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Crime Solvin’ Skeeter

Posted by Realist on December 23, 2008 – 2:50 am

This is kinda cool:

Police in Finland believe they have caught a car thief from a DNA sample taken from a mosquito they noticed inside an abandoned vehicle.

Finding the car in Seinaejoki, north of Helsinki, police saw that the mosquito had recently sucked blood and decided to send the insect for analysis.

Talk about some shitty luck. Not only does the guy get bitten by the skeeter, an itchy pain in the ass, but then the little fucker rats him out to the police as well. Dude, of course, denies stealing the car and claims he was only in it when picked up while hitch-hiking, so I don’t know how helpful it will be to the prosecutor without his fingerprints on the wheel, but I think it’s kinda neat that criminals now have to add biting bugs to the list of evidence not to leave behind.

If I don’t get a scene of our hero chasing around a skeeter on the next season of Dexter, I’ll be highly disappointed.

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  1. 1. RenB Said:

    There are very few people who can make me laugh at 4:30 in the morning. You did it. Thanks. And have good days, ok?

  2. 2. Susan Said:

    Hmmmmm……if the misquito is dead…can he/she still legally testify?
    I see a “OFF” ad campaign on the horizon….

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    No sheeet. Who wants to start the football pool on which "CSI" or "Law & Order" or "House" or "BONES" episode bogarts the inebriated skeeter meme, and who does it best!?!?? It's never just ONE of them who jumps on a scientific/behavioral/criminal fad/new thang, it's always an avalanche, but who will do it RIGHT?!?!?! And who will fuck it into the ground like a street sign in a hurricane?

    My money's on "CSI: Miami," even though they never ADMIT that mosquitoes exist on Miami Beach or even in the hood on the mainland. If ANYBODY can utterly cock-up the simplest scientific procedure/fact/possibility, it's those fashion-whore twinkies.

    I'd give my tits for the X-Files to come back, they could have had a BLAST with drunk mosquitos! Hell, "BONES" has gone to recycling old X-Files oddities for their "new" "BONES" episodes, it's bound to hit critical rerun mass at some point.

    And as much as I miss Showtime, I don't think that Dexter will ever be "my" hero, punkin. Nasty little bastid. Love you, hate that show.

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