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Archive for November, 2011

Just for the hell of it, this picture always cheers me up…

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…while yes, I’d usually pull for the wolf, seeing as how they’ve been vilified and needlessly slaughtered for millennia, in this case, it’s the perfect fucking sight gag. Also, I like t think of it as a little cybernetic prezzie for Sid, my favorite cusses-almost-as-much-as-I-do little Cockney bunny rabbit.  Personally, I’d have picked the name […]


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First the PayPal link, which is longer than FUCK. Here’s hoping that I copied that properly and didn’t cock it all up, especially considering that Mary, Scott, Sheri, and my whole WO’C famliy are some of the most precious people in the world for me, and who have done more to help ME survive than […]


Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter under Uncategorized (1 Respond) Damned shame when I get so mired in my own bullshit that the boy’s birfday goes by unmarked, as have Suzy & CCMcGoon’s. I suck. And not a day goes by that I don’t miss Tater. And Nannie. And Papa. Bad habit that — people who actually love me tend to die far too […]

Many thanks…

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To Realist, Mags, Terrible, MzCGEye, RenB, CC McGoon, REDCANE, KWillow, Scott C., Mentis Fugit, and everybody else who worried over me, helped me to communicate whilst American Thievery & Terrorism was jacking my ISP & phone, and while I was being treated like SHIT by one of the E.R. “doctors” at Tulane and UTTERLY DISRESPECTED […]

Update on Annti #2

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Annti is back home, so if you have her address, you can send her snailmail and/or get-well cards. No phone and only the occasional spurt of ‘net access. Her PayPal IS working (she says thanks, Terrible) so if you want to kick in anything and have it to spare, this might be an appropriate time.


Annti we’re here!

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Annti we are here for you even when we suck like I have recently. I didn’t even see Realists posts when I posted my ‘get well’ to that marine attacked in Oakland. If I had I assure you there would have been a get well for you as well! And a much more heartfelt one […]