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Archive for February, 2012

This is how you KNOW that you are fucking LOVED!!!

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I shoulda done done this several days ago, but I’m an idiot. I didn’t even have to ASK him to do it, but Scott of World O’Crap leapt into the fray nonetheless, and wrote a fundraising emergency post for me on WO’C that damned near ripped my heart out, it was so kind, so loving, […]

Pickup Truck Rescue Missions + MOB mob: please forgive me for a mass mail-out…

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(For those of you who didn’t know me back in ’05 during the Katrina-evacuee-helping & animal-rescue-helping missions, the Hurricane Gustav waste of a good spine, the feral cat TNR/trap-neuter-release/rescue/relocate/rehabilitate work w/Cat Haven & my poor ol’ truck, etc., this group name refers to the amazingly-generous, huge-hearted folk who jumped-in with both feet to help me […]

Be glad that your birfday doesn’t fall on THIS Tuesday…

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Sincere & heartfelt apologies for so many of my nearest & dearest whose birfdays that I have missed celebrating already this month.  Seriously.  I know that it’s a lame-assed excuse, but I’ve never been served with an eviction notice personally before (my 17th birfday being another story entirely), so I’ve been preoccupied with shit that […]

Annnndddd a BRILLIANT African-American History Month to YOU, too!!!

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CBS News just broke into a rerun of “Mike & Molly” with a text announcement that Whitney Houston is fucking DEAD!!!!!! I’d call for a trial & guilty verdict against Bobby Crackhead Motherfucker Brown for turning her into a fucking ADDICT and COSTING HER THOSE AMAZINGLY FUCKING GIFTED PIPES, but it wouldn’t do any fucking […]

Tired of the Obama bashing?

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“Terrible — So far, 25,957 supporters have raised $1,037,167 toward our Two-Term Fund. Every time that number goes up, it means one more person just said they’re tired of the Obama bashing from the Republican candidates and it’s time to fight back. So let’s keep that number moving. Please pitch in $3 or more to […]