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Mullah Rush

Posted by Mags on January 23, 2009 – 8:59 pm

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  1. 1. RenB Said:

    gaaawwwd, Mags…. Rush Limpballs? I just went into a sneezing fit.

    He is the only person in the world whom I would wish to get Parkinson’s disease, so he can tell it like it REALLY is.

    Yes, that is nasty of me. But just looking at him turns my stomach.

    The real baddies are never going to go away, no matter what we do.

    I’d rather let people like that be ignored, and let them sit in their parent’s cellars typing into the void.

    Or ‘overdose’ on anything…..

    Just another attention junkie.

  2. 2. RenB Said:

    And while we are on this subject….

    All those pictures with the big cuban cigars???

    He has a mini-dick.

    And I won’t tell you how I know.

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:


    Personally, I could’ve lived my entire life without knowing THAT you know.

    And of COURSE it’s in his best interest to wish failure and economic collapse on US, that cocksucker’s money is all OFFSHORE and HIDDEN, and he’s NEVER ONCE paid his fair share of taxes, you can bet the hijab on THAT shit. Hell, CLEAR CHANNEL won’t lose a fucking dime if the rest of the fucking economy goes down the fucking toilet, ’cause THEY aren’t even majority-Murkin-owned anymore, despite Lowry Mays’ posturing and pustulent republicuntism. I’d give both my tits to see every single republicunt who helped MURDER RADIO since 1994 go TITS-UP BROKE, and have to actually WORK FOR A LIVING, for the first time in their trust-fund lives.


    That fat pedophile junkie motherfucker makes me sick to my motherfuckin’ stomach. If ever any talentless hack deserved to have to go to prison for child-rape and drug-trafficking, he’s one of the top 5, and THEN, if he ever makes it out of prison alive (’cause he’s made a WHOOOOLE lotta enemies on the inside, believe you me kids), that he is never allowed to apply for any job but his only “real” work experience: BACK TO SELLING LAWNMOWERS FOR YOU, SHECKY.

  4. 4. RenB Said:

    Why Annti… thank you for the rare praise and appreciation for gathering all my inner resources, and not saying what I really was thinking…. It cost me a lot of self-control, and believe me, you just skimmed the surface of what it was…. (bows deeply). But why sully your blog with such terrible things? No…

  5. 5. ImStillMags Said:

    RenB….I would love to know what you know about Rush. There are sooooo many pepole who worship that guy who really need to hear what he really is and what he really does.

    I keep trying to tell people that he’s nothing more than a ‘shock jock’ but they don’t listen.

  6. 6. RenB Said:

    Oh dear, Mags. I’m about to be a severe disappointment to you, am afraid….

    But am confused. How could anyone rhink that that excuse for a man could be serious?

    I only ‘know’ what I have seen on the Internets, and had to go out and get more mind and eye bleach. He disgusts me to the innermost part of my being, and makes me ashamed to be of the same sex he supposedly is.

    Please note: ‘supposedly’.

    No I don’t ‘know’ him, nor want to. But I HAVE run into his sort before in my life, enough to be able to walk a big circle round them and not come into any sort of contact. Eeeewwwww. Crawling with cooties, very insecure, which is why they get so obnoxious in the first place, and base enough to do anything to keep attention, and bully everybody around them.

    And I mean that word, ‘base.

    Annti is the one who keeps tabs on such low-lifes. I just register them as ‘this person you NEVER want to know’ and carry on.

    But I have known people very similar to him in my life, to my misfortune. So will not retract my statement above. I know what I know, in my long life….

    The most crushing put-down I ever encountered? And it was just a social visit, mind you…. ‘Na ja, auch Mäuse haben Schwänze’. An Old-Nazi in Berlin. And it was a play on words. ‘Huh, even mice have tails.’ Except the word ‘tails’ also means a penis. I was absolutely speechless.

    And inexperienced, and shy.

    So no, Mags, I don’t ‘know’ anything about Mr. Limpballs personally. But I know what sort of person he is.

    And I know what I know, being a smoker. Those people need to be avoided at all costs.

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