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Anudder pathetic produck of modren edjacation

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Found by Annti on the “recent orders” page at, and snagged by my tittering self before it dropped off the bottom: That’s $35 well spent, “Red Moore, Owner Flags of the World RAM Sales Inc”. P.S. flagsoftheworld.con?

What is wrong with this picture???

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Annti thinks I’m going to mental deficit land. I took this in the middle of the night during an insomnia attack, and didn’t notice what was ‘wrong’ with it. The solution is actually simple, and will explain in the comments… and this is sort of silly, but it made me laugh like I haven’t laughed […]

Why are We in Afghanistan

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I just got this link in my email and watched the film. There really isn’t much in it that I wasn’t already aware of but it does an excellent job of putting the historical, economic and geo-political aspects of America’s imperialism into proper perspective. I strongly encourage everyone to watch it and to then spread […]

No Surprise Here

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We all know that George Bush is a dirtbag piece of shit that hates poor working people. Especially if they happen to be black. It’s not like we didn’t see that clearly during Katrina. But for anyone who’s ever had any doubt about it…… And it’s not like this is the first time he’s been […]

I have something to say about socialism…

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The health care debate has gotten me to the point where I would like to throw up. And Socialism as a term gets thrown about, and I do not agree. Link Here.

What we have here is a failure to listen to the words

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What is it about anthemic songs and Republicans? When Ronald Reagan in 1984, and later Bob Dole in 1996, co-opted Born in the USA for their campaigns, it could only have been for the visceral arrangement and the chorus, because the verses didn’t exactly have the singer living in that “shining city upon a hill“. […]

March birfdays!!!

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Yup, late as always, and don’t even have blog URLs or addies for some of these, BECAUSE THEY WERE IN MY HOTMAIL ACCOUNT THAT WAS STOLEN FROM ME BY A BIGOTED PSEUDO-“christian” PSYCHO-CUNT. Annnnnnd on THAT loverly note: here’s hoping that these wishes will make it out to the ether, with or without Google’s censorship: […]

I really don’t know how to title this….

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Sometimes, you get to a point where you despair. Yup, trite. Sometimes… you just don’t know where to turn to anymore. Yup…. I took a journey yesterday, first time I’ve been on a train in nearly a decade. It wasn’t a happy, discovering journey. I had been there 20 years ago the last time. The […]

Moved The Awards Clusterfuck To The Storage Unit

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I’ve relocated last night’s bitch-fest about bullshit Hollywood orgies to The Storage Unit, but left the comments here, in case anybody’s wondering. It wasn’t enough when the hypocritical, two-faced cunts of ICHC (no linky for liars, look it up) GOT THIS BLOG CENSORED, because I had the temerity to think that my First Amendment Rights […]

Scary music…

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Rachel Maddow has been going on for a while now about how the Repubs keep using a certain music piece to scare people. The music in question was composed by an Austrian, and the source were verses in Latin found in the walls of a monastery, if I remember correctly. In Latin. So Carl Orff […]

Texas Taliban Terrorizing Amarillo

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Yup it just get more fuckity’d up by the day in this country. this is the kind of shit we might not be seeing so much of if that sleazy little dirtbag AG Holder had done his job and thrown the bush cabal into prison on day one as the law calls for. If these […]

The Joke Called Reagan

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Had to pass on this post from Newstalgia. “He was the one who stressed the “trickle down theory”, the cuts in domestic spending, the increases in Military spending, the gutting of programs. What it managed to do was create a bigger gap between the poor and the wealthy, while fracturing the ever-shrinking middle class.”

With all of the pain, sadness, wrongness, and evil in our lives…

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…sometimes you just *have* to laugh, or your fuckin’ head will explode. I was window-shopping at Etsy (yes, from whence came the “bluedaisy12-something” cunt who destroyed the old Hotmail account; but, I’ve still got FRIENDS there, so I go windowshopping to take my mind off of shit…) and happened across this t-shirt, and laughed my […]