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Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on November 28, 2008 – 1:50 am

Heh heh heh… CCMcGoon wanted a nekkid Rollins, but since I don’t have that to give (you never know, though, one of these days, I might finally get to kidnap the boy & deliver him to the Panhandle!), I’m substituting some birfday porn of other flavors. Happy happy Birfday, CC, Happy Birfday to youuuuu!!!

THIS little gem is for all of the xmas-ish babies, our December birfdays: (Yes, Ren, I know that it’s not to your taste, and might give you flashbacks, but it’s STILL FUNNY!!!!!! ‘Sides, I might give you a David-Duchovny-in-his-undies pic…) RenB: December 2nd; Jesus’ General: Dec. 5th-ish; Redcane, Dec. 6th; My bud Andy of teh U.K.: Dec. 8; And of course, our defected token republicunt (why she never blogged, I’ll never know, but I still have incriminating photographs of her, so maybe she’ll come back someday… heh heh heh) AwCResQ, on December 15, which thrills her ’cause it makes ME older than HER. Heifer.
And yes, prezzies, (beyond the late-60s homemade-porn-wif-Satan-Claus brilliance) if any, will be heavily delayed this year. AT&T thugs are gonna come break my kneecaps if I don’t pay the fucking bill soon. Now, on to more porn (soft-core AND full-frontal!)!

Including, of course, a little Dita for everybody, ’cause how can you NOT love that woman?!?!? THAT is a well-wrapped gift!

RenB, keep scrolling down for YOUR prezzie! (I forget, do you like the X-Files or not? Haven’t seen Californication yet, but I’m sure that it’s highly amusing…), with a little Harry Potter, to boot! (Okay, not SO little… heh heh heh… niiiiiiice legs…)

Happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy happy happy happy happy happy happy joy joy joyyyyyyy!!!!!!

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  1. 1. Susan Harley Said:

    I used to have a huge crush on David! Loved xfiles!
    And om…my..lord…I didn’t know Harry Potter was a hottie!

  2. 2. Susan Harley Said:

    Okay, my birthday in is March…Johnny Depp? Maybe?

  3. 3. CC McGoon Said:

    I still want my nekkid Henry. Or Clive Owen. Wait, no…make that AND Clive Owen. I want both. Ooh! Don’t let me forget Edgar Ramirez! I want all three, dammit.


    (Yeah, I know, my birfday is still a half hour away, but I’m going to go ahead and start making demands a few minutes early.)

  4. 4. RenB Said:

    A very happy birthday to you, CC!

    Annti, thanks for the wishes and the eye candy. (heh) Pretty, although not my usual taste.

  5. 5. CC McGoon Said:

    Thanks, Ren. Happy early birthday to you!

  6. 6. RenB Said:

    Thanks, CC. Hope you get good stuff, and something delicious, like a dinner at a four star restaurant.

    Now…. errm… WHO is this Rollins person? (Listen, I can’t keep up with EVERYTHING, you know, when important things are going on…. Am so clueless, I STILL have never seen who Jessica Simpson is, and yes, I could have YouTubed a search, but somehow I had the feeling I didn’t want to know… )

    But you go out and have some fun, ok?

  7. 7. RenB Said:

    And Annti? Am not sure about David Duchovny… Looks like he waxes EVERYTHING. How Seventies….

  8. 8. Terrible Said:

    Annti, you have my address so you know where to have Dita delivered when my b-day rolls around.

  9. 9. RenB Said:

    Ooooo Terrible. You got good taste. For a het. (smile)

  10. 10. RenB Said:

    And just so’s you don’t get the wrong idea… I spent half of this year helping a neighbor find his ideal Chinese bride. I never saw so many lovely ladies….

    (I translated just translated, dammit. He can’t speak English, and I finally found him a translating programme that worked. He had spent 20 years in the French Foreign Legion, and had PTSD. And hates Americans, and hates gays. Just don’t ask, ok? But I’m now an exception because he knows and trusts me. And I hope he finds what he wants. And that was so by the way, it sucks.)

    So I had a crash-course this past summer, ok?

    And can say, you have good taste. Not mine, but good for you,I guess, and we can all dream, right?

  11. 11. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Duchovny doesn't wax, he's just not a BEAR. And Re: Rollins, scroll down for CC's post "Henry's Travels." Oy.


    And Susan, I'll see what I can find… though I might not want to share, if I find anything REALLY good… heh heh heh… Clooney, Depp & HST: the three good things to come out of Kentucky.

    CC, if I could've tackled & shipped the boy for you by now, don't you think that I would have?!?!?! He has changed road managers, though, so maybe if I can ever make it to another show (y’know, in two or three fuckin’ years, whenever he comes back down here) I could prolly get past security at some point… Well, try to keep hope alive… and, y’know, when he’s playing someplace CIVILIZED in Texas (I wouldn’t hold yer breath on him returning to the panhandle), GET YOUR ASS THERE!!!

  12. 12. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    BTW, Terrible, honey, I loves ya, but when it comes to Dita, GET IN LINE.

  13. 13. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Aw, shit, I shouldn’t comment when I’m sick, I can’t remember shit.

    So who the hell is Edgar Ramirez? And what has he ever done for me? I already have an idea of what he does for you, don’t feel the need to share that part… heh heh heh…

  14. 14. CC McGoon Said:

    So who the hell is Edgar Ramirez?

    Google Images is your friend. Trust me, you’ll thank me. That boy is flat out PRETTY.

    I’m lifting my margarita in the hope that Terrible gets him some Dita when his birthday rolls around. And may Ren get his very own toy in a few days as well!

    While we’re on a roll making requests, I’d like to have some Gerard Butler next year, with, of course, Henry, Clive and Edgar. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

  15. 15. RenB Said:

    Sorry, should have figured it out.

    Was tired.

    Why don’t I have anyone I want to be intimate with who is famous?

    (Whine, whine… and THIS is what depression can do to you…. be warned….)

    To all the Decembrists…. I wish you much happiness, and good days.

  16. 16. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    I know that it’s easy to forget, but I am only human, CC. You can ask to your heart’s delight, but I can’t promise that much. Wish I could. If I could hit the damned powerball, maybe, if these fine people can be easily bribed (or will pitch-in if I donate to their favorite causes)… A girl can dream, right?

    And one of these years, I’ll find the right gift for you, Rene. Or the right home.

    Wonder where the hell everybody’s been this weekend… surely not out in the corporate consumerism orgy, yes? Somebody blog, dammit!

  17. 17. Terrible Said:

    No corporate consumerism orgy for me! I did get a few groceries Sunday though before a meeting I had to go to. And Saturday I did laundry. But of course I’ve been popping in long enough to see what’s happening. I’ll try to do a post or 2 soon if I can concentrate on one thing long enough to.

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