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Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on July 5, 2009 – 11:23 am


I knew that this was gonna be big, and definitely messy, but if she’s PAN-HANDLING ALREADY, this. is. not. good.

I know that she thinks that she CAN be the republicunt candidate in 2012, but that is NOT why she quit the gubner’s mansion.

Even though the ads are framed-up (a word I’m sure she’ll be using in public shortly) to look like “campaign” ads, THAT AIN’T WHAT IT’S FOR. She wants the money & support of teh faithful brainwashed republicunt sheepul FIRST, before the charges hit the fucking FAN.

If that whore gets away with it, there is no hope for this country… we shoulda let Michelle Obama kill her when she had the chance, dammit.

On a personal note, the appearance of these ads on ICHC saddens me beyond belief. It explains WHY the site admins feel absolutely no need to apply the rules equitably, especially in terms of censorship, and why they gave not a whit for care as to US being CENSORED ON OUR HOME TURF, but it also hurts my heart.
I know, Google probably vets most of their advertising FOR them, but they also have preferences that THEY can set as to WHAT ads they want placed on THEIR site. If I could take ads here, they would be few & far between, have no doubt, ’cause there is NOTHING to justify SUPPORTING SCUMBAGS LIKE CARIBOU BARBIE AND HILLBILLY KEN, no matter HOW MUCH money they’re willing to spend. Especially considering that THEY NEVER SPEND THEIR OWN MONEY.
Yes, it is entirely possible that MiniBurger & TofuBurger have no idea that the ads are even up yet, or that they’ve been placed there by the Google traffic department at all, but somehow, that’s not how it reads. I don’t think that I mentioned it here, but right before we got censored HERE, my account at ICHC was completely fucking FROZEN and half of my cheezfriends were “disappeared” from the list. And while they HAVE been upgrading their servers, I don’t know of ANYBODY ELSE, in their membership in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of regulars, WHO LOST ACCESS TO THEIR OWN ACCOUNT, and never got a straight answer out of it.

There ARE so many good, liberal, progressive people who go to ICHC, and whose pro-progress/pro-Obama/pro-Constitution, etc. LOLs have been ACCEPTED and put into rotation, I guess that I *assumed* that ICHC was truly egalitarian (“bipartisan” is so overused and so often WRONGLY used…) … until it happened to me.
And yes, I know that Google has a habit of “accidentally” placing objective ads on liberal blogs (Jesus’ General for one huge example, has been hit by THE batshittiest-crazy reich-wingers EVER, hawking their idiotic wares, and don’t know if they EVER got THAT shit straight), but this shit is ON EVERY FUCKING PAGE of individual LOLs. When I wake up later today, somebody please tell me that this is a fucking FLUKE. That I haven’t been suckered YET AGAIN. Please.

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  1. 1. Terrible Said:

    Saw a link to a story in the NY Post(so take it with a large grain of salt!) that Levi Johnston is working on a book deal for a tell-all about the Palin clan. Should be a hilarious book if he ever gets around to producing it.

    Annti my guess is meth. It exhibits many of the same signs as cocaine use and I think I've heard that meth is bigger up there in Alaska then coke is.

  2. 2. Terrible Said:

    I didn't have time to read the post but saw a post title at C&L that was something about Aerial Wolf Hunt Barbie wanting to sue some bloggers. For laughing at her I presume.

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    OOHHHHHHH yeah, I saw that shit on the evening news last night (actually got 15 out of 23 minutes of programming for once!), about how they were going to "pursue punitive damages" against anybody who'd accused her of any wrongdoing, laughed at her asinine behavior, etc.

    Um, DumbBitch? Yeah, people can ACCUSE you of ANYFUCKINGTHING. It only counts if they can prove it in a court of law. Lemme guess, the republicunts are gonna point her at ME next? THAT would be a fucking hoot! After all, if Google & ICHC are gonna do it, why not Caribou Barbie? No, I'm not the only nor the first person that Blogger has censored, there are HUNDREDS of censored/blocked-out/disappeared bloggers out there, and I'm sure that I'm hardly the first librul to be attacked on ICHC. But that doesn't make the experience any less WRONG or any less IMPORTANT.

