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Archive for September, 2009

…heh heh heh… rubbing talons together a’la Mister Burns… heh heh heh…

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Oh, cry “ACORN! ACORN!” all you must, you lisping little bitch, your days, much like the ambulance chasers’, are numbered @ the bar and even more-endangered @ the public teat. (BTW, the top 4 suggested Google searches involving the word, “VITTER” bring up the word, “DIAPER,” I shit y’all not!!! BWUAAAAHAAHAAHAHAAHAAHAHAAAA!!!!!!!!!) For some reason, criminal […]

Where Are All The Pirates When We Really Need Them?

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If ever there was a good target for pirates to strike fear and financial loss against the greedy heartless wealthy here it is. So where the heck are they now? “With a combined capacity for 313,000 tonnes of oil, the Delta Ios and the NS Burgas supertankers were launched two months ago to criss-cross the […]

And in Silly Military Penis Slap Fight News…

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“On the Pakistan side, the tallest, meanest-looking Pakistan Rangers march and stomp with their chins jutting out as crowds of Pakistanis sitting on plastic seats clap and cheer. On the Indian side, the tallest, meanest-looking Indian Border Security Force troops march and stomp, chins similarly jutting out, while crowds of Indians make a similar, flag-waving […]

Feel Good Story for a Friday?

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What with Sen. Baucus’ insurance corp give-away coming out this week masked as health care reform, more troops in Iraq, more troops in Afghanistan, innocent people shot in the back by LA deputies, etc., etc. I thought maybe everyone could use something to cheer them up a little. Darth Cheney is undergoing spine surgery!! Karma’s […]


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Sarcoidosis didn’t kill Bernie Mac. Prednisone did. Cancer didn’t kill Patrick Swayze, painkillers did. Had a few beers, drove a horse into a tree, spent the rest of his life in chronic pain. Pancreatic cancer got Bill Hicks, too, and he wasn’t in pain until the cancer got to him. Maybe the shrooms were tainted. […]

In love of feral cats…

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One of our Dutch friends, Dr. Marina, recently lost her beloved Yogi, a feral girl who came to love and trust her humans, even if she never did fully lose her feral nature. And Marina, ever the considerate and caring person, reached out to me, because of the work that I used to be able […]

Here comes the weekend

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Time to stay in bed all morning and watch the kitty fight the dreaded duvet monster.

090909 Birfdays and den some!

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The link in the title is to a Mother Jones blog post about how Big Oil is already castrating the best intentions of “going green” by the Obama administration, using the usual outright lies, ripe horseshit and sickening marketing. One other article y’all might want to check out: Defenders Of Wildlife have NOT given-up on […]

FINALLY, she gets around to the damned SURVIVAL GUIDE!!!

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Well, the first, disorganized, rambling installment, anyway. I haven’t actually “written” anything in close to three fucking years, be patient with me. At any rate, I hope that this information will be of use to y’all and others, be they natural disasters or man-made genocides, or if you suddenly find yourself “dining al fresco” on […]

Nuff Said

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