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Okay, I’m starting to get scared…

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So, I just heard there’s going to be a big march tomorrow, May Day. Lots of folks are joining in, immigrant rights marchers, the ILWU, anti-war protesters, just to name a few. There’s also going to be one of those “Emergency Drills”, where FEMA and Homeland Security and some army troops swarm Seattle and hold […]

Department of Damn, I wish I’d written that

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Via the farmer comes this eloquent plea for sanity: This is the reason for the cacophony of inanity that dominates the coverage of the political events of our time: It serves as white noise that drowns out unpleasant truths. It is the mood music piped into our national bubble. Accordingly, trivial and specious narratives drive […]

Gives a whole new meaning to "He is risen!"

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Some things just leave you bloody SPEECHLESS…

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Austria made the lead story all morning on CNN. Even when they switched to the Washington bureau with a somber (hypocite) Jonathan Mann. The story in the link above can leave you spitless. The story broke here yesterday, and the press here and in Germany went into jackal pavlovian salivating mode, so I waited till […]

I will always miss you, beautiful girl.

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Here’s hoping that she’s found Tater by now, and that they are happy together. Wolfie1993-2008 Beloved, wonderful girl who deserved so much better than The Dick ever gave her.I wish that I had a better picture of her magnificent eyes, because you could see the universe in them.

FISA Update 25Apr2008

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It appears that the blue dogs are not backing down! h/t Atrios. Boehner is whining again. So what else is new. Petitions, more petitions:From Credo, tell John McCain to stop insulting women. No, I really don’t think this one will do any good, but as always, it doesn’t hurt to register your disapproval. And from […]

The road to Hell is paved with funny e-mail forwards

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The feds luck out once again

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Good thing – for them, not for you – that the GOP (with the eager assistance of most Dems) has been so successful at packing the courts with right-wing authoritarian nut-cases. Otherwise this bit of news might have led to some interesting lawsuits against the government. COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A Colorado woman with a […]

Hmm, Byrd Rhymes with Turd

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Pastor Roger Byrd said he didn’t mean to be political, or racist, or to hurt feelings or offend anyone. And lest you think it was his sole decision, the congregation voted Sunday to keep the sign. The black people in Mr. Byrd’s congregation did not vote to keep the sign, however, because there are no […]

I love NPR

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Really, I do! But when the most pressing issue is that Dubai is getting a strap-on? My pledge dollars can go elsewhere.

When is an apology not an apology?

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When the person apologising adds a qualifier which turns it into a vicious attack on the person or persons being apologised to. Link in the title. What with all the focus being mainly on Hillary and Barack, it took over 72 hours to find the same sort of reaction I had. (see the April 19th […]

Dell is Soooo Glad to Assist Me.

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As a few of you know, I’m currently getting screwed on the Dell laptop I bought from Best Buy last month. I have been getting blue screens of death that tell me that I have a “Bad Pool Caller”. Dell keeps referring me to Best Buy and Best Buy keeps sending me right back to […]

Daryl Cagle sucks gangrenous republicunt donkey dicks

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I’ve unsubscribed from this little wiener’s hackneyed mailing list TWELVE FUCKING TIMES, which is remarkable in that I NEVER FUCKING SUBSCRIBED IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE. And y’know what happens when you send him an “unsubscribe” e-mail? IT BOUNCES BACK BECAUSE THE MAILBOX DOESN’T FUCKING EXIST. Yeah, give free passes to the ever-growing telecom conglomerate […]

John Edwards for President…damn my hearts still broken

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I hope this embed works (link below if not): The Colbert Report: John Edwards And The Nation comment, via Yahoo News. As always, my apologies to those with dial-up, but it is worth the wait.

FUCK. A. BUNCHA. WAL-MART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3 Truisms, then follow the link to the rant: 1. FUCK. A. BUNCHA. FUCKIN’ WALLY WORLD!!!!!! 2. Narcotics make you fucking STUPID. 3. Honesty ain’t worth a PLUG FUCKING NICKEL!!!!!!

LPF sends an e-mail

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Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 16:05:19 -0400To: peter.salinger@abc.comCc:,, jeffrey.t.fitzgerald@abc.comConversation: Presidential Primary Debate 16Apr2008Subject: Presidential Primary Debate 16Apr2008 Dear Mr Salinger, I am a resident of Pennsylvania and, prior to Wednesday evening, had not watched any of the previous debates. Having not yet decided for whom I want to vote next Tuesday I tuned […]

Warsaw Again?

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The Wall – second edition: BAGHDAD — Trying to stem the infiltration of militia fighters, American forces have begun to build a massive concrete wall that will partition Sadr City, the densely populated Shiite neighborhood in the Iraqi capital. I think there’s a good reason this reminds me very very much of this – Warsaw […]