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Archive for December, 2009

I’d prefer a lump of coal

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Christian fail. Their excuse. We have figured a way to enhance the tradition of decorating a tree for Jesus at Christmas by adding a cross that acts as a reminder of Him. By changing our tree to include a cross, we are making a statement that we want to keep our Christmas holiday! Our new […]

Poisoned pomegranates, work in progress…

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Over to the Storage Unit, as it’s hardly fit for a final draft.

Nick Cave | Two Lectures

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Former choir boy Nick Cave explores his interest in Christianity. The two lectures include: The Secret Life of the Love SongThe Flesh Made Word Worth a listen.

Then they came for the right wing talk show hosts

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There’s a new movie for all you eco-friendly, diversity-addled, liberal, intellectual elites out there. It’s called Hive Mind, created by Ladd Ehlinger, Jr., who previously worked as a “military multimedia artist.” Let’s let the auteur describe the concept behind the film. When our own President is constantly saying ‘we must all think collectively,’ naturally as […]

Uh…, can I have a center piece?

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Over at Debbie’s Cakes is a very special Christmas cake she designed. In her own words, Happy Birthday Jesus I was ask to do a baby Jesus birthday cake. The design was up to me. My husband came up the the crown of thorns idea. To make the crown, I weaved rolls of fondant around […]

The "Impenetrable Underground Wall"

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From the same clowns that gave New Orleans the Infallible Levees. “No doubt at the instigation of the Israeli government, the Obama administration has authorized the United States Army Corps of Engineers to design a vertical underground wall under the border between Egypt and Gaza.“ So if you can’t drown enough people move on to […]

The Truth About Teabaggers

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Whatever they say, you just know this is what they mean.


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After all of these years of being THE first to lend a hand, to leap-in with both feet EVERY time that help is needed, Terrible has finally given me a chance to try and do something FOR HIM. Like a lot of us, Terrible’s driving a beater, and even though he does a helluva lot […]


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MISSION MOTHERFUCKIN’ ACCOMPLISHED, BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, I shoulda done this shit five days ago and saved myself a whole lotta lost sleep and worry, but IT’S DONE NOW, AND RAFFLES IS ALIVE AND WELL!!!!!! (The original post has been moved over to the storage space, if y’all need it for anything. Same comments thread here.) […]

December birfdays and oh, how fucktarded can people possibly fucking GET?!?!?!?!

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HAPPY HAPPY BIRFDAYS TOOOOOOO: December 2: Our own beloved RenB!!! Yup, y’ol’ coot, you’re another year older, I know that you’re just shickled titless about it. Nope, no kvetching today, you’re s’posed to be HAPPY, DAMMIT. December 6: Redcane!! Without whom I’da hadda sell grass or ass by now to have survived this long in […]