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Does it bother me that the Republicans are imploding?

Posted by Realist on November 5, 2006 – 6:07 pm

Not a wee bit. Serves ’em right.

From WBRZ news in Louisiana, an article on Ted Haggard’s downfall, along with a nice list of some other mega-preachers who went SPLAT. For those of you that want a peak at Haggard’s boy-toy, here you go.
I know what my Xmas cards will feature this year. Heh heh.

From TPM Cafe Election Central, the prediction round-up.

The NYT calls the GOP “glum.”
breaks my heart.

More importantly, from, the report that the House Appropriations Committee just wasn’t that interested in doing their job.

Old news, revisited: Darth Cheney doesn’t care what the public thinks.


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  1. 1. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Hmmmmm… I love the smell of imploding republicunts in the morning… But Robot Chicken should never have fucked with Calvin & Hobbes… that’s just wronnnnngggggg

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