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Atheist Quote O’The Day 022809

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The inimitable Katharine Hepburn: “I’m an atheist, and that’s it. I believe there’s nothing we can know except that we should be kind to each other and do what we can for each other.” Not much to add to that, is there. *sigh* I miss her.


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In Decmber, a fifteen year old Sea-Tac girl took her mother’s car without permission. The police brought her into the station, apparently without incident because initially she is not handcuffed. What happens next absolutely takes my breath away. video from Seattle Post Intelligencer UPDATE: Here’s some background (also from the PI) on the “police officer”: […]

Don’t call it a comeback…

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I’ve been googling my brains out (I know, it’s not a far trip), Lycos, HotBot, etc., even {shudder!} Wonkette, to try and find a link to a piece that they’ve been running on the local republicunt CBS affiliate’s “news”: a little local blonde weasel-boy vehemently defending Piyush by attacking Joe Biden’s “misstatement” (of course, the […]


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I guess we are going to see a lot of this kind of thing now.

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Y’all, please tell me that the reason nobody commented on the Black History post (with the addition of “LETTERMAN CAN SUCK IT!!!”) because of any reason OTHER than assuming that I was including African-American History Month with the “CAN SUCK IT” phrasing. I thought it was a damned good post, but nobody gave a flying […]


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Even at my best, there’s no way in hell that I could do better than Erster’s encapsulation of the international flaccidity over “teh wunderkind” doing his big national debut last night… Well, maybe “flaccidity” isn’t the right word, but it’s certainly descriptive. “Big giant clusterfuck of bad karma, genocidal profiteering, and out-and-out batshit-crazy cult bigot, […]

Happy Maunday Tuesday, everyone…

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There is a story behind the photo. Crushed, I tell you, crushed… You can click on the link in the title if you wish…And if you are in areas that celebrate this horriday, have fun, be safe.

Atheist Quote O’The Day 022309

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OK I can’t remember the quote exactly but it’s something like this: “Statistically speaking 10 people can have fewer new ideas then a hundred thousand people.” Jean Francois Revel in Without Marx or Jesus

Annti’s Favorite Guy

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Are we going to have to look at and listen to this man for the next 4 years?….please, no. ANNTI EDIT: We WILL be inundated, over the next 4 years, with tons of GOP-generated HORSESHIT about how WUNNNNERFUL Piyush is, but what we should worry about are the same evil motherfuckers who owned Dumbya, who’ve […]

Local Journalist honored for contributions to racism, bigotry and general idiocy

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My co-workers and I were appalled back in May ’06 to see this article in a local small town paper. She got smacked down a bit over that one, but other “illustrious rags” seem to love to keep her vile bullshit in print. Not only does she still enjoy having her racist rants produced as […]

Black History Month & Letterman Can Suck It

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Since nobody here has posted about African-American History Month, I offer this tribute from The Smoking Gun: Mug Shots of Civil Rights Heroes. The eyes of the brave. But then, it always makes me remember the ones who didn’t get out alive, as well. Also, something that I’ve never seen in the national media, about […]

R.I.P. Socks

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The former White House cat, who would have turned 20 this spring, was euthanized at a veterinary clinic in Hollywood, Md. Socks had been suffering from cancer and the Currie family, who took custody of him when President Clinton left office, feared that he was too old for extensive treatment such as putting him on […]

Atheist Quote O’The Day 022109

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With permission from RayJ @, I hereby kick-off what I hope to establish as a daily thought-provoking ritual: Atheist Quote O’The Day. When you’re constantly inundated with bibul-banging fucktard group-think, it helps keep “the spirits” up to remind yourself that there still are logical, rational adults out there, somewhere. Even as Barack Obama (an […]

Best P.M.S. Cure of 2009 (thus far…)!!!

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No, Fallen Uterus (in the unimaginably horrific chance that she ever sneaks in here, fates forfend), I’M STILL NOT “PERI-MENOPAUSAL,” I’m still as damnably, stupidly “fertile” as I’ve ever been, damn the bigots & breed-mongers @ Medicaid & Medicare who don’t deem a partial hysterectomy as “medically necessary” ALL TO HELL. Anyway, just because I’m […]

Brave New Films wants YOUR ideas!!!

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You can make your suggestions on how to respond to Goldman Sachs use of $6.5 million of the billions in taxpayer bailout funds they recieved for bonuses for some of America’s wealthiest management employees at the link in the title. Robert Greenwald of Brave New Films is looking for “creative, constructive, or comical ideas to […]

Because David Vitter still has a job…

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…I’m gonna recycle this.