats R belong to me. Biddy’s tail looks a lot better now, well, gruesome, but better. Attitudes remain the same. ABX are still DO NOT WANT!!! […]

Meet Angel

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I went to the shelter to find a companion for Ziggy. Since I had to have Abby put down Ziggy has been so lonely, so I went to find him a playmate. This little girl just grabbed my heart. She was picked up by animal control, is soooo thin an undernourished. She has some dandruff […]

If you’ve already gouged-out a vital body part…

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To distract yourself from the clusterfuckus terminus known as the “SOTU” tonight, and you’re still bored, check out the SOTU promos running on the CW (formerly known as the WB). I’ve ravaged their entire lame-ass site, and can’t find a link to the Dumbya/Cheneygun promos (in re: avoiding the bullshit brigade on the big networks) […]

48 Ayes 45 Nays, but they lost anyway?

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I’m so fucking confused, I’m just gonna let Glenn Greenwald explain it: “UPDATE II: The vote on the GOP cloture motion — to ignore all the amendments and proceed to a final vote on the Bush-Rockefeller SIC bill — has just occurred. The motion has failed, which means (shockingly) that Democrats have successfully mounted a […]

Wind Storm here yesterday

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Ripped half the facing off of a new building that was nearly finished. They closed off the Volksgarten, due to flying branches. People got hurt by falling roof-tiles. It was strange. Global warming? Pfft.

Brief FISA update

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From FDL, of course. Christy Hardin Smith suggests: “…please take some time today to send out FAXES to Senators asking them to vote NO on Sen. McConnell’s FISA cloture motion on Monday. Tell them to stand up for the rule of law.” It has occurred to me that there is a reason I’m having continuing […]

No FISA update today, it’s about the primaries

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As you are all probably aware, in South Carolina Obama stomped Hillary, and left John Edwards in the dust. Edwards is the far better candidate, IMHO, but he doesn’t get the coverage that he deserves. I’m not getting the whole Obama thing. It’s a lot of talk, but I’m not hearing substance. I guess maybe […]

FDL has the FISA Clusterfuck Summary

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Jane explains it all. To the best of anyone’s ability. I was unable to make any phone calls yesterday, had planned to send faxes this weekend. Faxes go through when the voice mailboxes are full, or if your Senator doesn’t accept voicemail messages. At any rate, it’s all gotten to be such a mess that […]

Journal of American History

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has an on-line special issue on Hurricane Katrina. Looks interesting, but haven’t had time to more than skim it yet.

Birfday updates

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Saborlas & Redheaded Niece today (25th in MY time zone, dunno about Blogger), Neal-O tomorrow. If I had an e-mail address, angry anime boy, I’d send you porno cards. Tcha. At any rate, happy happy to you all. Hugs, kisses, rude noises, etc.

More You Can Do

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Again, Firedoglake (link in previous post) has the almost-real-time coverage of this, but the Senate voted to kill the Judiciary Committee version of S 2248, the version WITHOUT telecom immunity. Glenn Greenwald at Salon has good coverage as well. If I understand things correctly, the House version of the bill does NOT contain telecom immunity […]

There’s more you can do

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At Firedoglake. Be sure to read their other posts on the topic of the FISA/Protect America Act. I find it very interesting that, on the night I want to send out a bunch of faxes on that topic, my Verizon DSL connection craps out for a very long period of time. At any rate, it […]

The FISA Debate Is Not Over

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From the ACLU please take a moment to sign the petition. It’s even better if you can take the time to call your senators. Hey RenB thanks for the update. I sure wish our elections were over. Enough already. Now, our own MOB QOD (or week, or month, whatever): What are people watching now that […]