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Weirder and weirder and fucked-upper and fucked-upper it gets…

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on June 12, 2009 – 4:24 am

ASIDE: SORRY FOR THE DELAY IN THIS MONTH’S BIRFDAYS. I suck and blow at the same time, and yes, that’s only metaphorically. Here we go:

14th: Reverend Jerry Gloryhole turns all of 16 this year! (heh heh heh…)
19th: Our beloved Mirele, I believe, will be hitting HER own Sweet 16 this year, too, so be careful what you say kids, a lurking whack-a-mole republicunt might BLUSH! (See following in re: trolls/chickenshit republicunts)
26th: And finally, in our Sweet 16s, is one hard-workin’ wood-worker, dear friend Capt. Bat Guano! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

If I’ve missed anybody, it’s ’cause you haven’t told me, and I don’t, as of yet, have anybody (beyond my late Papa/grandfather) for July, so if your birfday is coming up, pipe-up now!

(We now resume your regularly-scheduling bitch-fest…)

First, Koko Taylor dies. Boukman70 has a unique perspective on that tough ol’ bird. She may not have been easy to talk to, but she was DEFINITELY one of a kind, and is sorely missed. Oh, and if THAT’S not depressing enough, Percy Sledge has once again been reduced to doing dorky commercials for lowlife car dealers in Baton Rouge. Can’t tell me that this country isn’t severely fucked-up when some of our greatest R&B singers can’t make an honest living. And no, marketing and advertising are NOT an “honest living,” believe me, I’ve done it.

Then, our beloved Democommie loses his brother Marty, and has to do the road trip from hell to go be with his family, even with all of the recent medical fun HE’S been having. Lucky man, that one. (That’d be sarcasm there, in case any of our new republicunt lurkers aren’t sure…) Send DemoCom some love when y’all can. Or a woodchipper, maybe some insulation for that house of his…

I still don’t have a surgery date for the neck, after going over “the NEVER EVER EVER GONNA SET FOOT IN OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL BIGOTRY EVER THE FUCK AGAIN thing” at least TWENTY TIMES. We really don’t want Annti to recount the ’07 lumbar spine surgery, do we? Nope, didn’t think so. We have confirmed that the surgery WILL happen at some point, but no idea when or where. Was trying like all hell to get it the fuck OVER WITH ALREADY, as it’s been postponed for six fucking months AFTER he decided to cut me in the first place, but we keep hitting “snags.” If Y’ALL are sick of hearing about my perpetual fucking ailments, imagine what it’s like to be the one over here.

Thennnn, after loving and linking-to and sharing LOLCats & other assorted LOLs for lo, these many moons, I made the stupid of signing-up to JOIN the “community,” and whilst I was welcomed and befriended immediately, I was also followed “home” (here) by republicunt reich-winger sexist-pig cult freaks and REPORTED TO FUCKING GOOGLE as being “offensive.”


Well, DUH, motherfuckers!!!!!!
Well, now, as y’all have already seen, we have that lovely “gateway” warning before you can come here. Kinda like a big sign on the door saying, “PLAGUE” to the casual observer. Yeah, yeah, most of us think that it’s a badge of honor, to be so reviled by the chickenshit bibul-banging fucktards who CAN’T FUCKING SAY IT TO MY FUCKING FACE, but it pisses me the fuck off. It’s AUTOMATED. Damned near RANDOM. Google hasn’t even, to my KNOWLEDGE (not that they bothered to notify me before calling M.O.B. “TAINTED”), actually had this blog read/opined-about by an actual PERSON, be they reich-wing fucktard or actual human being. No, language bots do not count as a “PERSON,” Hal. If you’re going to FUCK WITH ME AND MY PEOPLE, MOTHERFUCKERS, AT LEAST DO IT *PERSONALLY,* GAWD-THAT-DOESN’T-FUCKING-EXIST-DAMMIT!!!!!!

If any of said trolls happen to return, please do remember that I sincerely wish that I could POKE OUT YOUR BEADY LITTLE EYES WITH A RUSTY BARBEQUE FORK, YOU FETUS-FLINGING FUCKTARDS, AND SKULL-FUCK YOU WITH A RAZOR-WIRE DILDO!!!!!!

