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Favorite Albums

Posted by Realist on November 19, 2008 – 6:37 pm

jobsanger tagged me to list my 7 favorite albums. This task is damn near impossible for me since I love so many albums, so I’ve just decided to go with ones I can (and do) listen to endlessly:

Buena Vista Social Club – Buena Vista Social Club

Stone Temple Pilots – Core

Metallica – Master of Puppets

A Tribe Called Quest – Midnight Marauders

Amadou Balake – Senor Eclectico

Frank Zappa – Over-nite Sensation

Tom Waits – Real Gone

According to the rules I’m supposed to tag and link to 7 other bloggers. I wouldn’t be me if I followed the rules though, so I’m going to make my life easy and tag everyone who reads this. Hook me up with your 7 favorite albums in the comments (or link to your post) so I can check them out. I’d love to be introduced to something I’ve missed out on!

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  1. 1. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Bill Hicks — Rant In E-Minor

    Aretha Franklin — any and everything, preferably a boxed set.

    Janis Joplin — Pearl, Mama I’ve Got Dem Kozmic Blues Again, and Cheap Tricks

    Robert Johnson — The Robert Johnson Boxed Set

    Big Mama Thornton — Hound Dog

    Rage Against The Machine — Evil Empire

    The Bloodhound Gang — everything I’ve got on my own “compilation” burned CDs

    Seven albums. Yeah, THAT'S how you get an accurate picture. Gimme about four hundred more options, then MAYBE. See, this is why I never liked slam books, especially when they went online — there's too much shit that they DON'T COVER. There's too many music out in the world that I love, that I can't encapsulate in 7 artists or albums, and you can see that I couldn't even hold to THAT.

    Okay, next!

    Or I'm start going into the first four Sabbath albums, the Stones, Zeppelin, Parliament/Funkadelic, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Petty, Aerosmith (before they became Sony corporate whores), Cream, Clapton, Blind Faith, Lucinda Williams (thank you, LPF!!!), Bessie Smith, Ruth Brown, Blondie, Talking Heads, Nine Inch Nails, and those brilliant Armenian guys whose band name escapes me at the moment (yes, I mean aside from Zappa)… This could go on all friggin’ night.


  2. 2. CC McGoon Said:

    Yeah, stopping myself at seven was not an easy thing to do.I feel bad for not adding NIN, Peaches, Muddy Waters, Nirvana, The Ramones, Jethro Tull…

    Shit. Annti isn’t the only one who can go on all night.

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    OH HOLY FUCK!!!!!! I FORGOT THE FUCKING RAMONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, seven ain’t gonna cut it.

    And fucking TULL!!! And Willie Nelson!!! And Marvin Gaye!! And MOTOWN!!!

    You done opened-up a big-ass can of worms, kid. Hope that somebody else jumps in here, or we’re gonna fill-up the whole thread!

  4. 4. Terrible Said:

    yeah no way can something like that be limited to 7. I remember once in a bar some asshole asked my my 1 favorite. I told him that was a damn stupid question! But here’s 7 that would rank high:

    Black Sabbath – Paranoid

    Crosby Still Nash and Young – either After the Gold Rush(or is this Neil and Crazy Horse?) or Harvest.

    Grahm Nash – Songs for Beginners

    Grateful Dead – Working Mans Dead

    Beatles – hmmmmmmm White Album? Sgt. Peppers? Abby Road? Rubber Soul? one of those maybe

    Traffic – Mr. Fantasy

    Kinks – Layla

    And a few hundred more.

  5. 5. CC McGoon Said:

    Oh man, Neil Young. I’d have a hard time choosing between Harvest and Live Rust.

  6. 6. Terrible Said:

    Supertramp – Live in Paris!

    Some Animals

    Some Heart

    Everything else that has been metioned

    Stones – Sticky Fingers

    Iron Butterfly

    early ZZ-top – Tres Hombres

    Steppenwolf – the album with Don’t Step on the Grass Sam. Or Best of which has it.

    Jefferson Airplane – The Worst of Jefferson Airplane!!

    Deep Purple – Machine Head

  7. 7. RenB Said:

    Am so out of the loop…

    I spent a summer listening to someone else’s music while translating letters to Chines ladies this year. (Just don’t ask, ok?)

    But what I liked was Brian Ferry and Eric Clapton. It made me ‘romantic’.


    Do you get STUCK in your decade, or what is this shit? Over here everyone is talking about the pussycat dolls, and I thought Annti was merchandising, finally…

    Go figure. Yeah, am not the brightest light in the chandelier, ok?

    But seriously, my best music thing is the concert version of Sweeney Todd in San Francisco. It kills me every time. I love that.

    There is so much in there….

  8. 8. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Ren, if you ever mention me in the same THOUGHT as those hookers again, let alone IN PRINT, I may have to hurt you.


    Pussycat Dolls, like the long-lamented Kit-Kat Klub in the Quarter, the entire resurgence of burlesque, started OUT as a GOOD THING, by women, about women, NOT JUST TWIGGY LITTLE BOBBLEHEADS FLINGING THEIR TITS AND ASS AROUND.

    But you see now what it has become. Just like the Suicide Girls, which started out as feminist/bisexual/lesbian creativity, it’s all been commodified, turned into a PRODUCT, and taken the HUMAN BEINGS out of the equation altogether. Same way that Billy Ray pimped-out his 11-year-old daughter and turned her into Disney’s biggest money-maker, with the tease of illegal pubescent poon and no substance whatsofuckingever. But Disney still claims that putting CHILDREN into MAKEUP AND HOOCHIE OUTFITS is some sick, twisted Hitler-sympathizing version of “WHOLESOME.”

