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Archive for December, 2008

Your virtual lucky charm

Posted by RenB under Uncategorized (9 Responds)

This is the day everyone gets a talisman to bring luck for the coming year. I know these are only virtual ones, but pick one, ok? Update: Am in the New Year already, Happy happy, blech… But! I got a new piece of info I hadn’t heard before… Supersition. You do not eat fowl on […]

My Pet Peeve

Posted by Mags under Uncategorized (7 Responds)

Don’t nobody go getting their panties in a twist. This is not directed at any person here or anywhere in particular but in everyone in general. OK????? Why do people insist on calling Barack Obama ‘Barry”….? That was a name he was called as a child and a youth because the name Barack was too […]

A Very Telling Little Sentence…. ????

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Am not sure… Link in the title. And now you know what goes around in my head at four o’clock in the morning. Optimistic pessimism….

SOS diabetes, and HELP?

Posted by RenB under Uncategorized (13 Responds)

Please let me know…. It is about my friend. I’ve been though this fuckng drama once already, and after all the things that have happened this year… I do not think am ready for the second phase… To tell the truth, it is freaking me out. Totally….. Does anyone KNOW how to delay this? Gawwwwd, […]

McGoon Family Christmas

Posted by Realist under Uncategorized (5 Responds)

Just a slice of how my holiday went: CC: Hey, can you fix my camera? I let a drunk woman hold it last night and she dropped it. Now the lens won’t go back in when I turn it off.Uncle McGoon: I can try. Let me see it.CC: (handing him the camera) See? Look. It […]

Das Toterbaumfest Dead Tree Festival

Posted by RenB under Uncategorized (14 Responds)

So, two horridays gone by… Made a roast to get through them. One of my good ones I hadn’t done in a long while…. You braise a piece of beef on all sides. Fill the bottom of a big casserole with thick slices of onion and two crushed garlic cloves. Set the roast on the […]


Posted by Realist under Uncategorized (7 Responds)

Isn’t it time for ridiculous? our dear Second Life friend, Witchy sends along this song, and it’s disturbing translation. Het was kerstochtend 1961, ik weet het nog zo goedIt was christmasmorning 1961, i remember it so well Mijn konijnehok was leegThe bunny cage was empty En moeder zei dat ik niet in de schuur mocht […]

Another survival tip

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter under Uncategorized (2 Responds)

Time to become a mercenary. No, that doesn’t mean stocking-up on ammo and canned-goods like the militia bigots preach. It means, if you HAVE the means, to hit those after-NoodleDay clearance sales with a cold, black heart and a plan in mind. Wanna be a pirate? BE a fucking PIRATE. If it were me, if […]

Merry Noodleday!!!

Posted by Terrible under Uncategorized (8 Responds)

‘Tis the season for everyones favorite Scandinavian export.

Crime Solvin’ Skeeter

Posted by Realist under Uncategorized (3 Responds)

This is kinda cool: Police in Finland believe they have caught a car thief from a DNA sample taken from a mosquito they noticed inside an abandoned vehicle. Finding the car in Seinaejoki, north of Helsinki, police saw that the mosquito had recently sucked blood and decided to send the insect for analysis. Talk about […]

It’s the horridays, when Ratzi pops up again,

Posted by RenB under Uncategorized (1 Respond)

And a ‘Ratz’ means rat in local dialect…. It is supposed to be ‘cute’, diminuative form… Uh-huh.. Hey, I didn’t KNOW I was as beautiful as a rain forest, and need to be saved. Is it a compliment???I do not know how Pam Spaulding finds the patience to even LOOK at that stuff. But the […]

Snow…. Lots Of It!

Posted by Terrible under Uncategorized (8 Responds)

So the storm that started Friday afternoon dumped about 8 inches here. I guess they got more to the south of us. And then since this morning we’ve gotten about twice that. Still snowing too but it has let up some, I don’t think we’ll get more then another couple of inches. I hope! Windy […]

Mags send teh BESTEST LOLCats!!!

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter under Uncategorized (7 Responds)

Deck teh halls with barfed-up holly, fa la la la la, la la la laaa… And in international news… (This LOLCat dedicated to Henry “Tokyo” Rollins…)

Oh fuck!

Posted by RenB under Uncategorized (7 Responds)

Does anyone know anything about diabetes, and how to save a foot?

How about a feel-good story for a change

Posted by mentisfugit under Uncategorized (3 Responds)

Moko the friendly dolphin ready for summer visitors 3:38PM Friday Dec 19, 2008Jessica WauchopWhen the sun beats down on Mahia Beach and the sea is calm, Moko the friendly bottlenose dolphin cuts a familiar shape against the horizon.The three-year-old dolphin has made Mahia Beach her home for more than a year-and-a-half, and now the summer […]

Why doesn’t anyone just punch us out or KILL us and get it over with?

Posted by RenB under Uncategorized (11 Responds)

If the Obama people REALLY wanted to get everybody in the GLBT commutiy to alienate us to him, they did the trick with asking a fucking homophobic asshole to give the invocation at his inauguragtion. Rick Warren… a flaming idjit, homophobe, total asshole, and he is gonna do the invocation. And what does that idiot […]

WTF is the US Marine Corps doing – playing traffic cop?

Posted by Terrible under Uncategorized (6 Responds)

So I saw this late last night. Apparently according to this article the US Marine Corps is working with the California Highway Patrol on their DUI roadblocks. In complete contravention of US civil and US military laws! also found another shoe throw last night! :-) This one is from Britian and is a bit more […]