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Finally, Charity Hospital in New Orleans will be replaced.

Posted by Mags on January 27, 2010 – 11:27 pm

Ending one of the longest-running disputes left by Hurricane Katrina, a federal arbitration panel ruled Wednesday that Louisiana would receive $474.8 million — nearly all it had requested — to pay for the replacement of Charity Hospital in New Orleans, which has been closed since the storm.

I sent the article link to Annti and sense she’s a bit under the weather she asked me to post it here for you. I thought I would also post her rant to me about Charity, Katrina, Louisiana and pretty much the way things are right now as well.

Here tis:

As I haven’t slept in 3 days, and am suffering the effects of SOME motherfucker going into my wallet and stealing MY THREE MOST IMPORTANT PRESCRIPTIONS, and will be suffering for EIGHT MORE DAYS, because you can NOT get replacements on those… please put this on the blog, but mention that the destruction order on Huey’s mot important achievement and a fucking Art Deco LANDMARK OF ARCHITECTURE (even if the innards weren’t taken-care of properly or preserved or even MAINTAINED worth a fuck since, oh, EDWIN EDWARDS LEFT OFFICE) is TOTAL FUCKING HORSESHIT, and that the ONLY, THE ONLY REASON THAT THEY’RE “REBUILDING” ALL THE FUCKING WAY OVER IN MID-CITY (they had WANTED to go to all the fucking way to fucking HARAHAN, to where only RICH WHITE TRASH COULD GET THERE!!!)THE ONLY REASON THAT THEY’RE BUILDING NEW IS SO THAT JIM MOTHERFUCKING BERNHARD AND HIS MOTHERFUCKING SAUDI & BAHRANI BOSSES COULD GET THAT HUUUUUUGE MOTHERFUCKING CONTRACT FOR… (drumroll please…) the motherfucking cocksucking profiteering SHAW GROUP. Keeping in mind that Jim motherfucking Bernhard(CEO of THE SHAW GROUP) is the corrupt motherfucker that KATHRYN BLANCO’S HANDLERS PUT IN CHARGE OF THE STATE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, SO THAT UNCA DICK AND DUMBYA COULD KILL IT, JUST IN TIME FOR THE 2000 ELECTION.

You know that this state was born blue. Jim Bernhard only “stepped down” as head of the “democratic” (ha) party is because of “CONFLICT OF INTEREST” because the Shaw Group hadda GET THEIR GRUBBY GREEDY LITTLE ROYALIST/REPUBLICUNT HANDS ON THOSE NO-BID FUCKING CONTRACTS THAT WERE SIGNED & ISSUED BEFORE KATRINA EVER HIT FUCKING LAND. Open-ended contracts. And feel free to reference Oyster’s blog, Your Right Hand Thief (in our blogroll), he’s probably ALLLL the fuck up over this, ’cause HE DA MAN and he’s got inside dirt on EVERYTHING that happens in New Orleans.

BTW, Piyush “Bobby” Jindal is shutting down Earl K. Long, and probably Lallie Kemp in Independence, just to be a fucking genocidal motherfucker about it. People who were BORN in Earl K. generally LIVE RIGHT THE FUCK BY IT and would have NO OTHER FUCKING HEALTHCARE if they moved it down to fucking SIEGEN LANE or JEFFERSON HIGHWAY in SOUTH FUCKING BATON ROUGE. Might wanna thtrow THAT shit in there for counterbalance. No good thing goes unpunished. And I’m sure that teh fucking Archdiocese, if not the fucking “Franciscan Ministries” who own the Our Lady Of The Lake (aka “Our Lady Of Perpetual Bigotry”) System all over the greater B.R. area (out to Gonzales, across the river in Thibodeaux, etc.), will be controlling/manipulating/copping a big chunk of the proceeds, so you wanna look at THAT angle, too. Yes, I know these motherfuckers, and I was being tortured and treated like a lab rat by these cocksuckers WHILE BOBBY JINDAL WAS RUNNING DHH (Department of Health & Hospitals, including Food Stamps, WIC, welfare etc., to give everything TO THE BREEEEEEDERRRRSSSS and fuck you if you want BIRTH CONTROL, you LAB RAT, you go to Earl K, they wanna put SEVEN MEN IN THE ROOM TO WATCH YOUR FUCKING PAP SMEAR!!!!!!), SO YEAH, I OUGHTA DO THIS, but it’s time-sensitive and I cannot do it cogently right now. Every muscle in my body is screaming in spasm, and they’re ALLLLL on different frequencies.So please do it and put it TO the motherfuckers for me. Don’t think that “Virgin” Mary didn’t get a HUGE fucking kickback out of this shit, either, from Jim Bernhard (that ho AIN’T NO KINDA FUCKING DEMOCRAT!!!!!!) AND the motherfucking ARCHDIOCESE, IF NOT THE VATICAN ITSELF. SHE is probably one of the non-Cheney reasons that it TOOK this fucking long. Oh, she DEMANDED ARBITRATION — yeah, ’cause FIXING a code-superior, OSHA-inspected, fire-marshall & building-code-inspected HISTORICAL BUILDING wouldn’t GET HER AS BIG A CUT AS NEW CONSTRUCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Huey could see this state now… he’s doing 250,000 RPM in his grave. My heart aches for Edwin, having to sit idly by, wrongly framed and tormented, while he watches everything that he built on top of what Huey started, to BRING THIS STATE INTO THE TWENTIETH CENTURY IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE — as he watches “privatizing” bloodthirsty motherfuckers RAPE HIS STATE AND HIS WORKING-CLASS PEOPLE. At least he got his book out, and Leo Honeycutt SCOOPED ME ON IT, my motherfucking 20-year DREAM JOB, way the fuck before Edwin ever got framed. I was in one of his ’83 re-election commercials, dammit! Edwin’s bodyguard Jerry used to make me ice-cream sundaes when we’d go to his law office that he shared with his sister Mrs. Isbel, the insurance agent! I HAD DIBS, DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If he hadn’t married that whore Candi, I prolly could’ve gotten to him before they sent him to Texas. And then that whore DUMPS HIM after he goes up the river.

