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Archive for August, 2009

Four years.

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Y’all know what tomorrow is. If I were at that other blog, any notice of the anniversary would be pushed down the page by “FUN THINGS TO THINK ABOUT INSTEAD!” by selfish pseudo-liberal yuppies who don’t want to sully their “beautiful minds” with the images of dead AMERICANS floating in the streets of Louisiana. That […]


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As if all of the TV & online tributes weren’t heartbreaking enough, if you go to Teddy’s son’s site, Patrick, the U.S. Rep. from Rhode Island, there are home photos of the two of them together that will make you absolutely fucking CRY. I don’t even know what to say, honestly, that everybody else hasn’t […]

The Women’s Crusade

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The New York Times Magazine has a wonderful, horrible, fascinating, excruciating, repulsive, heartwarming, depressing and uplifting article on the Women of the World and the ‘challenges’ they face. It’s well worth taking the time to read thoroughly. And don’t forget all the little goodies in the left margin, facts that will curl your hair. Stuff […]

couple of drug-addled thoughts…

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1. Centrum for Women and Centrum for Men vitamins can suck my euphemistic cock. I know that most of y’all don’t give a flying rat-fuck about TV commercials, but a) that’s how I learned how to read, so I can’t just fucking IGNORE the fuckers, and b) I *used* to write ad copy for a […]


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OK so I haven’t posted anything for a while so it’s time to play catch-up. Monty Python to re-unite to accept award. Help kick Max Baucus out of his Chairman of the Finance Committee seat. The wife at the farm told me that Vermont Governor ‘Taliban Jim’ Douglas has a plan to help Vermont family […]

What if?

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What if some man-made disaster killed a quarter of a million Americans, the cause was linked to allegations of neglect or incompetence by senior government officials, and just a day or two after the disaster the president left for a holiday in Scotland? What if? The population of the Kingdom of Tonga is 108,000. […]

It ain’t much, but it’s somethin’…

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It’s time for BIRFDAYS!!! (Which means that Annti is still in no shape to blog responsibly or in any other fashion, but she’s givin’ it a shot for a few very cool people…) August 6th: FREDERICK!!!!!! (Hey, he doesn’t gimme a URL or anything, so all ya gotta do is frequent any of my usual/ustabe […]

Urgent Action Alert!

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As most of you know we here at MOB occasionally do a fundraiser for those in need. So when I heard about this sad story I knew that this was a job for the MOB crew! Thursday night on Sean Hannity‚Äôs Fox News show former NYC Mayor and Mr. 9/11 himself Rudy Giuliani had this […]