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Stay tuned for tonight’s All-Hell Hockey Championship Tournament

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Pat Robertson comes out for marijuana legalization.

Ho ho THIS.

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Still not part of Oprah’s target demographic, and rarely watch it, even when the programming on broadcast TV is NOTHING BUT TEH FAKE-ASS FAKE-DATED “christian” HOLIDAY. BUT: Tonight’s rerun from October, which I missed the first time, made me stop flipping through the channels.  Women soldiers coming home to NOTHING, to no jobs available, less […]

Merry Fucking Christmas

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Merry Fucking Christmas to those that make the guns, launch the warships and fire the rockets. “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.” Dwight Eisenhower


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Hey Annti, it worked! I’m finally on board but don’t have nuthin’ to say except thanks for the assistance!


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this is only a test. In case of emergency, please……….(off the air)


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I wish that I had a good photo of her handy, but I don’t. BUT, as I was watching clips from her funeral on teh “newz” this evening, one of her closest friends had a great line about Elizabeth Edwards, from back during the Kerry campaign. She told him: “I wouldn’t bother to ‘debate’ Laura […]

Aggravating…. Wikileaks

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No, not the fact that they got leaked.   I ran across THIS this morning. Although the basic facts are correct….  there are assumptions that are really skewed.  And went through it AGAIN, and got an algerische Reakiton.  There are really useful insights into where I live, and yes, fairly correct. (Algerisch is an old joke… […]

December birfdays!!!!!!

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Yup, there’s an edit. SOME people don’t pay attention when I say, LEMME KNOW IF YOU’RE NOT ON THE BIRFDAY LIST!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, I *almost* made it on time this month, so shaddup.  Just one reminder:  PLEASE try to patronize the TRUE small-bidness folks mentioned earlier, ‘cause that’s how we give Wally World and the rest […]