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Posted by Realist on November 7, 2008 – 3:03 am

We did research things before we moved out here, and Grays Harbor has a Blue history. It really has been a very friendly town, until last night. Republithug signs seemed to dominate early on, especially on local businesses. We were, by our count the second Obama sign in the Twin Harbor back in June. Incumbent Dem Gov and House signs showed up late.

We’ve gotten favorable comments on our buttons and tee-shirts, and several Trick or Treaters complimented the Barack O’Lantern. And then, coming back from the grocery store we saw this. The sign had been flanked by the local Democratic contenders, and all were fine yesterday afternoon, but they were gone today and this was left alone. Perhaps the folks want to expose this ugliness. I’d get more worked up about the stupidity and ignorance if it hadn’t been a day late and a dollar short.

And, this is the best you can do?
—Seattle Tammy

ANNTI EDIT/ADD-ON: Here in Hillbilly Hell-Hole, a plague of lynch-mentality jokes are already making the rounds. I won’t grant them the dignity or publicity of repeating them here, plus, they’re about as “funny” as a wet fart, but seeing as how Barack Obama is the PRESIDENT-ELECT, I think that they qualify as TREASON. Any “jokes” about shooting/assaulting/lynching this president, as opposed to my usual calls for gallows on the East Lawn (AFTER THE WAR CRIMES TRIBUNAL WHICH WILL LEGALLY ORDAIN THE SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATHS OF THE MOTHERFUCKERS WHO COMMITTED MULTIPLE GENOCIDES DURING THEIR REGIME, i.e., Karl Closet-Case Rove, Biggus Dickus Cheney, Rumsfeld, Abu Gonzales, Condi “Torture Makes My Dick Hard” Rice, et al, including their drunken/fucktarded puppet-bitch-boy Dumbya.), sounds like racist bullshit to me. Kind of like that civil-rights era “joke” about the dead voting-rights activists found drowned, wrapped in chains, and “ain’t that just like a (N-word), stealing more chain than he could swim with!”


Yes, we won. But it ain’t over. The fucktards who kept the previous regime in power HAVEN’T CHANGED ONE FUCKING IOTA. And they have me completely fucking SURROUNDED. Plus, every single white man* who’s crossed my path since Tuesday has made a POINT of being OUTRIGHT HATEFUL, RUDE, SEXIST, MEAN, and utterly USELESS AS TITS ON A BOAR-HOG. I’m used to the hate from the little inconsequential, inadequate men, gotten it all of my life, but now they want to DO something about it, ’cause, y’know, I’m THE ONLY PERSON IN LOUISIANA WHO VOTED FOR BARACK OBAMA. I’m THE “race traitor.” Fuck ’em. Mood that I’m in, I kinda WANT them to start some shit. Shine a little light on the shit they’ve been doing for far, far too fucking long.

(*except my physical therapist, he rawks)

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  1. 1. The tECHIDNA Said:

    To put a statistical point on Annti’s comments:

    There are 64 parishes in Louisiana.
    Out of those, 10 parishes had the majority of votes go to Obama.

    East Baton Rouge parish (where Baton Rouge is) was 10th place in those standings with 50%/48% (the high score went to Orleans Parish with 79%/19%; yay N.O.!)

    Who got the high score for McCain in Louisiana?

    Livingston Parish, right next door to the east of BR, with 85% for McCan’t (and 13% for Obama).

    That’s some yin/yang for ya ass.

    Shreveport had it almost as bad (Caddo vs. Bossier parish) and so did N.O. (with Orleans vs. Jefferson parish).

    More hilarity: Jeff parish is the home of Diaper Dave/Vitty-cent (h/t Oyster on that last name), John “Tubes tied for thee, not for me” LaBruzzo, and was the former representative homes for Piyush/Bobby Jindal and David Duke.

    Somehow, that explains so much.

  2. 2. The tECHIDNA Said:

    And on the topic of signage, let’s not forget that nutball Bud Gregg of the “Colonel Sanders” sign (and who got smacked down by State Farm over it).

    I’ve also had a sighting of that same sign on another company near Prairieville on Airline Hwy.; not sure if it’s still there though.

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Never forget the giant blue (and repainted every spring, still to this day!) “THIS IS DUKE COUNTRY” billboard right when you exit the Causeway into Mandeville, aka Livingston Parish East.

    See why I was so fucking urgent about getting the fuck away from the fucking klan capitol of the entire planet?

    I don’t generally admit that I’m from Livingston Parish, it makes most people automatically assume that you’re inbred with an IQ of 18. But you didn’t post any stats for West Redneckistan, West Feliciana Parish, or our slightly-more-white-trash/smaller sister, East Feliciana Parish. I’m sure that they’ll make LP look like RANK AMATEURS when it comes to white morons who hate/fear teh black.

  4. 4. The tECHIDNA Said:

    (re: other parishes) Oh, I certainly don’t doubt that…I just noticed that 85% number, and wondered if the other parishes were like that.

    …and facepalm’ed when I realized they got the high score.

    I’ve got peeps in Livingston Parish, so don’t worry about me being prejudiced like that. ;-)

    W. BR/Redneckistan ;-) : 56% M / 42% O
    W. Feliciana: 56% M / 43% O
    E. Feliciana: 55% M / 44% O

    Got the stats from MSNBC at, since Jay Dardenne’s office fails at teh internet.

  5. 5. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Well, you ARE talking about STATE EMPLOYEES. Competency is not a job requirement for tenure, after all. Not all LA state employees are lazy twats, but the majority? Oh yeah. I think that Jay is basically decent, for a republicunt, and I certainly empathize with the spine injury (still can’t find out if he was drunk when he had that wreck), but if you’re waiting for the state of Louisiana to become web-savvy, well, punkin’, don’t hold your breath.

    All of our best electronic engineers/software geniuses/code-writers are generally outta here and back to India, Iraq, Saudi, Philippines, you name it, as soon as they get their doctorates on full scholarships. You’d think that there’d be more retention of our state-school graduates, but not thus far.

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