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Posted by Realist on December 6, 2008 – 2:59 am

Well, we have a definite winner for the dumbass of the day award:

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – A white social studies teacher attempted to enliven a seventh-grade discussion of slavery by binding the hands and feet of two black girls, prompting outrage from one girl’s mother and the local chapter of the NAACP.

What kind of fucking idiot actually thinks this shit up and believes it to be a good idea? To make matters worse, the superintendent, who apparently didn’t want the teacher to be the only one riding the stupid train, said it was a bad idea because the “student was upset”, not because it SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN DONE IN THE FIRST PLACE. I guess we’re to believe he supports having his staff bind the hands and feet of students as long as no one complains about it.

Brains were obviously wasted on these people.

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  1. 1. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    1. To add insult to injury, there’s a fucking Bumfuck Buy ad right in the middle of the fucking article. Talk about salt in the motherfucking wound, huh, CC?

    2. Um. Question.

    How in the living FUCK are morons like this bitch GETTING TEACHING JOBS?!?!?!?!? I’m serious as a heart attack. This illiterate cunt makes Larry the motherfucking CABLE GUY sound like an ERUDITE, ELOQUENT HUMANI-FUCKING-TARIAN. Wanna “demonstrate slavery,” you ignorant waste of a twat??!!? How about we tie YOUR useless waste-of-oxygen ass up and LEAVE YOU THERE?!?!?!?

    Holy flying ratfuck. And I bet that she picked that shit up in some “teaching theory” class at her state college, too. THAT’S what they teach these twinkies to do, to MAKE STUPID SHIT LIKE THIS UP, AND THEN DEFEND IT AS “ADVANCED TEACHING METHODOLOGY.”

    Small wonder that a numbnut illiterate like Dumbya could so easily CLUSTERFUCK this entire country’s EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM, huh. Sheep. Wall-to-fucking-wall SHEEP. ‘Member when teaching involved getting the KIDS to come up with ideas? When WE had to do the homework, and WE didn’t generally come back to school with a stage-play for a fucking KLAN RALLY?!?!!?

    3. I want that “principal” staked-out in my yard, with fire ants, honey, a gallon of cayenne pepper, a Garden Weasel, two weed-whackers, about a half-mile of weed-whacker string, some of those waterproof matches that come in the MREs, eighteen hungry feral cats, a gallon of tuna fish, and a bullwhip. Oh, and a really big stereo, with humongous sub-woofers, and every single fucking NWA, Ice Cube, Public Enemy, Fugees, Big Mama Thornton, Chuck Berry, and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins album on the fucking market. Ya need theme music for this kinda work.

    The Orleans Parish School Board couldn’t find ME a job. But knuckle-walking, mouth-breathing, cousin-fucking dung beetles like THIS get fucking TENURE.

    Yeahhhhhh, THAT makes sense.

  2. 2. CC McGoon Said:

    It makes me wonder how she planned to “enliven discussion” when teaching about other oppressed groups in history.

    I can’t believe they are still letting her teach in that school. Even if they insist on ignoring how fucked up it was to tie her students up, you can’t ignore the danger they would have been in had a fire alarm gone off while they were bound. What would that teacher have done in such a situation? Throw both of the girls over her shoulder and run out the door? Tell them to get to hoppin’ and wish ’em good luck?

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    No, she’d have left them under those desks, under which she ordered them to belly-crawl like VietVets in DaNang. They’d have burned-up and she’d have blamed it on THEM.

    If she did this shit to jewish kids or muslim kids or jeehovers or any other oppressed/formerly-oppressed group, they’d have hung her from the highest tree. But since she did it to two little black girls, obviously it’s not a severe ENOUGH infraction for that ignorant-assed FUCKTARD of a “principal” to GIVE A FLYING FROG-FUCK ABOUT, whatsofuckingever.

    If the mothers of those girls had come from MONEY, oh hell yeah, he’d be cuttin’ buttons (that’s LA slang for shitting his britches) and running like hell to apologize, pray for forgiveness, doing press conferences, instituting a racial sensitivity course program for all teachers, etc. If they’re middle-class or lower, who gives a fuck, right? It’s not like POOR PEOPLE HAVE RIGHTS or anything, right?

    It’s shit like this that gets swept under the rug, that gets IGNORED in our current “cultural” environment, when teh republicunts (Karl Rove & other brain-washers) have made it “okay” to OPENLY DISPLAY YOUR BIGOTRY AND DISCRIMINATION against anyone NOT LIKE YOU AND YOUR CUL-DE-SAC-MENTALITY SHEEPLE, and they call it “freedom of expression.”


    I’d hate to see some parasite like Al Sharpton get involved in this shit, because he’ll discredit the entire complaint/crime committed, and make the bigoted bitch in question look like a “victim of the political-correctness nazi troops,” to quote Bill Falafel O’Reilly.

    I want Obama to make a statement on this shit, and I want Donna Brazile to handle the entire investigation. Okay, so she’s not specifically a civil-rights lawyer, but I bet that she could get the Southern Poverty Law Center involved and maybe get some big guns into this shit.

    It’s not an isolated incident. If this SKANK excuse for a “teacher” has been teaching more than a year, she’s done shit like this before, but her principal (and/or kneepad supplier) has covered for her, all along. How much money you wanna slap down on that? I’d bet both of my gravitationally-challenged tits that this is NOT HER FIRST OFFENSE.