So. Much as I enjoy ICHC and the friends that I’ve made there, some of whom truly DO get it and have come by to visit ’cause they WANT TO, not to look for AMMO — I am wondering if I should have joined-up there or not. I dunno. Suggestions are kinda welcomed. Depending upon the source & intent. Matter of fact, I can’t even post messages to my profile over there, to new cheezfrenz or anybody else, nor can I pick new favorites or edit my profile text whatsoever. TofuBurger & MiniBurger have been trying like all hell to help me get it straight, but thus far, no success. When I stop bitching about it, y’all will know that we either got it right or gave up.

While I can’t talk about the shit that’s been fucking-up their lives, I would like to ask y’all to send some love out to CCMcGoon, Jobsanger, and MentisFugit. The shit they’re dealing with makes my bellyaching look like a trip to the fuckng zoo. Well, a trip where you DON’T get sprayed by an elderly male tiger, anyway. (Long story.)

And just for the record, if I ever DO get this damned surgery scheduled, NOBODY let any of my alleged “relatives” ANY THE FUCK WHERE NEAR MY APARTMENT OR ANYTHING THAT I’VE EVER WRITTEN, ‘CAUSE MY SHIT WILL NEVER BE SEEN AGAIN. I’d be shipping my books & journals to a safe location if I could afford the postage, but such is life. Of course, when trying to retrieve some of my books from a former “friend” in E.TX, they had to go through a pot of coffee BEFORE they hit the post office. Go figure. Anyay, in re: bad things happening whilst I’m unconscious: You don’t wanna know the details on THAT shit. Suffice it to say that there’s a reason why the “emergency contacts” on my living will are all OUT OF STATE. And I’m damned thankful to have them.

What else did I have to bitch about… be patient, I’m losing brain cells by the minute here…

Oh, right. FUCK A BUNCHA PAYPAL. After I get home from the hospital, not only am I changing banks, because those thieving hillbilly fucktards stole my ENTIRE FUCKING INCENTIVE PAYMENT (I’m not even remotely exaggerating or kidding here), but I will never again do a PayPal fundraiser, for myself or anybody else. I’ll do fundraisers for y’all or your causes any time, just make sure that you’ve got your own account or way to receive money. Won’t be dealing with people who just SHIPPED MOST OF THEIR OPERATION OFFSHORE, WITHIN THE PAST TWO WEEKS. Way to help-out the American economy, EBAY. One dear friend sent me some change to get through the end of last month, and guess what? STILL DON’T HAVE IT, thanks to a bunch of lying douchebags who call themselves “supervisors” at the “customer service center” of PayPal/eBay, now with its home office in LUXEMBOURG. With a call center located somewhere between the Phillipines and Dubai. And they are NOT the same nice people who worked in Oregon, or even the occasionally-helpful people in California. You’d think, after the way I got burnt on the phony “terminal brain tumor” deal, that I couldn’t get fucked much worse than that, but UH, YEAH. You can. Or at least, *I* can.

I’m sure that I’ve forgotten a few dozen things, but I just wanted to let y’all know what was going on in regard to these things, while I can still find them in the junkyard that is now my “brain.” I am working on a hurricane/survival post, ’cause I will NOT be caught short like I was LAST YEAR, not by a damned long shot, and I don’t want anybody else to be, either. And yes, I know, it’s late, hurricane season has already started, but every time I wanted to post lately, somebody else already did, and I didn’t wanna be a bitch (well, moreso than usual) and push their stuff down the page. Plus, sitting upright is not my favorite thing to do these days, so I’m useless as tits on a boar hog, or, I should say, MORESO.