    See why “family-friendly” makes my flesh crawl? Reminds me too much of the Bush family regime.

    Pussycat dolls, indeed. Biatch, please. A. STILL RETIRED. B. Annti ain’t never been no “doll.”

  9. 9. Mentis Fugit Said:

    Late to the party, but hey, someone might pop in to see why the lights are still on.

    Not The Seven, but A Seven (Plus One), in no particular order:

    Propellerheads – Decksanddrumsandrockandroll
    Techno plus drum-and-bass plus brains equals Propellerheads. Garnish lightly with Miss Shirley Bassey. Bang On!

    Rammstein – Reise Reise
    The Brothers Grimm for the 21st Century. Black little Gothic fairytales for today. Easy to underestimate – I did for years. Not Nazis… sheesh!

    The Gordons – Volume Two
    Before Sonic Youth. Cited as an influence by Sonic Youth. Leading cause of tinnitus in Aotearoa. (Here’s a ditty about Adults and Children.)

    The Stranglers – Rattus Norvegicus
    Punk meets The Doors? Sort of. Misogynistic? Quite possibly. Formative? Emphatically.

    The Body Electric – Presentation and Reality
    Cheesy synth-pop plus guitars. The lead singer couldn’t sing, none of them could play keyboards with more than two fingers, and they had to program the sequencers between songs when they played live, but it was local. And the album cover is a sweet visual pun on the title.

    Siouxsie and the Banshees – The Scream
    If you can’t play, you’d better have ideas. They had ideas. Caught them live in Wellington when Robert Smith was on the payroll. Siouxsie smacked a spitter over the head with the mike – round went the cord, and BAM!

    The Call – Modern Romans
    More Christians like this, please. Written for the Reagan era, but it could have been about the last eight years. Just corporate criminals playing with tanks.

    And the Plus One:

    The Ramones – Anthology
    Because nobody should ever, ever forget The Ramones.

  10. 10. CC McGoon Said:

    Damn, Mentis, you took me seriously when I said I’d love to be introduced to something I missed out on! Out of the 8 you listed, I’ve only heard 3. I’ll have to check the other ones out. Thanks!

  11. 11. Mentis Fugit Said:

    Good luck finding the two Kiwi offerings, CC.

    Though I might be able to help you there.

  12. 12. CC McGoon Said:

    I looked all of them up on itunes and the only one they didn’t have was The Body Electric. There is, however, a band called I Sing The Body Electric. They had at least a little bit of all the others you listed, but seeing as how some bands have the same name, I may be looking at the wrong thing. When I have more time I’ll do a little more research to make sure I’m heading in the right direction.

  13. 13. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    “Because nobody should ever, ever forget The Ramones.”

    Remind me to send you a picture of the single-needle, excruciatingly-detailed (and I do mean EXCRUCIATING) tattoo on my ass, dear Mentis. Encapsulated instructions on where to kiss it.

    A woman can have a brain-fart from time to time without it erasing her musical morality, y’know.

    Granted, I was not so privileged as to see the Ramones @ CBGB when I was five, as Miriam did, but I *did* actually drag my ass out to the last Lollapalooza, just to see them, LIVE. Saw Rage Against The Machine, too, which was nice, considering that Mike D’s stupid fucking BMX accident canceled the Rage/Beasties tour in 2000. Middle-aged white boys should not try to break their fucking necks on BICYCLES going down California canyons.

    Most of all, I got to see Joey. Kinda heartbreaking to see him look more cadaverous than ever before, but he still rocked that fucking joint like all hell. Even Dee Dee was working his ass off that day.

    So nyeh.

  14. 14. Mentis Fugit Said:

    I gather there’s a bluegrass outfit called The Gordons. You shouldn’t be able to mix them up, CC. “My” Gordons are now based in New York and working under the name Bailter Space; their music is more atmospheric and less psychotic these days.

    Keep the tattoo for another day, Annti. The Ramones come in at number 8 on The Seven because I damn near forgot to include them. Guess who the implied rebuke is for.

    But now I need to add two more, making it The Ten:

    The DamnedMachine Gun Etiquette
    Their absolute peak, this is a towering slab of sound that owed nothing to Phil Spector or Jim Steinman, but scribbled all over them. From the opening downslashed chord of Plan 9 Channel 7 (a homage to That Film) to the thin synth tone over the repeating line “nibbled to death by an okapi” fading out side 2, barely a foot wrong.

    ShriekbackOil and Gold
    Once upon a time Barry Andrews did terrible things to pianos for XTC. Carl Marsh and Dave Allen were half of Gang of Four. This 1985 pressing was the apotheosis of Shriekback’s career, even as Marsh made his exit. Effortless changes of tempo between six righteous roars and four exquisitely delicate offerings. Hammerheads was made for the Religious Right then and now.

  15. 15. Susan Harley Said:

    Okay. I worked in radio for 15 years, but I did NOT sell my soul to the devil (also known as consultants). I do fear my list will expose me as the wussy-girly-girl that I am…. but here it is:

    Tori Amos – These Little Earthquakes

    Primus- Sailing the Sea of Cheese

    Dead Kennededys- Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegtables

    Eric Clapton- From the Cradle

    Kate Bush – Hound of Love

    Tori Amos – Why Kant Tori Read

    Black 47 – Fire of Freedom

    Concrete Blonde – Bloodletting

    Tori Amos – Under the Pink

    Paula Cole – This Fire

    Okay…I have a girl-crush on Tori, I love ALL of her music.

  16. 16. Susan Harley Said:

    Oh crap! And most Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder… and Harry C. Jr.-“She”
    and Fiona Apple, and Rob Zombie, and… long can this list be……..?

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