    Meth is a good guess, Terrible, but it's just so.. well, the white-trash-yuppie-wannabe term would be "common". Yeah, sure, back in the '80s, it was a glamor drug like powder coke, back when it was snorted, not cooked — but now, fuck, look at most of your meth addicts: more toofless than ME, in the worst trailer parks on the planet, driving beaters with no plates. The Smoking Gun had a great progression series of photos of what happens to a person over just a few years of meth usage, and that rat-poison/speed/antifreeze mix is fucking BRUTAL on the human body.

    Even with that overpriced wardrobe (that desperately cries for a seamstress!!!), she looks pitiful, but not THAT pitiful. Sure, she'd sell her kids for a power fix, for a shot at a candidacy, but I don't know if she's sunk so low as to resort to meth. Yeah, I know, rich fuckers still use it, too, and they ARE rich REDNECKS, but she just doesn't look haggard & spazzed enough, as ironic as that sounds.

    Her kids, though… Oh, sure, they're all plump & health-looking like Dresden dolls, but they've got that look in their eyes, like they'd cut you for 20 bucks. And that 'husband' of hers… does that knob even HAVE a job, besides being her housepet? Plennnnty of free time on THAT one's hands, I'd wager. Y'know, when he's not sitting there, nodding & pretending that he understands what the defense lawyers are telling him.

    What really galls me about this shit is how fucking ARROGANT the bitch STILL IS, even after MULTIPLE DEFEATS. Her overreaction to Letterman was a telling weakness, but look at the smug smirk still plastered on her face with overpriced makeup — look at those fucking DONATE ads "Support Sarah," like she's some persecuted VICTIM of something (not). Never seen a victim come out swinging before the "crime" against them is known, or proven. That "the best defense is a good offense" shit has been taken to the farthest extreme here. She's aiming lawyers at people with one hand and panhandling to teh sheepul with the other.

    It's gonna be a BIG fucking mess, and I am pretty sure that she'll take some big players down with her, possibly all the way to Rove. Srsly. That's why they're all flocking to FUX et al., to pretend like THEY HAVE NOOOOOO IDEA WHAT SHE'S UP TO, OH, NOOOOOSIRR!!!


    I wouldn't believe a word outta their mouths if they said that grass is green or that their faces were on fire, though I'd certainly enjoy watching the latter.

    She wouldn't have dumped it on a holiday Friday if it weren't fucking HUGE. Even though none of the old rules about how stories are published apply post-internet, that one hasn't changed. Yeah, bloggers work weekends, and mostly for free, but it won't hit the Murkin consciousness like a sledgehammer between the eyes until it makes network news on a weekday. Tomorrow should be interesting.

  4. 4. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Dammit, we are NEVER gonna get a round-robin or football-style betting thingamajiggy (drugs are kicking in, be patient…) if nobody comes to the damned blog anymore!

    But thanks for the conversation, Terrible, I've been missing that for a while.


  5. 5. Terrible Said:

    Of course they're still trying to spin it as her getting ready for future political ambitions the fact is that resigning as Governor is pretty much political suicide so I'm not buying that crap.

    Maybe by "higher calling" she meant she's moving to Africa to help that crazy preacher friend of hers to hunt down witches?

    Maybe she's going to dedicate herself to working with her crazy anti-American secessionist friends to secede Alaska from the US?

    Maybe she's really really ignorant and doesn't have a clue what she's doing? Oh wait… we KNOW that!

  6. 6. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    And if one more person sez that they WANT to watch her try to run for preznit, just for the comedy factor, I'm gonna hurt somebody.

    The world can laugh all that they want, but we gotta CLEAN UP THEIR MESSES when illiterate republicunt puppets drive us into the fucking ditch, time and again.

    Comedy is one thing. Handing the keys to a strung-out idiot like Caribou Barbie is SUICIDAL. And yes, they all believe that Jeeeebus is gonna come back and destroy the earth and save THEM, so why should THEY care what happens next, keep fiddlin' while Rome burns…

    But we know that their Invisible Sky-Fairy ain't gonna show up, and that we'll still be cleaning up THEIR messes until THEY FINALLY GROW A FUCKING CLUE.

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