Electricity goes out for another eight days? I’m gonna go open a bag of cat food in the bed of my truck for the ferals, and barricade myself in here @ my stall @ teh Fucktard Hotel (where teh Landskanky has been threatening me with “eviction” since I told her THAT I’M ABOUT TO HAVE MY FUCKING SPINAL CORD CRACKED OPEN, the evil whore) with my canned goods, my battery-operated fan, and the yards of wunnerful mosquito netting that Terrible sent last year. My big pocketknife has “gone missing” lately, but I’ve still got the sterno-style cooker and a few MREs left. Ain’t throwing my back out for these motherfuckers EVER the fuck again, especially after the way they acted LAST TIME. My only real friend here, Mr. Bonds, moved outta the building in the middle of the night a couple weeks ago, and didn’t even say goodbye, so to hell with the rest of ’em. The can get off of their asses and fend for themselves.

Lastly, I cannot possibly accurately describe the seizure-inducing annoyance of pixelated TV shows of which I can now only view about 1/3 to 1/4 of the programs, THANKS TO THE CORPORATE WHORE KNOWN AS MICHAEL POWELL AND THE DIGITAL CLUSTERFUCKIZATION OF AMERICAN BROADCAST TELEVISION. It has NEVER been about “better reception,” “better images,” or “better audio.” IT’S ALL ABOUT A CHEAPER, COMPRESSED SIGNAL AND FUCKING THE PEOPLE WHO REFUSE TO PAY FOR TELEVISION, ’cause, y’know, poor people SUCK and DON’T spend nearly enough money on the shit that the sponsors take 1/3 of the broadcasting day to SHILL. Add to THAT lovely federal circle-jerk the BRILLIANCE of corporate engineers in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas, and y’all can guess how much actual televsion I’m able to pick-up now. No Letterman, no Ferguson, but an ASSLOAD OF INFOMERCIALS AT 2A, EVERY FUCKING NIGHT. Funny how the FEW stations that I can actually pick up at that hour ALWAYS WORK DURING COMMERICALS AND INFOMERCIALS. But ohhh, nooooo, they NEVER illegally boost the broadcast/video/audio signals whilst playing UTTERLY-CLUSTERFUCKED UNMODULATED COMMERCIALS, ohhhh, nooo, not at allllll. They’d NEVER violate FCC law LIKE THAT, would they? Pfft. Motherfuckers were blasting us all out of our fucking chairs in the last year of analog, but oh, how they promised that “digital would fix it ALL!”, the lying cockbites. Might as well be shilling for their cults full-time, they LIE JUST AS MUCH, EITHER WAY.

Oh, one last thing about the fucked-up blog template: While we temporarily lost our names, blogroll, and all the other stuff, the old links for my Katrina-work pictures & posts reappeared temporarily. I wish that I could tell y’all to go look for them and see the writing & pictures that prove how much the GOOD Americans cared about the victims of that federal genocide, but the links are dead now. And like a dumbass, I never archived any of those posts, and lost a lot of the pictures when Bessie died, so I can’t host them here. Hasn’t really been my decade thus far, for good decision-making or friend-picking, with certain very rare exceptions, and y’all know who you are. So, sorry for the link-tease.

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  1. 1. knowdoubt Said:

    Wow, I really like the color and especially the bitch'n. I would that I could with such color.

    Hope my friend demmo is coping and dealing with, haven't heard from him for a while.

  2. 2. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Me either. I hope that he gets ahold of us soon, the ornery old goat.

    Thanks for the compliments, KD, but that is no mere "Bitching." Bitching is for people who don't plan on doing anything ABOUT the shit that's fucked-up in the universe.

    And not to be presumptuous, but I did glance at your profile, and I hope that you haven't come here to spread any cult info, bias or beliefs. We always welcome new readers, otherwise we wouldn't be open to the world. But this a a cult-free zone. Not all of our writers or viewers are atheists or agnostics, but we all agree that organized religions have hurt more than they have EVER helped.

    So if you genuinely enjoy the WRITING here, please feel welcome to visit us as often as you'd like, we're happy to have you.

  3. 3. knowdoubt Said:

    What profile, although I confess to being an atheist, I don't recall ever trying to sell it? I came by it honestly, I was raised a Southern Baptist.

