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My Pet Peeve

Posted by Mags on December 31, 2008 – 2:56 am

Don’t nobody go getting their panties in a twist. This is not directed at any person here or anywhere in particular but in everyone in general. OK?????

Why do people insist on calling Barack Obama ‘Barry”….?

That was a name he was called as a child and a youth because the name Barack was too “wierd”. Barry is a child’s name.
Not the name of a full growed MAN.

So….please, everyone in the world. Please call our next President, Barack.

He deserves his name.

Thanks …………..and no hit I.

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  1. 1. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Pfft. Get YOUR panties outta the twist. HE STILL LETS HIS FRIENDS CALL HIM BARRY. His WIFE calls him Barry. It ain’t like we’re calling him DUMBYA, or like it’s a nickname that Dumbfuck Dumbya tried to stick ON him.

  2. 2. CC McGoon Said:

    I call him Obama.

    That aside, I don’t see it as a childish name. There are plenty of people out there who have that as a real name (iow, not shortened from another name). They didn’t choose the name, but they do carry it into adulthood, making it a grown-up name in the process.

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Honestly, the Tennessee Guerrilla Women got me started on calling him “Barry,” before I even knew that “Barry” was what his friends/family/classmates/colleagues called him. Since the first-on-the-bandwagon rabid Obama supporters were being such SNOTS to their allegedly “fellow democrats,” slinging knee-jerk (and WRONG) accusations of “racism” at everybody who wanted Hillary Clinton or Bill Richardson or John Teh Ho Edwards or Biden or anyfuckingbody else, and acting like *they* WERE THE ENTIRE FUCKING DEMOCRATIC PARTY, and none of us “uncool” kids were INVITED TO JOIN THEIR CLIQUE (i.e., beg for our forgiveness or cease to exist, you ignorant bumpkins), I can totally understand why the TGW were doing parodies about “Barry,” the most popular rich/smart/jock kid in high school, since his frothing-at-the-mouth from-his-Senate-election supporters were acting like such SNOTTY LITTLE ASSES.

    So yeah, it DID start out as snark, but y’know what? It, the name, like the man, grew on people. It makes him seem more HUMAN, less stuffy (which, admit it, sometimes he can come off like a professor, not a working man), like a guy who really DOES have that razor-sharp wit, who’ll bust his friends with the best jokes/lines, who is a warm, living human being who is just as fallible and interesting as anybody else with a remarkable IQ and a very keen/inquisitive mind.

    “Barack,” as a name, I have no issues with. Have no idea what it means in Nigerian or any other language, but it is so FORMAL. Like one of multiple cath-lick baptismal names, or like a name for royalty, some inherited princedom/principality, like The Prince Of Wales or the King Of Thieves. Sounds like a great name for a law firm masthead, or a name to put on a library.

    Doesn’t sound like the guy whose kids talk over him at the Democratic National Convention. That guy seems like a Barry to me. You could see the patience and nerves in his face as he spoke via satellite, ’cause the girls were so excited to see him on the bigscreen, they hardly let him finish his initial address, before he arrived in Denver. (“Do I correct the girls in public, or do I bite the inside of my lip and try to keep going, so that I don’t come off like an asshole? Damn, I NEED A CIGARETTE!!!”) That’s what Barry’s face looked like that night.

    And I gotta tellya, CC, I fucking LIKE that our new president is an ADMITTED SMOKER. He doesn't lie or hide it like LBJ, JFK, or Reagan/Bush Sr. Granted, Bush Sr. only smoked when he was zonked outta his skull on those THC eyedrops & Halcyon, in secret, away from his Secret Service detail, but he smoked. Can't get any proof on Dumbya smoking LEGAL cigarettes, as opposed to "herbal," much less the many lines of coke and the "bicycle accidents" every time that he fell off of the Jim Beam wagon, but I'd wager that he's one of those "social smokers" who only smokes TOBACCO when he's drinking. As for Mexican ditch-weed, well, hell, he's probably doing that shit WITH THE BATHROOM DOOR OPEN. And he probably dips Copenhagen and leaves spit-cups molding all the fuck over the White House, too, the white-trash motherfucker.

    While I would hardly want Barry to die young of cancer, obviously, I like that he's a smoker, even if he is trying to quit (and there is NOTHING more obnoxious or self-righteous or infuriating as a new EX-SMOKER!!!), because it makes him HUMAN, just like the name Barry. He’s not the second cumming of Jeebus, he’s not a self-appointed “saint” or Teh Promised One, he’s a REAL GUY who deals with stress the way that we do, with nicotine. No, I don’t think that smoking is a great character attribute, but it is the safest way for me to keep from becoming a serial killer.

    (I smoke as a public service to humanity: the longer I go without a nicotine fit, THE LONGER THAT STUPID MOTHERFUCKERS GET TO LIVE.)

