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In love of feral cats…

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on September 13, 2009 – 2:20 pm

One of our Dutch friends, Dr. Marina, recently lost her beloved Yogi, a feral girl who came to love and trust her humans, even if she never did fully lose her feral nature. And Marina, ever the considerate and caring person, reached out to me, because of the work that I used to be able to do with the ferals (but as the lumbar plate from surgery #4, which had made my back almost PERFECT after all those years of hell, MOVED because of Hurricane Gustav and lazy-assed parasites here @ L’Hotel des Fouquetards, I’m prolly looking at spine surgery NUMBER SIX now. THANKS, ASSHOLES!!!!) and can’t do anymore. And as we always pay proper respect and loving tribute to our furry chirrens as much as we do our beloved bipeds, I wanted y’all to get to see a little bit of Yogi, the inscrutable and yet endlessly-adoring cat who brought so much love to Dr. Marina.

All of our love and compassion goes out to Dr. Marina and her family, and to all who have lost their furry chirrens. That relationship can never be “replaced,” no matter what idiots may think, (“Just get another cat!”) but the pain does fade, some, eventually. And then we are left with all of the love and joy and laughter and truly personal interactions that they brought to our lives. Gifts that can never be taken away, from animals who love us.

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  1. 1. Terrible Said:

    Yogi was very beautiful and regal looking! There are 3 white cats that look a lot like her at the farm now only one of which is particularly friendly though.

  2. 2. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Yeah, white cats, especially feral ones, can go either way. Remember "Winter," that poor cat that my vet rescued from a MORON owner who wanted him PUT DOWN because her OTHER cat didn't like him? Bit the living SHIT out of my thumb, repeatedly, but then got to Cat Haven Cathy's house and became the most shy creature EVER.

    Unfortunately, he never did acclimate to humans, because he'd spent his whole life in a UTILITY ROOM with NO INTERACTION, the poor thing, so he'll probably spend his whole life in foster-care.

    I was so amazed to see how trusting and affectionate that Yogi was, because every feral cat in light hair that I'd EVER wrangled has been BATSHIT CRAZY. I bet that your friendly cat at the barn and Yogi were truly exceptional creatures who WANTED to be loved. You known how it is, dogs have masters, cats have staff — and there are plenty of cats who see no point to humans WHATSOEVER.

    Speaking of odd ferals, Lex Luthor, the matriarch here @ L'Hotel des Fouquetards, TALKS TO ME EVERY DAY NOW. Before baby Craig adopted that feral family, they NEVER spoke, because FERAL CATS DON'T TALK. Well, unless they're fighting or fucking. Other than that, it's like they communicate telepathically. Kinda creepy, but they do have their social structures, alphas, betas, zetas, you know the routine.

    But every day now, I go out to the truck, and she usually beats BOB to the truck, waiting for me and MEWING at me! You have no idea how weird that is, after the 9 months of hand-to-hand-combat that it took to get her spayed, and then all of the years she hated me because I was forced to take away her last litter of babies and then the LandSkanky had Smudge & Tommie murdered, and my baby Craig (whom she'd also adopted) "disappeared." And after the LandSkanky took that last litter out to her nasty trailer park, Papi, the patriarch, got killed when he went off in search of them.

    So Lex Luthor had plenty of reason to hate my guts. It makes my heart ache so much, now that she's trusting me a little bit more, because I still have no idea where I can relocate them when I either move out or get evicted. If I leave them here to fend for themselves, the LandSkanky will feed them a big brimming bowl of antifreeze, count on it.

    Sorry to hijack the thread about "my" ferals, this is about Yogi. She was so beautiful and seemed so happily at home with Marina, it's just amazing. Feral kittens can adapt to anything, but feral adults take WORK. You can tell how much love that Marina put into loving this girl.

  3. 3. Terrible Said:

    You can tell how much love that Marina put into loving this girl.

    It's the love that makes all the difference in the world. One thing cats aren't is stupid. They recognize love when they see it! 'course that doesn't mean they still won't bite the hand that feeds them. ;-) You know freedom is their first love.

