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Ahhhh, to be young again…

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on January 27, 2009 – 2:19 am

When I can stay upright long enough to rifle through the SiteMeter stats (and am more than horrified by several of the search parameters… And somewhat saddened by the regular viewers who only lurk, but never share…), I find things I’d forgotten I had, or had written. This one was actually pretty good, back when I still had that half-a-brain, before the chemical lobotomy. Not enough to free Tibet or repair the ozone layer, but it mattered to me, and I could still crank out a good rant back then.

Also re-found a couple of good links:

Celebrity Atheist List, Rollins @ HuffPo, Cthulhu Chick Tract (always a classic!), and List Of Asshole Corporations Who Supported Yes On Prop 8 (know where yer money goes!). Also, I am now boycotting Dollar General Store and their entire corporation, because they’re lying douchebags, so if you have the chance or the transportation or the money to shop elsewhere, please do. And when you call the 800# and they promise to call you back, they shouldn’t be SELLING YOUR FUCKING PHONE NUMBER TO EVERY SCUMBAG INTERNATIONAL TELEMARKETING SACK-SUCKING GAGGLE OF THIEVING MOTHERFUCKERS. And then the DGS bitches in question NEVER CALL YOU THE FUCK BACK, ‘CAUSE THE DOLLAR GENERAL STORE DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT POOR PEOPLE, THEY EXIST TO *EXPLOIT* POOR PEOPLE. Fred’s sucks, too, but when THEIR shit falls apart (like cheap fake teflon into my FOOD, or a “pre-viewed videotape” that turns out to be BLANK, both from DGS), they TAKE IT THE FUCK *BACK*. Also, 2 out of their 3 pharmacists are really good at their jobs. The third is a flaming jackass. Still want Fred’s (or somebody) to audit the skank who remodeled her house on the money that was supposed to remove the girl’s alleged “brain tumor,” though. NEVER gonna get over that one. Over ten grand, just poof! And me left holding the empty bag, with no fucking explanation for WHY SHE NEVER HAD ANY SURGERY. Hi, my name is Annti, and I am a terminal SUCKER. Just ask the Dollar General Store, they’ll tellya. Or the Crack Whore who tried to kill me, or the Schizophrenic Closet-Case Thieving Choad-Smoker Sociopath who broke half my Fiestaware and tried to use my checking account to GAMBLE ONLINE WITH LOWLIFE MOTHERFUCKERS IN HONG KONG.

Enjoy. As you were. Wish to hell that I had the patience to download some StrongBad right about now…

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  1. 1. Terrible Said:

    The only company on the list of asshole companies I see that I’ve had anything to do with is Accura Bullets. I bought some of their product via some auction site a few years ago. They weren’t all that great and I will deffinitly never buy their crap again. How the hell do companies JUSTIFY spending money to spread hate anyway?

  2. 2. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    The same way that they "justify" contributing to the RNC/RCCC, the campaigns of utter assholes who've promised to make money for them from public office, and sending American jobs to countries where there's no OSHA, no unions, and nothing to protect the workers from predatory corporate motherfuckers.

    IT HELPS THEIR BOTTOM LINE TO SPREAD HATE, in other words. They're appealing to their "target demographic," the bibul-banging, snake-handling BATSHIT CRAZIES who think that teh gheyz will make "their" shotgun "marriages" somehow "meaningless," because some bobble-head closet-case TOLD THEM SO.

    Nothing ever happens in this country because of "beliefs" or "gawds," it's all about TEH MONEY. Period. The proles/woman-hating fetus-flingers may "believe" that they're fucking-up other people's lives 'cause it's "GAWD'S WILL," but they're just fucking puppets of the money-mongers' will and too stupid to see it.

    And there's an assload of money to be made in fomenting hatred and ignorance, as eight years of Dumbya & Dick have more than shown.

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