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Posted by RenB on March 5, 2009 – 8:43 pm

I am only gonna say this once, so listen up. And be very very skeered. Only Annti knows a bit more about this, but Annti is my friend.

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  1. 1. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    No offense, hon, as immoral & illegal as their behavior is, it's still HER. After that mercenary psycho-cunt fucked you out of YOUR career, dear heart, THIS is merely KARMA.

  2. 2. RenB Said:

    It isn’t about ‘Karma’ for me, or getting back at someone, or enjoying seeing someone get in the same trouble you were in yourself at one time.

    I do not care to see ANYONE get fucked over by those people.

    You know the term… ‘wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy…’ don’t you? Well that is how I feel at this point in time.

    I am just really ripped about how they managed to expand their power to spy on their workers.

    If AM HAD misused her powers in that sense, I would have gladly blown a whistle.

    But as long as I was there, she never did. Which makes it unfair. And being unfair to people, whomever they fucking are makes my blood boil.

    It wasn’t about her, but ‘them’.

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    We’ll have to agree to disagree. You consider that barracuda a “friend,” you treat her as if SHE ever treated YOU like a “friend,” and yet she’s one of the two main reasons why you STILL PROJECTILE-VOMIT EVERY FUCKING DAY FROM STRESS, NERVES, AND PSYCHOLOGICAL FUCKOVERS.

    Fuck her. Sideways with a rusty motherfucking chainsaw and then break out the jaws of life, only not to “save” anything. Rather to split her down the middle and reveal the serpent’s nest inside.

  4. 4. RenB Said:

    No, Annti. She was a friend just once for a short time, twenty five years ago. And the vomiting wasn’t all about that either. Having a nervous breakdown has many causes, and she was just one of them. I had learned not to listen decades ago. I really do not think about her much nowadays….

  5. 5. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    She was one of the MAIN fucking causes. No pity for her. Hope she gets a flaming case of rotchercockoff and that she disintegrates from the crotch out.

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