  4. 4. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:



    I dunno if you've never met a cat like Bob, but yes, there ARE stoopid kittehs, from time to time. YES survival requires some important basic skills, but there's some really goofy-assed cats out there, trust me.

    Bob's just lucky that Lex Luthor let him stick around, 'cause he'll live a lot longer with an adopted family. If the LandSkanky doesn't dose him with antifreeze first.

    ANYYYYWAYYYY, you can look at Yogi and see her intelligence, her fragility, her wariness but wanting to be loved and accepted. And I'd wager, unlike Special Bob, she never reached up to rip a claw through the hand that fed her!

    Seriously. He meets me at the truck (along with her highness, Lex Luthor), meows and mews and winds around my legs and wants to be petted, while I'm scooping-out the cat food. I pet & scratch him once or twice, he meows, then some little PTSD switch snaps in his head, and he rears back and SLASHES. That boy ain't right.

    I'd almost say that he's as dumb as Kanye West, but I don't wanna insult Bob like that.

    Since when in the FUCK does Beyonce' Knowles need ANYBODY to "stick up for" HER?!?!? I saw the trailers for her last movie — Kanye better be watching his ass. But major kudos to Beyonce' for having all of the class in the world and making it right for that little girl Taylor. THAT is a grown-ass woman, the way that Beyonce' handles herself. Kanye ain't nothin' but a fucking misogynistic BIGOT. If Taylor Swift had been black, he wouldn't have opened his MOUTH.

    Yeah, I loved him when he called out GWBush on the Katrina telethon (and Mike Myers shit on himself), but Kanye needs to GROW THE FUCK UP and STOP TRYING TO BE A YUPPIE-FIED PRIVATE-SCHOOL FARRAKHAN.

    That was flat-out sexism, to assume that Beyonce' can't handle HER OWN SHIT, first of all (FARRAKHAN!), and flat-out RACIST, 'cause he wouldn't have opened his MOUTH if anybody BUT the little blonde white girl had won. I'm not a fan of that crap that they call "country" anymore, and I'm sure as hell not a fan of Simon Cowell's hit-machine that chews those kids up and spits them out.

    But Beyonce' did EXACTLY the right thing, because she REMEMBERED being 17 and winning HER first VMA, and she made sure that Taylor got her moment. Who me? Crush? On Beyonce'? Who said?

  5. 5. Marina Muilwijk Said:

    Thank you for the lovely tribute.

    The love for Yogi didn't just come from me, but also, probably even more so, from my wife Janny. She is the real 'cat whisperer' in the family.

    Since you mentioned talking: Yogi could be quite talkative. Most of what she said where commands (of course) or complaints ("I want to go outside, but it's raining!"). But sometimes she just wanted to chat: "good morning, Yogi", "good morning, Marina", "have you slept well?", "yes, thank you; and now open that door for me!".

  6. 6. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Awwww, she sounds like my two spoiled brats! They aren't bashful AT ALL, believe me. And if I happen to be doing something that I think is important, like, oh, SLEEPING OFF THE POST-OP PAIN, but my son decides that NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW IT'S FEEDING TIME DAMMIT MAMA!!!1 — All 22 pounds of him will trample up and down my legs, across my butt, on the top of my head, whatever.

    About as subtle as a napalm douche, my chirren. Biddy's more polite, with her trilling little "mew-rrrrowww?" saying, "You're going to feed/rub mah belleh/treat/etc. me now, yes?" With, of course, the undertone of, "'Cause I know where your jugular is and I *will* gnaw through it faster than you can get to the telephone to call an ambulance."

    I'm so glad that y'all liked the tribute, Marina. All my love you to you, the Mrs., et al. Nobody replaces a furry child. I've lost so many beloved semi-ferals and friends' pets, I can't take another one, 'cause you feel like you really KNOW your friends THROUGH their quadruped chirrens,y'know?

    But know that everybody here is so glad to have you out here in the living room with us, instead of merely lurking, 'cause we always welcome new members of the family into the firelight around the bonfire. So, who brought the marshmallows?


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