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Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on February 26, 2009 – 9:37 am

Y’all, please tell me that the reason nobody commented on the Black History post (with the addition of “LETTERMAN CAN SUCK IT!!!”) because of any reason OTHER than assuming that I was including African-American History Month with the “CAN SUCK IT” phrasing. I thought it was a damned good post, but nobody gave a flying frog fuck about it. I try not to get too insecure when nobody responds to my posts, but this one is irking the shit out of me.

It’s probably my fault (everything bad that ever happens inevitably IS, if you ask teh Fallen Uterus & Her Dick, including the chemical burns currently destroying my face), for not being CLEARER about my phrasing, but I keep assuming that the people who come here are regulars and that they KNOW ME. And that they would never assume that an “and” sign would mean that I’m some kind of “hidden bigot.”

I just can’t figure out why nobody gives a fuck about that post. Very few people outside of Louisiana know about those 1953 boycotts, so I figured that it would generate some good conversations. I know that nobody’s as hooked on Bill Hicks as I am, or as pissed at company man Letterman as I am (notice how he’s on vacation this week? Re-running the Joaquin Phoenix wet-diaper bullshit on the 26th.), but I thought that the Black History part of the post was at least educational. No, I don’t need my ego stroked, I need a dermatologist who’ll take Medicaid. But I was surprised that nobody but Terrible even read the damned post.

As you were, insecurity blip over.

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  1. 1. lokywoky Said:

    Hi Annti. I did not comment for several reasons. I don’t watch Letterman and could care less what he says or does. I know his fans think he is the next thing to JC. I don’t.

    I don’t know Hicks either. Could care less. Joaquin Phoenix? CCL (Could Care Less).

    Thanks for the info on the African-American issues.

    Sorry I didn’t comment.

    BTW, WTF did you put on your face?

    Rule #1 of skincare – never try more than one new product at one time on your face. Trying it on your hand does not count. Face skin is thinner, more exposed, and far more sensitive.

    Rule #2 of skincare – never put the new product on your entire face.

    Finally – I would call the Avon lady and tell her that unless someone gets you some medical help after her products have burned your face that you are going to have her arrested for assault, and BTW, also inform her that she and her company WILL BE SUED.

    What are you doing to help your skin? Besides leaving it pretty much alone I hope…

  2. 2. Terrible Said:

    I need a lower back specilist who works for nothing. Yeah I know… Cuba.

    It certainly was a good post Annti! That link to the bus boycott was great. I think I’d heard of it before but I just checked A Peoples History of the United States and it wasn’t there that I would have read it. Although that does have some good info on actions in the 30’s and 50’s. But It still sounds familar to me. Maybe someone somewhere had posted it in the past. Anyway I seriously doubt that anyone thought you were being a “hidden bigot”.

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Well, with the pedantic, nit-picking idiots out there (concern trolls), there’s always the chance of some douchebag deliberately “misinterpreting” any little grammatical error or mislabeling. And being surrounded by bigoted cracker assholes makes me very paranoid that it might, someday, subliminally rub off on me and then I’ll have to become a suicide bomber.

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