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Obama Overturns The "Mexico Policy"

Posted by Mags on January 23, 2009 – 10:37 pm

Oh NO! Women in charge of their bodies again? Women to determine the number of children in their families? Oh my fucking god.

This is TOO much! Dontcha know we need overpopulation and Global Warming Deniers so that they can prove their God exists and that the apocalypso is coming!

I am so in love with this man right now. Y’all will have to excuse my enthusiasm.

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  1. 1. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:


    Sheeyutt, I almost feel 19 again, defending the Delta Women’s Clinic against cath-o-lick cops and batshit-crazy old women who stole my painting of the crucified Lilith and stomped on it, and those same pig cops threatened to arrest ME for trying to get it back. Maybe our work has not gone in vain.

    I fucking LOVE teh republicunt response to Barry’s budgeting for Medicaid reproductive health programs, the deliberately-obtuse SEXIST-PIG NEANDERTHAL KNUCKLE-WALKING DOG-FUCKING MOUTH-BREATHERS!!!!!!!

    “How you can spend hundreds of millions of dollars on contraceptives — how does that stimulate the economy?” Boehner said at a news conference following the meeting. “You can go through a whole host of issues in this bill that have nothing to do with growing jobs in America.”


    “Growing jobs.”


    Could these misogynistic cocksuckers BE any less subtle? I wonder how much stock that ol’ Boner owns in Stanley Tools, Ford, Dahmler Chrysler, GMC, Halliburton, Blackwater, The Shaw Group, et al? I bet that they’re all HUGE donors to his “campaign” funds, along with the neonazi Spawn Of Sam, teh Walton Wally-World Klan.

    Reminds me of that ol’ Jerry Clower joke about the “coon hunting” that winds-up with a redneck Ledbetter up in a tree with a bobcat, and the drunk idiots on the ground think that he’s “just” tied-up with a pissed-off raccoon (which is no pretty thang, lemme tellya), and they keep yelling, firing their shotguns off, “KNOCK ‘IM OUT, JOHHHNNNN!!!!!!”

    Referring, of course, to Obama & his team, not John Bohner. That pussy-ass, soft-handed little twink couldn't kill a WORM, much less a raccoon. I just wanna see Barry knock these jokers out of the fucking woods and into the public square, where we can ALL get a shot at their big ol' punkin' heads. Bring yer own bat.

  2. 2. CC McGoon Said:

    This couldn’t have made me happier. His signature on that little piece of paper is literally a life saver for many women across the world.

    Another thing that made my uppity bitch self all giddy this week was the passing of the Ledbetter Act. I would, however, like to invite all the men who voted against it to suck a fart out of my asshole.

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:


    You DO know, of course, that the men who outwardly and actively act as if they HATE WOMEN, are the ones most likely to TAKE YOU UP ON THAT INVITATION, as they secretly and severely crave to be humiliated and abused by dominatrices, and generally lean towards the scatological end of the pervert spectrum, right?

    Just sayin’… you’re welcome! (heh heh heh…)

    Speaking of Ledbetter, I found two LOVERLY links, which I forwarded to my oh-so-republicunt Program Director (and alleged “friend” for a time, ha ha ha), from the Reality-Based Community (Feministe) and the Republicunt-Based Clusterfuck (The Heritage Foundation)… Enjoy!

    Nothing QUITE so entertaining as hearing the flailing wails, screams and whimpers of a dying regime, is it? What the “Heritage Foundation” is to “law” is what GENITAL WARTS are to sex. I love that we have a President who is a Constitutional L:aw scholar, it’s SO gonna fuck-up the remainders, the last hangers-on from the New World Order regime, the Halliburton ass-lickers not long for this world, the Clear Channel, NewsCorp and other clusterfuckers of mass media, the no-bid contractors who created the fake “war” in Iraq, to murder OUR kids and gang-rape THEIRS.

    It’s all being ripped from their greedy Monty Burns talons, and I treasure the experience.

  4. 4. Susan Said:

    Just to VERY conservative republicunt neighbors are now CONVINCED that Obama is in fact a “baby killer”…oh, yeah..and they are so scared that blacks will now “take over” and think they are “in charge”..
    Memo to Annti:..this is the same worthless waste of a uterus that buys puppies to sit in her yard until she is sick/bored with them and then takes them to the shelter.
    And she pumps out a new kid every year….and she hates me because I “take in strays”….if we go in on a woodchipper together, can we get a discount??

  5. 5. CC McGoon Said:

    You DO know, of course, that the men who outwardly and actively act as if they HATE WOMEN, are the ones most likely to TAKE YOU UP ON THAT INVITATION

    I’ll save up some good, fresh wet ones for when they decide their ready to take me up on that invitation. And trust you me, I can produce some foul fuckin’ gas. I’ve been known to run myself out of the room.


  6. 6. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Aw, hell, girl, I've known TMI about you from day one, how you gonna shock me NOW?!?!?

    Okay, so our more delicate-constitution-type readers/co-bloggers might recoil a tad, but considering who'll be sucking those farts, I'm sure that they'll see the point, so to speak…

    And remind me to stay the hell away from you when you're eating over-spiced TexMex with jalapeno & serrano peppers!!!!!! Though I might get you good & loaded-up with burritos and tequila when we find Karl Rove's house!

