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Archive for July, 2009

About The Gates Thing

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Over at Hullabaloo, Digby has what I consider the best ‘take’ on this whole Gates deal. I don’t know if anybody has noticed but since Obama was elected the ‘race’ thing has been heating up. I guess electing a black man as POTUS was the straw that broke the back of the Klan types, overt […]

Heavy Traffic Morning

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Friday or Saturday morning I looked out my kitchen window and there were 3 deer out in the field grazing. I wished they were closer so I could take a picture and they obliged by coming across the lawn. down the driveway and off to the other side of the road.

Holy Shit!!!

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NORAD held an exercise that DIDN’T include a terror attack! Will wonders never cease? But the day’s not over. So if you’re in the DC area keep your head down……..

Please Lend A Hand If You Can

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As most of you know Annti is in the hospital today for her neck surgery. And if all goes as well as hoped she’ll be back home tonight. But it’ll be a while before she’s back to being the Annti we all know and love. She won’t be able to get around on her own […]

Dinner and Theatre…. at a Squat

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Ok so I’m sure someone is asking… “at a ‘Squat’?” Yes at a squat, cop a squat and have a good dinner and some theatre all for squat. OK Americans who are saying WTF is a squat? We know cop a squat and pay squat. But what’s A squat? OK the rest of the world… […]

Growing Old Disgracefully

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Why didn’t I find this gem before? Words can’t do it justice, so just go have a look. Right from the banner pic, you know you’re not looking at just another blog. Two old ladies on mobility scooters riding around the quarterdeck of an honest-to-God battleship, and it ain’t a photoshop. Dude set the […]

Uninsured in America

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OK Boys and Girls! It’s Time to Play…

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“OOPS I Made A Mistake. But It’s Too Late To Fix It!”Our first contestent is Senator Max Baucus who on May 3rd of this year met with single payer healthcare advocates and implied he’d made a mistake in not including single-payer but that it was too late now. And who has received $2,833,731 in campaign […]


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PALIN’S ALREADY RAISING MONEY FOR HER LEGAL DEFENSE FUND, AND SHE’S DOING IT ON — the ho HAS HER OWN PAC, FOR FUCK’S SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!I knew that this was gonna be big, and definitely messy, but if she’s PAN-HANDLING ALREADY, this. is. not. good. I know that she thinks that she CAN be the republicunt […]

Cry My Beloved Country

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For you are no more.


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Seattle Tammy, I couldn’t imagine a better early birfday present!!! (Hers is on Bastille Day, btw, the 14th, so happy-happy joy-joy!!!) SARAH “MAV-RIK” PALIN ***RESIGNS***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heh heh heh… oh, she THINKS that she’s sooooooooo fuckin’ slick, dumping it on a 3-day weekend Friday, oh, it’ll just be tilled under the regular news cycle, NOBODY will […]