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Archive for October, 2009


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I send around a little gathering of notes, coupons, special offers, and other things that FRIENDS OF MINE are putting on sale at the time, and FUCKING MICROSOFT SHUT DOWN MY HO-MAIL ADDRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, EXCUUUUUUSE THE FUCK OUTTA ME!!!!!!! That’s what you get for trying to fight Big Bidness — when you’re trying to SHARE […]

I’m a Few Hours Early, But…

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HAPPY BIRFDAY, ANNTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I can’t get you the real version of the above pictured boy-toys, but after checking my purse, I realized all I have is $1.88 in change, a few orange tic tacs, and half a thingie of Carmex. So unless they have bad breath and chapped lips I doubt they’ll consider any […]

What does a bitch have to do, to get a little birfday consolation?

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I’d threaten y’all with nekkid photos, but as sick as my friends are, they’d only laugh, guffaw & roll around on the floor cackling, rather than being terrified into obedience. I hate panhandling, I hate begging, I hate having to ask other people to help me pay my own damned utility bills that I can’t […]

October birfdays… wheeee…

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Now THAT is a tank-top that I’d wear! Forgive me if the other opal-chirrens birfdays do not get the proper happy-happy-joy-joy reflected upon them, because I soooooo do not wanna be 39 IN THIS SHIT-HOLE, with no idea of where I’m gonna live next (gotta be out by April), and haven’t been to a tattoo […]