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Ok, since now No one is posting….

Posted by RenB on January 8, 2009 – 4:21 pm

My take on the reporting from over there…..

Banal. Show you glittery shiny objects, distract you to death….


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  1. 1. Terrible Said:

    I never used to hate Israel. In fact not that many years ago I even admired some of their accomplishments. Now I know what a sick twisted terrorist nation they truely are. Have you seen the story yet of where they moved 110 civilian Palistinians into a “safe house” and then 24 hrs later bombed it? Killing 30 of the people who’d been placed there by the Israelis.

    And there have been more Israelis killed by “friendly fire” then by Hamas’ rockets.

    I can’t help but feel sad for the decent Jewish people of the world who end up being associated with this terrorist regime just because of their religion. It’s kind of like being associated with the bush administration war crimes just because I’m an American.

  2. 2. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Yeah, Terrible, but you didn’t contribute to Dumbya’s campaign fund, that’s the difference.

    I think that even the best Jewish people in the world can be misled by the marketing, the slanted media, the superstitions, the “sacredness”, blah blah blah, just as the very few real “christians” can get sucked-in by the gun-obsessed, woman-hating neo-cons. Doesn’t make sense logically, especially when we’re talking about the most intelligent people in those groups, but it does happen.

    I wasn’t really “raised” Southern Baptist, b/c of the Fallen Uterus’s twisted antagonism towards the kind, loving people who adopted her, not because she had an ALTERNATE THEORY/PRACTICE of her own, for damned sure. But what I do know, from direct contact and other sources, is that SOME of them genuinely think that Jews are, kinda, “magical,” being “the chosen people” and all, and that the “sanctity” or whatever of Israel/Bethlehem are THE. MOST. IMPORTANT. PEOPLE. IN. THE. WORLD.

    And yes, there are BILLIONS of so-called “christians” who still call jewish people “CHRIST-KILLERS,” etc., and yet they still support reich-wing (real or pandering) politicians who ensure that we never end our OBSCENELY ENORMOUS welfare for Israel. This shit in Gaza is a perfect example of that. Those kids are being killed by weapons that WE bought. Really don’t see any difference from Iran-Contra, except that those associated with Israel’s neverending cash pipeline are SO much better at covering their asses. Except for that “one” spy who was selling all of our secrets TO ISRAEL, but gee, whatever happened to HIM?!??!?

    Personally, I find the Roman Catholic Church to be steeped in far more crimes against humanity, outright theft, genocide, you name it, than the Jews or the Muslims. But the entire real-estate clusterfuck is so fucking FAKE, it makes me sick. Innocent people getting turned into roadkill whilst the money men and the power-mongers are safely out of firing range, plotting their next crime/theft/war-mongering opportunity. See also: “Drill Baby Drill!” and “Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran!”

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could reverse the evolutionary U-turns of the past 100 years, eliminate the perceived “need” for invisible sky-fairies (or teeny-tiny blood-vessel aliens, if you’re a Scienfuckingmorontologist), and just be fucking PEOPLE?!!??!!? John Lennon got that one right, for damned sure.

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