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Archive for January, 2012

Well, I’ll be damned…

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I’m not actually LATE on this month’s birfdays!  I am late for Happy Chinese New Year of The Black Dragon (if anybody knows what the hell that means, please tell me) & Korean Lunar New Year, sorry, hope that y’all partied your asses off for ’em, but as for birfdays of people who HAVEN’T ripped […]

GAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! #697,023,416

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THE.  WORST.  MOVIE.  EVER.  FUCKING.  MADE. is being broadcast, nationwide, right the fuck now. And it’s on a “network” (HA!) marketed towards “African-Americans,” known as “BOUNCE.” And yes, as I have previously remarked, Teh Fallen Uterus is IN this monstrosity.  *I* could’ve been in it, too, *I* could’ve met JACKIE FUCKING GLEASON AND RICHARD FUCKING […]

Why now?

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April 3, 1986  —  around 3:40 in the afternoon, after Teh Dick had made me almost an hour late for my yearbook photography assignment (last one I’d ever have) to WASH THAT CHEAP, PAINTLESS, FUGLY PIECE OF SHIT EXCUSE FOR A CAR (Nannie’d given them OVER A GRAND to buy me a decent used car, […]

Oh Oh

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oh oh looks like Darth forgot to stack the Montana Supreme Court the way he did SCOTUS. It seems that not only do they not consider corporations citizens protected by First Amendment rights but they don’t consider the filthy anti-America Citizens United decision to be worth a plug nickel. Expect to hear of Cheney going […]