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Archive for May, 2010

Meanwhile, here in FUCKTARDIA…

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter under Uncategorized (15 Responds)

The Fallen Uterus’s precious son, THE CREATURE who raped me as a 22-month-old, JUST threatened to cut my throat (cheap convenience-store knife at the ready; still smaller & cheaper than MINE!) in front of his junkie-skank “daughter,” and two of my now-FORMER nieces. Not trying to alarm anybody, but if I turn up dead or […]

Beta testers needed

Posted by Realist under Uncategorized (4 Responds)

You may have noticed there’s a shiny new Paypal button in the right-hand column just below the list of contributors and the register to vote button. We need to make sure it’s working properly, particularly to make sure it works when a whole bunch of people hit it all at once. (a stress test, if […]

Big volcanic eruptions in Guatemala, Ecuador

Posted by Terrible under Uncategorized (8 Responds)

“Guatemala’s Pacaya volcano started erupting lava and rocks Thursday afternoon, blanketing the country’s capital with ash and forcing the closure of the international airport. A television reporter was killed by a shower of burning rocks when he got too close to the volcano, about 15 miles (25 kilometers) south of Guatemala City.” This is your […]

Philippe Cousteau in the Gulf of Mexico

Posted by Terrible under Uncategorized (1 Respond)

What BP doesn’t want you to see The video speaks for itself. There is really nothing that I could add to this. Except to say how sickened I am by the corporations involved and their apologists distinct lack of concern over the destruction of the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast ecosystem.

Life Without Dick

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter under Uncategorized (8 Responds)

Yeah, I know, I’m way the fuck behind… Eviscerating the pompous, arrogant, foolish & fucktarded (and no doubt TORY) motherfuckers of BP, sooooooo many fucked-up things going on, not only in this state & the gulf, but all over the fucking world, and more e-mails than I can count. I am far, far behind on […]


Posted by mentisfugit under Uncategorized (5 Responds)

[says Annti, who is all but Netless, and has asked for this to be posted on her behalf] Today, May 5th [surely it’s the 6th by now – Ed.] (yup, I suck, I am a truly shitty friend, esp. since she was the one who ordered the replacement for Ol’ Faithful, my A/C-current “back massager” […]

Ever Been Homeless?

Posted by Terrible under Uncategorized (3 Responds)

It isn’t a picnic! It isn’t an adventure! Nor is it something people chose. Yet it happens to hundreds of thousands of Americans. More so during tough economic times. So many Americans take the simple necessity of shelter and a place to call your own for granted while sneering at those less fortunate. While they […]

Gimme Some Water!

Posted by Terrible under Uncategorized (1 Respond)

Because I killed a BP exec Halliburton exec water baron man on the Mexican border. Beaucoup water!