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Archive for June, 2010

Just to let you know…

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I won’t be around much longer. Yup, am gonna leave the planet. Oh, don’t get all crazy, I am so focussed on this. There are things that in themselves are meaningless. However…. something turns up that is the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back. Hey, you can get knocked down, you get up, brush […]

I suck I suck I suck I suck I suck I suuuuuccccckkkkkk!!!!!!

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21st of June, day after “father’s day,” and I’m JUST NOW doing birfdays, and am pretty sure that I’ve lost another couple of friends because I’ve already MISSED THEIRS, let alone come anywhere near producing a prezzie of any repute. I suck. And not well. I’m sorry. In some weak hope that we may yet […]

Unpatriotic Swine!

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It’s schadenfreudelicious! New Zealand has only appeared once before in the FIFA World Cup, back in 1982. We went home after pool play with no competition points, and while we’re back in the compeition 28 years later we are only rated 78th in the world, so the smart money’s not on us. Neither, it would […]

So how was YOUR day?

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I met a bailiff. Unwillingly… After going off the charts for the absolute tepid speech Obama gave last nite. I don’t LIKE dealing with ‘da lawz’ in any shape or form. And got a surprise. I do NOT like surprises. But am not like Annti and string together sixteen adjectives before a noun to express […]

This One Goes Out to Oil Barons Everywhere

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DC Police Department

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Hello, I’m writing because I’d received a voice mail from someone who said they were an officer of the DC Police. They were calling about a false report of an alleged threatening email reported by Congressman Peter Welchs office. I had been out of town for work and only heard the voice mail last night. […]

am aorta busy..

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But know Annti likes Doug Adams. Classic quote here. And there is an interesting take on why I once slept with a ‘mirderer’ It isn’t what you think, btw.

Fucking Boom School 101

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Great Rant! She must have practiced it some to not scream or cry through it.“There is some strong language here. There is a reason for it.” Update: The Republican Oil Corporations Rep. to Congress Don Young says “This is NOT an environmental disaster, and I will say that again and again.”

This says it all….

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I think this will be the iconic photo that comes out of this disaster. For me, it isn’t about the bird, as such. It is a brown pelican, state bird of Louisiana. But it meant much more to me. It meant PEOPLE as well, just getting dragged down in the dregs of what corporations just […]

Have been too silent….

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Lots of horrible things going on. But I haven’t been inattentive to what is happening in the Gulf. Was paying attention all right, and in Austria, it is theme number one for daily news, believe me. So, I finally directly addressed it. Today, and here. Except, I did obliquely address it, and was afraid it […]