    This shit belongs in a federal court. Not effigies, not protest marches that accomplish nothing but hype, no Al Sharpton parasites, feeding on these girls’ pain.

    And have no doubt, these girls will bear these scars for the rest of their lives, if no justice is ever even ATTEMPTED on their behalf. A woman’s life doesn’t count for SHIT in the Grayutt State of Lousy-ana, but maybe even in the redneck stronghold of upstate New York, the truth will see the light of day. The ACLU and SPLC should be ALLLLLL the fuck up over this shit.

    And I’d also wager my ass tattoo that said “teacher” is yet another BITTER REPUBLICUNT LOSER who CANNOT DEAL WITH THE HARSH REALITY OF OUR INCOMING PRESIDENT AND THE FALL OF THE CORRUPT REPUBLICUNT REGIME. I deal with that bigotry every fucking time I leave L’Hotel du Fucktards (and sometimes BEFORE I leave L’HdFT), and I’m already sick and fucking tired of it.

    Like all the hate-mongering fear-driven fucktards told us back in 2000, when the so-called “supreme” court USURPED THE U.S. CONSTITUTION TO CROWN PRINCE DUMBYA:


    I want somebody to REALLY investigate this whore. I want somebody to ask her how she voted on November 4. I want somebody to get up in HER shit, instead of letting her hide behind her boss’s desk (or under it) and MAKE HER EXPLAIN HERSELF. This is not a “teaching technique,” this is not a “demonstration.”


    Try the whore in federal court, and string her boss up right next to her.

    The corrupt, bigoted, xenophobic, thieving, war-mongering profiteering regime of CheneyBushRoveCo. Incorporated is fucking OVER, motherfuckers. Your unchecked thuggery and boorishness, your smirking frat-boy racism, your “good ol’ boys’ network” safety is GONE. It’s OVER.

    Report to Levinworth, you cocksucking pieces of scum. Your time has come and gone, and we are taking this country BACK, and there is no room in it for RECIDIVIST HATE-MONGERING BASS-ACKWARDS CUM-GARGLING CLOSET-CASES AND THE HARD-UP BEARDS WHO COVER THEIR CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS.

    I'm not trying to make a tempest in a teapot, but I see this shit for what it is. The same attitudes and behaviors of the bigoted/clique/cul-de-sac/gated-community CRACKERS who have destroyed this town & parish, which used to be cool, laid-back, everybody belonged, everybody accepted, the exact OPPOSITE of what it's become.

    These are the motherfuckers who keep trying to drag us all back into the 18th and 19th centuries, if not the 13th (as preferred by cults like the RCC & LDS), because THEY FEAR THE FUTURE, they fear REALITY, so they PUNISH CHILDREN FOR IT. Their insecurities and paranoia are so overwhelming, they TAKE OUT THEIR SELF-HATRED ON CHILDREN.

    Fuck 'em all. Let the courts have 'em, and get them the FUCK out of our school systems!!!

    But remember the bigoted shit that blackballed ME out of the local school board & school system. We gotta start with the school boards, the "administrators" (usually fucking COACHES who don’t know any more about TEACHING than they do about LEARNING), and then the hiring policies of only admitting the moneyed/yuppie-scum/xian-cult-freak-sheeple hens who are so heavily-invested in the Jim Crow past and the status-quo of their now-dying capitalist/republicunt-scum regime — all of that shit will be over.

    Douche out the dumbasses at the top, and all the other dominoes will fall. But it’s got to start at the top, and NOW. In other words, fire every single moron who was ever in FAVOR of “No (Rich) Child Left Behind,” the worst thing to happen to public schools since, oh, the DAWN OF FUCKING TIME. Right after that, we gut the whole bullshit RCC-controlled “effort” to steal taxpayers’ money to KEEP THOSE DOLLARS ROLLING INTO CATHOLIC AND BIBUL-BANGING-NON-DENOMINATIONAL-SNAKE-HANDLING-BATSHIT-CRAZIES’ COFFERS.

    You wanna send your kid to private school ’cause you hat public schools? PAY TO INCULCATE YOUR KIDS, TO BRAIN-WASH THEM TO KISS STATUES’ FEET, TO BELIEVE IN ALBINO TALKING SALAMANDERS AND OTHER FAIRY TALES ON YOUR OWN FUCKING DIME. Don’t you take another one of MY fucking dimes to support Pope Panzerfaust Hitler-Youth Chupacabra, the Crystal Cathedral, Oral Roberts, or any OTHER shuck-and-jive FUCKING CON ARTIST, when that money BELONGS TO THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS, which are STILL being RAPED, so that all tax money can be diverted to the profit of CULTS and the privileged children of the WEALTHY.

    THEN we start working on that “faith-based initiatives” horseshit. I re-broke my spine and STILL accomplished more for the evacuees of Katrina than the fucking joke of an American Red Cross AND FEMA *AND* every fucking press-hogging, camera-fellating “church” involved. Fuck your faith, fuck your graft, fuck your rape of the U.S. Treasury. Put the money back, give us our schools back, and KEEP YOUR CULTS WHERE THEY BELONG: way the fuck out of OUR SCHOOLS.

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