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Archive for November, 2010

I was sort of quiet about the Wikileaks dump over the horridays

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But the story brought up memories.  Of a certain book…  and the blather…. and in the end…  it wasn’t much anyone interested  didn’t know anyway.….

Before you race out the door @ midnight…

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Those of y’all who are susceptible to mass-marketing and the GOTTA-GET-MINE frenzy of “Black Friday,” I have a few suggestions.  YES, I *should* have gotten this shit done A MONTH AGO, but it’s been a really fucked-up month, for those of y’all who haven’t noticed.  I may NEVER get home to New Orleans, it turns […]

The Gomer & Cletus Factor goes viral

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When my wife and I moved from Long Beach to Kansas City back in the mid ’90s, it took a while to adjust to certain, shall we say, less stringent performance standards for public officials and other government employees.   We chalked this up to what we dubbed “The Gomer & Cletus Factor” – i.e. what […]

Sneakurity in airports… ‘Don’t Touch My Junk Or I’ll Have You Arrested’.

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It went viral on the intertubes, and you can see the report  HERE.  What wiIh my comings and goings in and out of the continent the past decades…  I wanted to applaud that young man.  Annti hadn’t run into it yet and asked me to post.  I did at my place, because it was very […]

Sort of quiet here…

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I wish my life were like that….   quiet.    Interesting.  Thanksgiving is gonna drive me nuts.  And everyone will go out and spew over their families, but that is what one DOES, after all. The last time I celebrated that… was a catastrophe.  No, I didn’t burn the turkey…  It was just very bad. I was […]

It must be climate change….

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The Krampusse are already out on the prowl, and as Annti, and probably Mentis seem to like them, you can see some really good photos of them HERE.  For those who don’t know…. The Krampus is the other side of the coin to St. Nicholas.  They visit BAD children.  Usually on December 4th.  Nicolo comes […]

Ok… let’s get serious for a minute… this is for smokers

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If you all think that D.C. is nuts, Brussels is to-die-for for bat-shit crazy sometimes.  I got recruited to some more activism activity today.  Don’t mind, is a sensible thing, and don’t have much ELSE to do, after all.  My tobbaconist thrust it on me this morning, getting my snigarettes.  Will this be the future […]

Philosophical Meteorological ruminations…

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After hearing that the Rethugs are going to call in a panel to debunk the FRAUD that ‘scientists’ are scaring us with regarding climate change..  I can really REALLY understand them… I did the doubting Thomas thing once.  Really.  So I sort of get it.  I do.  It was regarding a phenomenon known here as […]

The American People may be dumbasses, but they’re not whores

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Three of the people who thought they could just out-and-out buy a seat in Congress went down to defeat yesterday, despite spending lotsa bucks during the campaign. Carly Fiorina dropped a measly seven mill, Linda McMahon spent fifty, and eMeg Whitman blew through a cool one hundred and forty million dollars of their own money […]

Local phenomenon

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There’s regularly folks handing out flyers in the Wellington station concourse as I pass through of a morning and evening. Often it’s Tranz Metro themselves with a newsletter or update on the delicate state of our commuter rail infrastructure. Rarely, if ever, is it anyone peddling religion. Thank God (heh.) The first Tuesday in November […]