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Posted by Realist on January 2, 2010 – 5:36 pm

passive aggressive notes

Poor Jesus.

Thanks to, one of my very favorite sites.

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  1. 1. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Ohhhhh, the flashbacks, Miss Poppy, the flashbacks you induce… Sounds like every passive-aggressive, assive-on-headive, bitchy little backstabbing office cunt I've ever encountered, at all of the shittiest jobs I've ever had, from telemarketing to office manager to executive assistant to overnight jock on a fucking shit-ass oldies station from hell… Y'ever notice how the ones who bang their bibuls the loudest are usually the ones with the stickiest fingers? But of course, it's never THEIR fault when they rip-off other people, oh, nooooo, that's YOUR fault that THEY "didn't know" not to STEAL YOUR SHIT.

    I miss a few of the jobs I've had over the years, one in particular the most, but the ones like THIS? Let us all just be thankful that they didn't last long, or yer Ranty Aunty Annti would've been famous & incarcerated a lonnnngggg fuckin' time ago. Too bad that I didn't snap on that particularly-bigoted, so-called "christian" junior-high "principal" (without a single fucking principle in his entire wasted hillbilly life!) back when it still would've mattered, when I could've protected my nephew and legions of other non-conformist kids from that nazi motherfucker… This note is pretty much his M.O., except that he used THE TAXPAYERS' MONEY TO HAVE BIBUL QUOTES PAINTED ON THE WALLS OF A PUBLIC FUCKING SCHOOL. And nary a peep was heard in complaint, for no one dared buck the system, did they…

    But he's the fucking reason that I couldn't substitute-teach anymore, and he was the reason that Tater lost his straight-A's love of learning, and he's the reason that several bright but troubled children dropped out before they even hit HIGH SCHOOL.

    Fuckwits like this really oughta be neutered and sent out to the wastelands to clean up the fallout, just like in their "christian" dream world of "A Handmaid's Tale"

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