  7. 7. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    And Susan, darling, if there were any justice in this universe, we’d be COMMISSIONED by the Department of Karmic Justice to haul THE WORLD’S BIGGEST WOODCHIPPER (commercial grade, not industrial, the GMC couldn’t handle an industrial puppy) from coast to coast writing the wrongs that faulty rubbers, recessive DNA, first-week zygote-shedding, bike helmets and seatbelts have FAILED TO CORRECT.

    And you can betcher ass that we’d start with that Stupid Whore Next Door. I’ll fucking SHOW HER a “baby killer,” by damn, by shoving her into the woodchipper FEET-FIRST, the second that she conceives again, when it’s still a two-to-four-celled BLOB, like the lame flesh rattling around in her HEAD. She's one of those cath-o-lick hypocrites who believe that EVERY EGG IS SACRED, and that even having a PERIOD is a form of "abortion," right? Or wait, even better, one of them non-denominational, kinda-pentecostal-but-with-tons-of-Mary-Kay-makeup, rock-band-sing-a-long, Jimmy-Swaggart's-OTHER-wet-dream, multi-billion-dollar MEGA CHURCHES, huh.

    If we can get Barry to eschew the "faith-based initiatives" RACKETEERING & EXTORTION that Dumbya "created" in order to repay his Bring-Teh-Rapture, batshit-crazy, woman-hating bigoted BILLIONAIRES who put that puppet onto the stage, then MAYBE, hopefully, SOMEDAY, we can finally ERASE THE NATIONAL DEBT AND END HOMELESSNESS (which NO cult will EVER do, because then they’d be OUT OF BIDNESS, if they ever actually HELPED those starving fly-covered brown babies, much less taught or distributed FAMILY PLANNING OR BIRTH CONTROL, the evil, cynical, FAMINE-CREATING, child-abusing, SLAVE-MONGERING COCKSUCKERS!!!!!) BY MAKING TEH CULTS FINALLY PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE OF FUCKING ***TAXES,*** AS THEY ALWAYS SHOULD HAVE HAD TO DO!!!!!!

    Drive the bigoted, politics-fucking, brainwashing motherfuckers back where they belong, UNDERGROUND. You wouldn’t see anymore 50,000 sq. ft. MEGA-CHURCHES (which, like RCC cathedrals, are just MONEY, GOODS, AND LABOR WASTED IN WORSHIPFUL HOMAGE TO MEN!!!!!!) would you. Their invisible sky-fairies sure as hell didn’t demand a CRYSTAL CATHEDRAL or ORAL ROBERTS/BOB JONES “UNIVERSITIES,” did they now. VANITY, VANITY, ALL IS VANITY!!!!!!

    Make those trillionaires with island vacation homes, Rolls Royces, private jets, platinum-trimmed EVERYTHING, “personal assistants/masseuses,” etc. GET HUMBLE LIKE JEEBUS AND GIVE UP THEIR WORLDLY GREED REEEEEALLLLLY FUCKIN’ QUICK, if they finally had to PAY THEIR FARE SHARE OF THE U.S. BUDGET, wouldn’t it.

    THEN, we go after the “energy” (electric/natural gas/heating oil/coal/etc.) companies, the multinational gubmint-contracting corporations (Shaw Group, Halliburton, Bechtel, Blackwater, General Dynamics, Northrup Grumman, BASF, etc.), and the OIL motherfuckers, with NO MORE OFFSHORE BANK ACCOUNTS ALLOWED FOR THOSE THIEVING, EMBEZZLING, GOVERNMENT-ROBBING MOTHERFUCKERS, anyfuckingmore.

    Solve the giant debt hole that Dumbya & Dick have suck us into with the Chinese, Japanese, Saudis, Dutch, etc. in one fell swoop, cure cancer, AIDS, etc., (NO MORE OLD-MAN DICK PILLS, DAMMIT, cure the fucking PROSTATE CANCER, except when it strikes Dick Cheney, of course…) rebuild our public schools & universities, end homelessness & hunger in this country & several others, and finally give America some kind of MORAL COMPASS again, once we yank it out of the merciless, vampiric clutches of TEH CULTS. The RCC is the most dangerous, most thieving, most EVIL mafia on the fucking planet, and it's way past time they paid for their crimes, their hegemony, and their recidivism/ruling through fear & ignorance FOR GOOD. Repatriating the priceless original artworks "given" to them by HITLER, back to the descendants of those whom that midget fucktard MURDERED would be a nice start. Why in the fuck do men who claim to "eschew" the world and worldly goods, who claim to "live simply" as Jeebus did (sure, he had 13 groupies, but he didn’t have ALTAR BOYS!!!) — why do these "saintly" men NEED PRICELESS REMBRANDTS, RAFAELS, BOTICELLIS, plus more gold & jewels than the entire HILTON FAMILY?!?!?!? Why should motherfuckers who are supposed to "serve" humanity OWN MORE OF THIS PLANET THAN ANYBODY THIS SIDE OF CHINA AND SAUDI ARABIA?!?!?!?

    Sorry to go off on a rant, it's the infection/abscess/shitty antibiotics/pain meds/sleep deprivation/pick one. But yes, it all applies to that ignorant whore on your street, and we should bring down the wrath of every animal she's ever abused, every child she's always neglected (you KNOW that she can’t take care of kids, if she can’t take care of a DOG) RIGHT UPON HER EMPTY PUNKIN’ HEAD.

    Have you thought of calling Child Protective Services and the SPCA on that stupid cunt? I know that it doesn’t always work, but it’s worth a shot.

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