    I found you when I "bitched" about the Generals deleting one of Demmo's comments, or at least I questioned it and your name came up. I'm not real big on censorship…, we get plenty of that in the MSM. Of course, we've all got bias or beliefs,even you, but I think I might share most or some of yours because I enjoyed your writing. I thought the bitch'n was legitimate and I do my best to do a little more than bitch myself. I've always been willing to put it all on the line for what I believe, but it never changed much. I started bitch'n over Vietnam, but here we go again only worse this time, much, much worse. I'm open for suggestions? Thanks for the welcome, caveats and all.

    And oh, yes I would like to hear from the old goat too, I've had more than a little experience in the area he is passing through and it is no fun and tries men's (or women's) souls. Of course. you have to have "the gene" to understand, some just didn't get "it", I'm not saying it's their fault, just they didn't get it.

  4. 4. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    The profile that you filled out when you signed-up with Blogger/Google:


    * Industry: Religion
    * Occupation: saving the universe
    * Location: everywhere


    * Your business

    On Blogger Since February 2009
    Profile Views (approximate) 55

    Do you have a link for where my name came up? I haven't been to my favorite blogs in a long time, for a variety of reasons, mostly my spine/health issues, so I'd love to know who still remembers me over there…

    At any rate, you must've been severely sarcastic when you set up your profile, hon, or somebody's having you for a yank, 'cause it's that profile that made me suspect that you were one of teh redneck republicunt trolls who whined about this blog to Blogger.

    I'm glad that you had the cajones to come back, though. That's either strong character or Jesuit/Lottie Moon stubbornness! I do wish that more of our faithful lurkers would speak-out, but hey, as long as they keep coming and reading what we have to offer, I'm still happy. Well, "happy" isn't really the right word, for me, ever, but it does give a writer satisfaction to know that their semi-lone voice in the wilderness does not always go unheard.

    But I've been burned by a LOT of religious/cult people who SWEAR that they won't try to convert me or beat me over the skull with their idolatry, much less try to JUDGE ME for THEIR inadequacies, based upon THEIR little cult rules. So you have to understand why that profile would definitely turn me off. As a hyperlexic, I am only capable of giving OUT sarcasm, I can very rarely "get it" when people are throwing it towards me, so if your profile isn't snark, what is it?

  5. 5. knowdoubt Said:

    Oh that's funny! I didn't even remember filling out the profile thing. I hastily dealt with the thing when I wanted to post a comment, maybe it was at Demmo's place, I don't really remember. Somebody, I think it was Seattle Tammy suggested it was a good idea to fill out some of the stuff so I just made up stuff that sounded good, like saving the universe, and funny like interests, "Your Business"…liked who wants anyone in their business. The religion thing, I don't really recall why I put that except maybe I get into the metaphysical (whatever that is) and I thought or didn't think as the case maybe. Sarcasm and fun I guess was what it was all about. Yes I noticed the warning, why doesn't the general get one? I see a lot of blogs a lot worse like the right wing wingnuts exhorting people to kill and they get nothing it is amazing what these people can accomplish with no recourse for the victim.

    I can relate to spine health issues having been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease of about six vertebrae in my neck. I couldn't move without pain medication which my insurance company routinely denies every year. I truly hate the bastards and our for profit medical system.

    I don't have the link but it is talked about over at Polerant's last posting for a date reference. He got deleted for using the "C" word and I got told I could go somewhere else if I didn't like it, for just asking the question.

    I still didn't see where you got the atheist thing, I'll look again but I have confessed but I try to avoid it because, well we're a minority and in this country it is dangerous to be one of those minorities as so many other types of minorities. Here in the deep South to survive requires a certain amount of discretion, if you know what I mean.

  6. 6. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    I don't think that I ever said that YOU were an atheist, just that I am, and that I'm never going to be ashamed of it, no matter how often I am attacked, threatened, physically harmed, illegally denied medical care, illegally deprived of employment, or fucked-with online for it. And yes, all of the above have happened, and they still keep trying, every fucking day. I can't even seem to get my neck surgery (which will be spine surgery #5) scheduled properly, as my spine doctor (who rocks and who does NOT discriminate!) has this "nurse" who REFUSES TO SCHEDULE ME ANYWHERE BUT IN THE PREVIOUSLY-MENTIONED OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL BIGOTRY. Two fucking weeks, I've been trying to get this shit done, have spoken with THE DOCTOR IN PERSON ABOUT IT, and he and I are of one accord, NO OLOPB, but that one girl keeps fucking me up, just like the passive-aggressive little catholic harpies @ my former physical therapist's office.

