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No Words Needed………………………….

Posted by Mags on February 4, 2009 – 9:34 pm

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  1. 1. Bustednuckles Said:

    That is fuckin’ AWESOME!!

  2. 2. Mentis Fugit Said:

    Love it.

    But am I a bad person for not being able to take my eyes off Jill Biden’s boots?

  3. 3. Connecticut Man1 Said:

    A thing of beauty…

  4. 4. Mr. Natural Said:

    THANKS, I needed that! Thanks to Bustednuckles for turning me on to it!

  5. 5. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    BN is indeed one cool, ornery dude.

    Now, Mentis, honey, are you looking at those boots because they're ankle-breaking high, dominatrix-sexy, or slightly reminiscent of Condomsleezy's dom-wannabe get-up?

    Jill ain't no spring chicken, she better be taking her calcium regular, or she really WILL break an ankle on those stilts!

    I just can't believe that we've already had so many hurdles en route to assembling The Cabinet. Hell, it's like they hired Home Depot "Independent Contractors" to install it, from all of the clusterfucks!!!

    Damn, Barry, I know that you're a little green, honey, but you gots to have SOMEBODY up in there, Rahm at the VERY damned least, who knows how to VET these people before you go handing out jobs all willy-nilly!

    Fuck yes, I wanted Bill Richardson for president, for secretary of state, for SEVERAL cabinet posts, but I didn't know that he'd been fucking-around with funding like THAT, either. Damn him. Fuck, at this point, that lying-weasel ambulance-chaser Edwards is starting to look good again. Sure, have 'em ALL audited FIRST, by damn, but let's get this shit DONE!

    And why in the fuck hasn't Donna Brazile been put in charge of anything yet?!?!?!?!? She's earned a cabinet post, if not more. But they can't keep her indefinitely, 'cause I need her to run for governor in '11. WE ALL need her for governor.

    Yes, the inauguration was inspiring, heartwarming, all the things that we knew it would be, but we've got to get past it. If Barack & Michelle can get straight to work, so should we, at least in doing the research on these new cabinet candidates.

  6. 6. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:


    And I totally dig the neon crescent wrench, Nuckles.

  7. 7. Terrible Said:

    Awesome pic!!!

  8. 8. SeattleDan Said:

    Sweet. Very sweet.

  9. 9. RenB Said:

    It was one of the most uplifting moments of my long life.

  10. 10. Terrible Said:

    It IS a beautiful gesture but of course they now still need to put the criminal scum behind bars has dictated by OUR laws.

  11. 11. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    And then we need to talk to Barry about this bullshit of appointing a whole NEW assload of religious bigots to an “advisory council,” and diverting even MORE tax money to fucking CULTS.

    Teh Anntichrist is NOT amused. Not surprised, but NOT fucking AMUSED, in the fucking least.

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