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Fuckin’ A, Bob.

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I have tried to shield myself from the infuriating exploitation of this anniversary, reading Wikipedia articles if I have to, learning why September 11th was an important date in the history/decline of the Ottoman Empire, whether I was looking for it or not.  Went in with a query about “The Madness Of King George,” (entertaining, […]

September birfdays!!!

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Today, September 5th, we celebrate the natal holiday of our dearly-beloved D. Sidhe of blogging & Wo’C commenting fame, as well as being the baddest origami-crane-folding woman on or off the books!  She not only accomplishes remarkable things, she does it whilst protecting us all from the “I Eat Your Skin!”-style zombies that are out […]

Irene Damage Jct Rte 14 and Rte 107

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A few miles south of these pics a good chunk of Rte 14 is gone and a few miles west on Rte 107 a section of road is just gone. I haven’t been to view the damage as they’ve been busy trying to get the roads filled in and opened up again. From where I […]

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People who fucking disgust me…

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Let’s start off with the republicunt & foreign owners of MGM/their horrid “THIS!” TV “network” (broadcast subchannel for those of us still on rabbit-ears): With the Deathiversary of 9/11’s first decade of war approaching, guess which movie that they played this afternoon? G’wan, GUESS. The 1976 version of “KING KONG,” a bestiality metaphor for the […]