    And I’d sure as hell rather have a guy who sedates his stress with non-intoxicating tobacco than cocaine, pussy-dipped cigars (yes, I’m still disgusted by YOU, Billy-Jeff!!!), ditch-weed, or that most-favored legal drug: alcohol. We ALLLL know that Dumbya’s been off the wagon for YEEEARSSSS, those “bicycle accidents” and that attack-of-the-killer-pretzel shit WEREN’T THOSE KINDS OF ACCIDENTS.

    Past the age of 60, and Dumbya is still a fucking LIGHTWEIGHT and STILL CAN’T HOLD HIS LIQUOR. If he weren’t a thieving, class-warfare/caste-enforcing embezzler, mass-murdering genocidal fucktard, woman-hating sexist-pig closet-case, Kissinger’s-paw-up-his-ass PUPPET, render/pillager of the U.S. Constitution, economic cluster-fucker of anyone who isn’t a TRUST-FUND BABY, war-profiteering lap-dog for Eli Lilly & ExxonMobil/BP/Chevron/Big Oil PERIOD, and if he hadn't murdered OVER 9 THOUSAND AMERICANS on 9/11, Katrina, and our kids in uniform, not to mention MILLIONS OF OTHER PEOPLE AROUND THE FUCKING WORLD, I’d almost feel sorry for the moron.

    Any growned-ass man who can’t hold his liquor deserves one thing: to live in an alley, pissing his pants from alcohol poisoning (which he prolly does anyway, Depends ARE amazing!), nibbled-upon by giant wharf rats bigger than Teamsters, shat-upon by pigeons, and dying a slow, painful death of apathy & cirrhosis. I'm sure that his Deke/DKE brothers are sorely ashamed.

    So yeah, I like it that Barry smokes. I'd send him a carton my damned self, if I could. Somehow, I don't think that the Secret Service would let him enjoy any cigarettes that come in the mail from a total stranger, though. Pity, but such is life.

    I'd also be over-the-moon joyous if he'd drop the pandering to teh fucking bibul-bangers, because of all of the republicunt viral-e-mail-spam-garbage lies about him being a "moooslum," because nobody needs a cult affiliation to be a good person. I know good people who do good deeds and care for their fellow peoples/critters without so much as a vestigial SHRED of cult affiliation, so the myth that a President has to be a "christian" to be "acceptable" is UTTER FUCKING HORSESHIT. George Washington NEVER declared his denomination or religion or even any kind of religious affiliation, and he was THE FATHER OF OUR COUNTRY. HE was a HUMANIST, and he did pretty damned well for himself and for us. Y'know, aside from the whole slavery/women-as-chattel issues of the day. The man owned slaves. Can't go back and fix it or change slavery's effects, but can recognize the way that humanism, NOT DEISM, shaped his character, his morality, and this country.

    And even though I'm sure that he and his family would deny it to the death, because of the political implications, I have a sneaking suspicion that, having been raised by a Universal Unitarian grandmother, that he & Michelle are more HUMANIST than they will ever be BIBUL-BANGING XIAN FANATICS. If I honestly believed his endless claims to xianity, I wouldn't have any hope for his potential to do good in this world.

    Look at the Murkin Red Cross and teh republicunts who run it from D.C. & NYC, and remember the SIX FUCKING DAYS that they SAT ON THEIR ASSES IN AIR-CONDITIONED HOTEL ROOMS IN LAPLACE, LA, whilst teh republicunts partied in Crawford and ate birfday cake, letting my people die of drowning, injury, exposure, and dehydration in that week after Katrina. Teh Red Cross claims to be a "christian" organization that doesn't "discriminate" against helping anybody based upon race, religion, color, creed, inheritance, wealth or political pull, but they didn't bat a fucking EYE as they watched thousands of poor, democratic, primarily black people DIE, not 20 miles away from them.

    Yes, the Salvation Army DID get in there the day before the storm ever HIT, they were busting their asses (all volunteer, too!) to save lives, feed people, and get them medical help FROM MINUTE FUCKING ONE, they didn’t wait on “permission” from Dumbya, Dick, Karl or McSenile (or his fucking birfday cake) TO GO IN THERE AND GET SHIT DONE.

    But in my 38 years’ experience with self-proclaimed “christians,” the Salvation Army, in the case of Katrina (though their hiring practices are both bigoted AND illegal, based upon cult discrimination) IS THE EXCEPTION THAT PROVES THE RULE.

    I’d take an active, caring, truly DEMOCRATIC humanist president ANY FUCKING DAY, over a cult-affiliated puppet of ANY denomination or political party.

    And thus ends tonight's long-winded sermon o' teh day.

    Read & tawk amongst yerselves, there's your assignment, now share your interpretation & commentary.