    It ain't easy being an atheist in a small, bass-ackwards redneck republicunt southern town, but I'm not giving up an INCH "to get along." Even before I became very out & proud about my atheism, I was discriminated against for not being one of TEH SHEEPUL, every fucking day of my atheist life. FUCK 'EM. Just because I am unfortunate enough to live in the STRIDENT HICK part of Vatican West, doesn't mean that I have to take their shit, nor will I ever. The fucking U.S. Constitution and its protections apply as much to me as they do the CULT FREAKS, and I intend to utilize it every other day of my atheist life.

    And Demo's been under a helluva lot of pressure lately, so if he was short with you, it probably wasn't personal. But like myself, he's sick and fucking tired of having to defend himself, probably all of his life, as I have, FOR BEING HIMSELF. And when you get censored by FRIENDS, because they don't wanna "offend" the cult members who think of themselves as "liberals," it fucking BURNS.

    I haven't been close with Jesus' General for a while, but that's a whole separate incident from the usage of the word "cunt." We worked out a deal that, while he doesn't have to like the word, that I CAN USE IT 'CAUSE I'VE GOT ONE. It just hurts him when people use it, because it's been used against women he loves in very dangerous, threatening, bigoted situations. As if being surrounded by Mormons isn't dangerous enough, right.

    I haven't been a reg at the General's in a good while because after Mz.Nicky gave up The Women's Auxillary, that whole women's contingent dissolved, which broke my heart, and the comments were hijacked by neanderthal sexist-pig fucktards, who also hijacked MY words and MY phrases to use for their own neanderthal purposes. I don't know what it's like over there nowadays, I hope that it's gone back to the egalitarian place that it used to be, but I haven't had the energy to go back and see. I am sad to learn, though, that he's censoring Demo, as we all know each other pretty damned well, and we all know that Demo ain't no sexist pig, by a long fucking shot. I don't know exactly what he said, or in what context, but I doubt that he used it as a pejorative against a woman. At least I would hope not, unless he's talking about Sarah Caribou-Barbie Palin or Bernie Madoff's shrew on the fucking reality show.

  7. 7. Terrible Said:

    I know that name knowdoubt from somewhere…. C&L maybe. Or RawStory.

  8. 8. knowdoubt Said:

    No you misunderstood something never had a problem with demmo just questioned the censorship with the General. Anyway, You're something of a hero over there and your name came up again in the comments by mjs over there today. I don't know him, but gawd he's got talent. Here's the link to the post that got it started you might find it interesting:

  9. 9. knowdoubt Said:

    Terrible, I read those but don't think I've ever commented there. The only noteworthy thing was I got threatened with being banned at bitchphd for "offending a feminist," MLeblanc. I can't explain it now, but I consider myself a feminist if you can be a feminist and be a guy, at least I'm a supporter of feminist issues. My mother was a feminist back in the day. Anyway, I questioned a commenter's story and had a different opinion and my commet got deleted and mischaracterized as something it wasn't, dismissive of rape. I have never been more pissed off and felt like I got slandered but couldn't defend myself because they deleted what I really said and then said ascribed opinions to me that I don't hold or agree with. Anyway I never went back or wasted my time trying to post a reply that might be altered. Screw them it would take a lawyer like Mlblanc to pull some sorry ass shit as that anyway. I hold most lawyers, if not all, in pretty low esteem, anyway. It is such a corrupt system that it takes a certain kind of soul to participate.

    PS. Annti,Hope you get your surgery without further delay and get some relief. Nobody should live in pain that's just basic human rights.IMO

  10. 10. Terrible Said:

    Late birthday wishes to Reverend Gloryhole! And early birthday wishes to Mirele and Capt Guano!!

    "Weirder and weirder and fucked-upper and fucked-upper it gets…"
    perfectly describes the last few weeks for me too!

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