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Archive for April, 2010

Six days.

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That’s it. Six fucking days. No redress, no appeal, no loopholes, no justice or enforcement of federal housing laws or USDA regulations or anti-discrimination legislation what-so-fucking-ever. Innumerable applications, all of those fees WASTED, on crooked, thieving, gouging-and-stealing-outright-from-the-elderly-and-disabled SCUMBAGS, like one cracker-hellhole known as “Park Place” (HA!) in Denham Springs, LA, who REFUSED ME HOUSING BECAUSE […]

BP fucks up again… Whatta shock

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I saw this on the news this morning before I crashed (moving fucking HURTS, btw, even just to the storage unit, when you’re doing it alone), and had assumed that they’d have found everybody by now. NOT SO MUCH. 10P news outta Lafayette sez they’re still searching for up to 11 people/bodies. They can call […]

Cool, too sad, and birfdays

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Yup, got the wounded colt up on 3 legs for the moment, so enjoy it while it lasts, before the original keyboard schiztes out again and gives us 83,000 “a”s or “j”s or “+” signs, etc. First, birfdays for April, as it’s two of my favorite crotchety coots (coots, cooters, pick one, make up yer […]

Annti asked me to post this…

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please post on blog: keyboard dead, dunno when or how to fix it, using handicripple onscreen keyboard now, dunno how long that will work. End quote.

Annti Was Right

Posted by Mags under Uncategorized (4 Responds)

Remember all the times when she told us that people had been gunned down on the Danziger bridge? Well, she’s right. Finally a former New Orleans police officer has come forward and talked about what happened that day. It’s appalling and disgusting. Follow the link in the title and you can read the whole sorry […]

P.S. to… everything

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter under Uncategorized (4 Responds)

(For the horror-sensitive, either avert your eyes now or GROW A FUCKING PAIR, wouldjaplease??!?!) At left you see the CAT-MURDERING WHORE, the thieving, TWICE-CONVICTED-CHILD-RAPIST-HARBORING, wife-beater/RAPE-PIMPING SCUM-enabling, FEDERAL HOUSING-LAW-BREAKING, illiterate, incompetent, scamming, scheming, thieving, mouth-breathing, web-footed, pointy-headed bald trailer-trash queen of the damned CUNT who has murdered yet THREE MORE of the semi-feral cats of whom […]

I found something that awoke a memory…

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And since it is Easter Sunday…. let us pray… that the predators get their just deserts, and the vicitms find some sort of solace somewhere. And who would have thought that CNN can do something journalistically well? Must be a ‘miracle’….

Far be it from ME to be the drama queen, right…

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…and no, it’s not the surreal nightmare of watching James Brown & The Famous Flames wearing Alpine ski sweaters in a FRANKIE AVALON movie that’s got me in this state… TWENTY-SIX DAYS UNTIL I’M HOMELESS. Yup. It’s official. I have applied, since July of last year, to multiple disabled/subsidized housing units in Lafayette, Zachary (retch!), […]


Posted by Mags under Uncategorized (3 Responds)

This bunch of photos from Flickr illustrates perfectly the mindset, or lack of any kind of mind, of the teabaggers. As I viewed the pictures, they made me sad for the simple reason that this much hate is connected to this much stupidity. Some of them are funny, most are just mind-bogglingly stupid.