  4. 4. RenB Said:

    Names can be difficult, Mags… My name always raised hilarity when I was a child. René. It means reborn, and I hope to fuck this is the last time around…

    But my friends, and the people who loved me just shortened it to ‘Ren’. People fear things that are different, and blast the parents who do such things and make you feel ostracised.

    I once had a date with a guy who had children, and he made SURE they got one-sylable names. So that no one would shorten them, and mock them. Because his name was Wolfgang, and he HATED ‘Wolfi’ and ‘Wolferl’, and all the variations you can think of…

    Your name is what you grow into, you know? In some cases.. I would really like to know what the name means….

  5. 5. ImStillMags Said:

    Barack means ‘blessed’.

    When he was sent to live with his grandparents in Hawaii, they started calling him Barry because Barack made him even more an outsider. He went by Barry all the way through school.

    I have seen on other boards and in other places his being called Barry as a derogatory name….like “Barry” was his country club name. I prefer Barack because it is his true name and much more dignified sounding. And since he is our next President and can use all the respect he can garner (he’ll get no respect from factions on the right) I just like it better.

    It’s my own thang…as I stated in the post.

  6. 6. Terrible Said:

    Obama is how I usually refer to him. The name Barry just never caught on for me but I don’t have any problem with it either. Though I do understand what you are saying Mags, I’ve seen some cases too where it seemed the writer was using Barry intending for it to be derogitory somehow. And I don’t mean you Annti! I mean comments I’ve seen different places that used the name Barry in junction with calls for his assasination, etc. When Annti uses it I think of it as I think most people who do use it use it as – a sign of familarity. I can think of lots of cases when using the long form of a persons name is used derogitorially too. I don’t know, it just doesn’t get me worked up too much when I’ve got problems like the worst criminals in American history not only still walking our streets but still running our government! And President-elect Obama damn well better do something about that or I’ll be calling him a lot of names that aren’t Barry, Barack, OR Obama!!

  7. 7. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Preach onnnnnn, Brutha Terrible!!!

    And when you look at how the so-called "media" in this country have never had ANY fucking compunction about calling U.S. SENATOR MRS. HILLARY RODHAM-CLINTON by nothing more than "HILLARY," as if she were the HOUSEHOLD HELP, I don't see as how me calling Barry Barry is even remotely derogatory or disrespectful. Granted, the way that the TGW used it, besides being hilarious, was snide & snotty, but then, so was the treatment that us non-bandwagon types received from the kool-aid drinkers, from the get-go. We've yet to receive anything even remotely resembling a single fucking apology for that shit, so as far as I'm concerned, the TGW usage for "The Rich/Popular Kids" still stands. Fuck those elitist douchebags, sideways with a fucking chainsaw. Yes, I have something that's supposed to count as a "college education," but I've had more blue-collar jobs than white, and I've never yet made it out of the poverty level, hell, never made AS MUCH as the poverty level, so I can at least say that I am still "down," for whatever that's worth. I am an elitist when it comes to mouth-breathing, inbred-redneck, goat-fucking knuckle-draggers who make all Southerners look bad by association, but the same goes for Midwesterners who are no better but THINK that they are, or anybody from the Great Nawthwest with the same attitude and the same flannel shirts. But when it comes to how the majority of our "fellow democrats" (especially in blogtopia) treated US, I’m gonna be packing a major-league hard-on against that shit FOR LIFE.

    At any rate, from a dirt-poor jobless loser, if I can’t feel like Barry is accessible to those of us below the poverty line (not to mention the color line re-instituted by teh republicunt mouth-breathers, with Fatfuck Limbaugh leading the charge), then what’s the point of him calling himself a democrat? That was the problem with John Kerry, he was “too good” to deal with ACTUAL HUMAN BEINGS, he sent snotty little carpetbagging Ivy League twits out to talk down to us “flyover states,” in the few that they actually TRIED in (Louisiana not amongst them), and IT DID NOT FLY. No, we don’t want a replay of the “I’d wanna have a beer with that Dumbya fella!” bullshit, which came straight from Madison Avenue advertising/P.R. scum, the condescending SLIME.

    But we don’t want Barry believing the fawning superlatives heaped upon him as the Second Cumming of Black Jeebus, either. I want him to stay just as grounded as his wife, with less of a shopping fetish. And I have a very strong suspicion that if he ever DID forget for whom he really works (i.e., NOT FUCKING LOBBYISTS), that Michelle’s pointy-toed shoes would quickly find their way to his ass. One hopes. But hell yeah, I fully intend to hold him to every single campaign promise, and if I ever catch him snuggling-up to teh republicunts who still think that they can become his “massahs,” Y’ALL GONNA HEAR ABOUT IT. He’s our first chance at a real democrat since Jimmy Carter (since Al Gore was ROBBED!!!), and he’d damned well better not cock it up. Too many people are counting on him, and too many lives ride in the balance.

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