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Abuse victim seeks revenge, beats up priest

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This is one of those stories that really does my heart good to read. Cops: Abuse victim seeks revenge, beats up priest Man allegedly tracked clergyman to Calif. retirement home SAN JOSE, Calif. — A man allegedly molested three decades ago by a priest was arrested Friday on charges that he lured the clergyman to the […]

Happy Hallo veeen! as they say here…

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It’s been one of those oh-ful twilight days in Graz that rings in the really late part of Autumn.  Which brought out vampires on Jaki square at three p.m.  The best made up vampires I have ever seen up close and personal.  Decrepit, skeery…. They were plugging the revival of a musical.  Got a clip […]

Not to shove Scott’s birfday tribute down the page, BUT…

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For anyone who hasn’t heard, *I* have got an appointment on Tuesday to go to NEW ORLEANS, yeah, I said it!  —  drumroll, please  — TO LOOK AT AN APARTMENT!!!!!! I SHIT Y’ALL NOT. It’s almost the exact same apartment, in a connected complex, to the one that the Fallen Uterus fucked me out of […]

In an unprecedented MOB move…

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After teh mind-boggling birfday posts that I got @ World O’Crap this year, I hafta do a special shout-out to Scott C. on HIS birfday. World O’Crap has been my “other living room” for many, many a moon, and Scott is one of the biggest reasons why. When nobody else can stand me or my […]

a gentle reminder

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If you haven’t checked out the Margaret and Helen blog, then please do so! I love those ladies as much as I adore Maxine. Just wish I knew how to transfer their website/blog over here but alas, I am not computer savvy (I hear you sighing in exaperation Annti!)

Funniest fucking thing I’ve read all year

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I’m not going to spoil it for you by quoting any of it here. Go read it.

Matters of High Finance

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Dear American ExpenseExpress,   It’s been quite a while since I heard from you, and I thought you’d forgotten me. How pleased I was to see that you still remembered your outstanding debt to me.   Sadly, I recall only too well the time I incurred a late payment penalty for an account which had only […]

Was asked to post this… what with the elections coming up and all…

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Sundays in Graz are a drag… Found a video clip here…  if you use Firefox, the instructions for seeing it full screen are in the post here. But was thinking about things after seeing that video…. and some parallels came to mind.  You can read them here. Sometimes I think history meets the present.

Just *the* perfect capper to such a FABULOUS fucking week…

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…and no, I’m not negating the wunnerful people who did remember my birfday and did it up in grand style; for that and so much more, I am immensely grateful. So grateful, in fact, that I will spare y’all the mental/emotional/psychological/back-stabbing VIVISECTION that was rent unto me by the Fallen CUNT (“uterus” is too kind […]


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If you WANTED to send me a birfday card or li’l something but couldn’t swing the obscene POSTAGE nowadays, here’s a thought: When you buy online, from like or other seditious/GLBT/anti-breeder/anti-republicunt war-monger/anti-HYPOCRITES sticker sites, ***THEY*** COVER THE DELIVERY! So, if you have $2-10, *PLEEEEASSSE* GO FIND ME NEW BUMPERSTICKERS!!!!!! I haven’t had new bumperstickers […]

A society of liars, propagandists, and con-artists

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An interesting fact came out today about the Fred Phelps case currently being deliberated in the Supreme Court.  The media’s been playing this as “Oh, poor Mr. Snyder couldn’t even bury his son in peace without being harassed by the evil WBC!”  They made it sound like Fred was pissing on the coffin during the […]

Today was ‘fun’…

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I was at my friend Peter’s nursing home way southwest of here, and they had a ‘gala’.  Operetta was on the table, not my favourite thing. However, they have two ‘events’ a day to keep them all mobile….  doing fine motor skills, spinal therapy, but they don’t let out the ‘fun’ things, like bussing them […]

The BEST Ad so far…

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Vote. You can see it here, don’t know how to get the video in. Here.

Great article from the new Rolling Stone

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Tea & Crackers How corporate interests and Republican insiders built the Tea Party monster Excerpt: Vast forests have already been sacrificed to the public debate about the Tea Party: what it is, what it means, where it’s going. But after lengthy study of the phenomenon, I’ve concluded that the whole miserable narrative boils down to […]