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Just Another Day In Fucktardia

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on November 15, 2008 – 6:20 am

Your local neighborhood hillbilly clusterfuck @ teh Storage Unit, and then, there’s the ego-inflations of my dearly-beloveds…

First Jobsanger has to go and nominate me as a Superior Scribbler, which is going to entail some serious fucking homework, when I have the accessible brain cells, but it was very sweet of him, nonetheless. Considering the shoddy/shitty quality of my blogging this year (and those 9 months of Lyrica chemical lobotomy before that), it was damned near heroic of him. Hell, I haven’t been nominated for anything online since, what? The Wampum/Koufax awards of ’04? ’05? It was kind of Jobsanger, at any rate, and I would like to heartily congratulate him on his own Superior Scribbler award, as it is well-deserved. Now, if we could just fumigate his comments with some Troll-B-Gone… heh heh heh…

Thennnnnnn, there’s our own dearly-beloved RenB, who flatters me so, in a lovely little post that he titles, “I Really Hate It When Annti Is Right…”

What more could a girl ask for?

All together now, kids:

As unattractive as it is, ANNTI’S GUT IS NEVER WRONG. You might not enjoy the message, but at least YOU WERE WARNED WELL AHEAD OF TIME, DAMMIT. So at least I have served SOME purpose on this planet. Nyeh.

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  1. 1. mirele Said:

    Erm…speaking as a former (as of last Sunday) Mormon, I can tell you that the LDS Church pretty much ran the show when it came to taking away marriage equality. They had no problem going along with the Catholic church because they thought of it first. In fact, the LDS Church was using the Catholic (and other) churches as a screen for the huge effort it was conducting behind the scenes. You know something fishy was going on when $22,200 was donated to Yes on 8 from just my Arizona zip code. (Over twice as much was donated from my parents’ Arizona zip code. For a California election.)

    I’m rather slow on the uptake and it finally took me to last Sunday to figure out that if I remained Mormon, even if inactive, I was letting my status be used as a number to say “I approve of the Mormon Church using every weapon at its disposal, including out-and-out lies, to take away a civil right.” MIRELE DOES NOT APPROVE OF THIS MESSAGE. So I resigned my membership and I’m going to the protest tomorrow with my signs: “Let’s vote on your marriage next” and “Keep your doctrine off our covenants.”

    And, folks, I’m heterosexual! It’s just that when it comes to human rights, I’m pretty fucking uncompromising. Screw the suits in Salt Lake City.

  2. 2. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:


    Baby girl, I couldn’t be any prouder of you if I tried. I know that it will completely up-end your whole life, but you being the naturally good person that you are, it was bound to happen, darlin’, it was as inevitable as atrophy of the big bang and the ongoing expansion of the universe.

    And like I told RenB at his blog, I couldn’t BELIEVE that he was even REMOTELY surprised, much less thought that the LDS were the INNOCENT LITTLE LAMBS, being “led to the slaughter” by the RCC.

    Bitch, PLEASE!!!

    Any cult that’s been subjugating women and turning them into baby machines for over 100 years (or 2000, in the case of the RCC, esp. Pope Gregory, JP II, and Pope Ratzenfucker) AIN’T FUCKING PLAYING when it comes to CONTROLLING THE LIVES OF ALL OTHERS, EVEN THOSE WHO TELL THEM TO SHOVE THEIR CULT UP THEIR OWN MAGIC-UNDERWEAR-CLAD ASSES!!!!!!



    Another thing for which I will never forgive the LDS, while I’m on a roll here, I hope you don’t mind, Mirele, but one of my best friends in gifted class, Jeannette, had an IQ of at LEAST 170, if not higher. Unfortunately for her and the world at large, her parents, whilst slovenly and ignorant people, were also severely Mormon.

    A woman who could’ve invented who KNOWS what, who could’ve CHANGED THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER, who really had the gifts to MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF HERSELF AND A HUGE DENT IN DESTINY — they paired her up with an arranged marriage and had her conceiving the week after high-school graduation. Her ACT scores were WAY higher than mine, she could’ve had a scholarship to any university in this country and a few others.

    And y’know where she wound-up, since her triflin’-ass husband couldn’t pull in the dough (and yes, they were on food stamps, too, a common thing for the more polygamous members)?

    Still breaks my heart to remember it.


    I saw her 15 years or so ago, and she already had FIVE KIDS, and hubby wanted EVEN MORE.

    That, right there, is a crime against nature, against evolution, and against women.

    SUCH a fucking waste. Jeanette could’ve really made it, not just be a big wad of “wasted potential” like me. She had it in her, but they beat it out of her.

  3. 3. RenB Said:

    Annti, I have no excuse. I am neglectful, when it comes to churches and cults, and things of that ilk. Never bother to look into them or what they believe.

    And with my RCC background, it has always been ‘let well enough alone’, and I walked long ago. It didn’t even hurt.

    And yes, I was surprised, because the RCC is normally very exclusive of everyone else.

    And am afraid I am one of those idjits who do not pay attention to some things, until something untoward happens that is contingent to my personal life.

    Then it is always, ‘Surpise!’

    And, ya know, I’ve had a mess on my plate this year, and don’t keep up with EVERYTHING…. Unfortunately.

  4. 4. Terrible Said:

    CONGRATULATIONS! on the award! I believe it to be very well deserved! You have your own unique style of scribbling that very clearly and forcefully gets your point across!

  5. 5. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Thanks, Terrible, but honestly, my blogging this past year has been a waste. I’ve done much better back in the day. If I was being browsed for an award from the actual award-givers, or nominated for Wampum’s stuff, it would be embarrassing, to see how little I’ve actually accomplished.

    But I appreciate the hell out of Jobsanger for sharing his real award, nonetheless, and you for constantly encouraging me.

  6. 6. The tECHIDNA Said:

    I’m a lurker ’round these bloggy Internets, but ya got encouragement from me too, and I’m down here in the shit. Been a fan of yours since I first spotted ya back at World ‘O Crap, and still am.

    Keep up the fight Annti!

  7. 7. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Awwww, you guyyyyzzz… I’m gonna need an insulin shot.

    Honestly, I appreciate the kindness, I just don’t see as it’s warranted.

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