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Sunday was the day

Posted by Terrible on May 14, 2009 – 3:21 pm

that my 1991 Cosica turned 200,000 miles! woohoo

And the good news is I finnally changed the studded winter tires for my old summer treads this morning. I would have done it a couple of weeks ago but I don’t have an extra set of rims so it meant breaking the tires down and mounting the others. woohoo

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  1. 1. Russ Said:

    Always like the Corsica with it’s complete set of guages and all and was always a good seller until the eliminated the column shift six passenger model and then it was a long slow death by neglect form Chevrolet.

  2. 2. RenB Said:

    That must be one miracle of a car, Terrible. But you should have waited till the sixteenth with the tires. The ice saints are still underway….

  3. 3. Terrible Said:

    I hear you Russ. I’m really amazed it’s still going as strong as it is. And I’ve heard a lot of people say they really liked the one they used to own and wish they still had it.

    Ren, I checked the National Weather Service site and they’re saying we may have some lite frost the 17th and 18th. Don’t think I’ll have to worry about actually icey roads for some time though.

  4. 4. RenB Said:

    Pschaww! You Vermonters think you are imperishable, or something….

    Heee heee hee…

  5. 5. Terrible Said:

    ahh hell Ren, we are! If you ever see the book Mischief in the Mountains check it out. It’s a book of ummmmm…. interesting short stories about Vermont and Vermonters and the best one is the one about how we store old folks for the winter. ;-) I hadn’t thought of that for a while but your use of the word “imperishable” made it pop into my head.

  6. 6. RenB Said:

    Thanks, Terrible. Sounds like ‘fun’…. With ‘the mountains’, assume the Green ones, not the White ones. Got inadvertantly into some mischief in the White ones once, and got my ass arrested. Sort of as an ‘accomplish after the fact’ as another unwitting friend of mine who was there put it. Hadnt thought of THAT in decades… So we’re even, okay? Mischief in the mountains indeed… Am gonna order it. I NEED something to smile about.. Yup.

  7. 7. RenB Said:

    And BTW… John Gardner’s ‘October Light’ is one of my favorite novels. Recommend highly if you haven’t read it. He died WAY too young…

  8. 8. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Sorry I’m late to the party, Terrible, but congrats on that warhorse of a car!!!

    (Crossing fingers & knocking wood that my ol' gal, currently @ 124,687, will make it that long and that well!)Reminds me of Katbut’s car (my college roommate): Cheapest Hyundai that they ever sold, she bought it slightly used, and rang-up, if I’m not hallucinating, close to THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND miles on ‘er before she finally conked-out. I believe she was 16 or so years old. In all that time, she replaced one U-joint (yup, back when they still had U-joints), parts of the tranny, the a/c unit, and the tires. Hyundai makes one tough little car!

    (and no, not sure which half of Korea owns/operates that brand, but hoping like all hell that it’s not the Jong-Il lineage!)I’ve been through far more than my fair share of cars (several of them seem to have committed suicide), a couple new, mostly used, and will NEVER drive another Ford, wouldn’t take one off of a christmas tree, BUT, even with the clusterfuckery/thieving/corruption/FAKE-ASS NO-GOOD “WARRANTIES” on their vehicles, after having this good girl for 10+ years, I will NEVER drive anything but a GMC, unless they ship the REST of their plants offshore.

    Then I’ll have to get a Hyundai.

  9. 9. Terrible Said:

    I’d have to look but I think it had like 160,000+ when I bought it 8 or 9 years ago.

  10. 10. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:




    After teh Crack Whore killed my green Escort (which was barely 2 years old, less than 20,000 miles on it, before he stole it and destroyed it), I got stuck with THE WORST PIECE OF SHIT TO EVER TOUCH THIS PLANET SINCE THE HINDENBURG. Granted, if it weren’t for my Nannie, I wouldn’t have had even THAT at that point (couldn’t afford theft insurance and the “victims’ compensation fund” never returned phone calls), but since she let THE FALLEN UTERUS GO PICK IT OUT she got THE WORST PIECE OF SHIT HUMANLY POSSIBLE, since it was for ME.

    A 1991 Chevy mini-SUV, can’t remember the model name, it was WAY before SUVs became a cult, not as big as a Bronco or even a Bronco II, but right below that grade — anyway, it had 191,000 miles on it, and I could tell from the moment I was given it that THE ALTERNATOR WAS A PIECE OF SHIT.

    Keeping in mind that this was not long after my back was initially broken and less than a year into my 3-year voyage through Charity Hospital, so I definitely DID NOT NEED TO PUSH ANY VEHICLE IN NEW ORLEANS TRAFFIC, much less that one.

    Thieving cunts at Sewell Cadillac/Chevy/GMC in NOLA (not where it was acquired, though far worse) LIED TO MY FUCKING FACE, since I was, after all, A MERE ***WOMAN***, that it was the battery. LIE. Then it was a computer chip. LIE. Then it was a FUSE. Big fat MOTHERFUCKING LIE.

    I told them every fucking time that that piece of shit died in traffic THAT IT WAS THE MOTHERFUCKING ALTERNATOR. At that point in vehicle evolution, computers did not run THAT MUCH of the engine that I couldn’t tell that THE ENTIRE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM WAS FUCKED just by the way that it acted, sounded, smelled, etc.


    So I finally get the piece of shit back up here to HillBilly HellHole, where the F.U. acquired the piece of shit from a short, fat, misogynist piece of shit named Cecil Graves, and WHAT. THE. FUCK. DO. YA. KNOW.


    Cecil had to EAT that motherfucker.

    And that is why I love my GMC pickup as much as I do, and even if I ever (ha ha) hit the powerball, I will NEVER let her go. Even if they stop refining gasoline (oh ha ha fuckin' HA!), I'll still keep her, if I have to run her on french-fry grease. She's a good ol' girl and she ain't never let me down. Some of her PARTS have been pieces of cheap plastic/rubber shit from CHINA, and they have cost me an arm and a fucking leg, but that's not her fault. That's the fault of the morons who've run GMC into the shitter. Cut corners and claim that it's THE SAME THING AS A "REAL" GMC TRUCK. Right.

    REAL GMC trucks aren't made in Guatemala and China. Their parts don't come from places where there's no such thing as OSHA, labor unions, quality control or CIVILIZATION.

    Maybe this clusterfuck bankruptcy FAKE-OUT shit with GMC & Chrysler will finally GET THEIR SHIT BACK TOGETHER, and my ol' gal can finally get parts that WORK again. Haven't been able to open the tailgate since January of '08, and no idea why.

    Just cross yer fingers for me, Terrible, that she'll last as long as your Corsica!

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