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Archive for July, 2010

Do me yet another favor, if y’all can…

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Not trying to show off my deathly pallor here, but it’s the most recent photo that I have of Miss Jada, my beautiful and beleaguered great-niece. Just hope that y’all can keep her in your thoughts for a few days — she’s undergoing some radical new brain surgery on Friday, that will hopefully finally allow […]

I’m still struggling for words here…..

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There was a video here…. I have pulled it, because the place that that was supposed to be happening in wasn’t probably true. The content was disgusting to me. This took place some days ago in my back yard, up in Vienna. As my friend said, check out the women in back relishing the day […]


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Yes, *I* suck at many things nowadays, and suck so hard that I’m blowing at the same time, and NEVER in ANY fucking way that could even REMOTELY be construed as “productive” or “entertaining.” And somehow, in the midst of my forced-death-march-through-Cracker-Ass-Ghetto-Land, I managed to *miss* *THE* (for me & several other people, y’know, after […]

Cue the Twilight Zone theme…

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Orrrr, “It’s A Small World, Affffterrr Alllll…” As RenB freaked EARLY this morning, Darth Cheney was DEAD ON THE MOTHERFUCKING TABLE, and yet some STOOPID MOTHERFUCKER WHO MUST BE BLUDGEONED SOUNDLY WITH A RUSTY TIRE-TOOL — yup, you got it — RESUSCITATED THE EVIL CYBORG DEMON-SPAWN MOTHERFUCKERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heads must roll for this. The *cutest* part […]

Ok, this will be short and to the point.Something in the air..

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have been reminiscing…. have been going ON about dispersants and yelling ‘Danger, Will Robinson!’ at my place…. more or less…… Was talking to Terrible today about guys and cars from my point of view, being a klutz…. And I had a throw-away line about being five, and not being afraid to get dirty, because my […]

Some One Shouldn’t Be Flying In Small Planes

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anytime soon would be my advice. As a BP liaison, he had rebuffed reporters’ attempts to observe cleanup operations in Grand Isle, LA, in June, before being promoted to the BP Command Center near Houma, LA. At the command center BP manages the private contractors running practically every aspect of the spill response. Dillon, a […]

No One Could Have Anticipated

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Certainly not me! The winners of the Soldier’s Handbook Errors Contest are: 1st Place: Honorary Gunner — Terrible, who takes it for all of his compatriots who share his hard-working, Yankee ethics. He never gave up. Churchill would be proud. We felt it was kind of like the Special Olympics, really: Everyone was a winner […]

Have often gone ON about Peter’s last relatives…

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Am going to a party tomorrow. maybe. I’m not UP for all the grandchildren, and the syrup. Meaning sucking up to grandma. Monday we go to Gamlitz. I spent a nice afternoon, and got good advice. And some very interesting info. What I tell Charlotte, STAYS with Charlotte. You will see a photo of me, […]

Back, wounded but back…..

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and apologise to everyone. Part One is Here. Part Two is Here. Part Three here. Hope this explains enough. I have some postitive things to figure out. Ren

Hey Joe

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“Hey Joe, Where you going with that gun in your hand”“I’m going down to shot my old lady. You know I caught her messing around with another man.” So I got an email from ol’ Joe Biden today. Subject? Blitzkrieg. You just know I had to reply. Let me get this straight Joe. You want […]