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Archive for July, 2011


Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter under Uncategorized (2 Responds)

These pansies on “network” TV are killing my newly-escalated blood pressure.  No, not just the twunts who use “impact” as a fucking VERB, though they deserve a full-body flogging with glass-studded cats o’nine…  They ask some “financial expert” (I wanna see the fucking CREDENTIALS, bitches!!!) what the “effect” of the “IMPACT” of the fucking REPUBLICUNTS/REPUBLITARDS […]

Americans are SHOCKED

Posted by Realist under Uncategorized (No Respond)

SHOCKED to discover that it takes more than Nancy Grace’s opinion to find someone guilty of murder in a court of law. My biggest disappointment is that the fucking shrew didn’t have a stroke when the verdict came in. Guess you need a brain in order to have a stroke, huh?