See what happens when you get me started when I’m already sleep-deprived and my blood levels & bp are jacked to fuck-and-back? Even though I broke down last night and took one of my LAST FOUR VALIUMS (they were DUE to be REFILLED yesterday!!!), it didn’t do a damned bit of good. If you hooked a generator up to my skin, I could probably power this computer AND the television, from all of the kinetic electricity being generated from the muscle spasms. Last thing about Edwin — Mrs. Elaine was a BITCH, a cold-hearted woman-hating BIIIII-ATCH, but she helped BUILD that man, dammit, and she deserved better than a male-menopause DUMP FOR A BIMBO BOTTLE-BLONDE WHORE. And if Elaine had still been around, he would never have been set-up, either, that was one smart, mercenary bitch — and I’d have still been able to get to him, dammit, and WE’D STILL HAVE A DEMOCRATIC PARTY IN THIS STATE, because it was DESTROYING EDWIN EDWARDS THAT DESTROYED THE PARTY ITSELF. Once they took him down, it was WAY too easy for Bernhard to slip in under the radar, slip a few bucks to “Mee-Maw” Blanco, and take over THE STATE for his massahs in Bahrain & Saudi.

End of sermon. Get to it!

Oh, and look up the “hiring freeze” and “budget cuts” to DHH that Piyush signed THE DAY THAT HE WAS INAUGURATED. His lifetime goal was to DESTROY DHH, and all forms of “welfare,” except for the PRO-BREEDING-A-SLAVE-CASTE SHIT LIKE WIC AND PRENATAL CARE AND FREE DENTAL FOR BREEDERS — even though HIS MAMA GOT HIM THE FUCKING JOB — HE TRULY BELIEVES IN THE CASTE SYSTEM, despite his uber-fanatical-date-rapist Catholic fanaticism. You saw the stories about him basically having ‘christian’ thugs KIDNAP a girl in Monroe or Baton Rouge so that HE could “CAST DEMONS OUT OF HER,” BECAUSE SHE DIDN’T WANNA DATE HIS FUGLY ASS, right? Look it up. It’s allll over the fucking internet, and was WAY the fuck before his coronation and his Kenneth The NBC Page moment.

ANNTI P.S. HERE: I wanted Mags to go and do the research on this, because I don’t have the articles or links memorized, so hopefully she’ll get the time to come back and plug those in soon. The truth is out there. You don’t need to “believe,” you just need to read “American Zombie” & “Your Right-Hand Thief” and do teh googling. Both of these great blogs are in our sidebar, I’m going to try and take enough sleep aids to put myself into a six-day coma now. Don’t worry, I’m a professional at getting fucked out of my meds, it’s happened before (not the full-on script thievery, but lapses between refills that SHOULD have EASILY been AVOIDED), BUT DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME, KIDS. Go watch Mythbusters and learn how to blow shit up really cool but don’t frequent their sponsors, since republicunts own the entire Discovery/History/TLC channel group.

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  1. 1. ImStillMags Said:

    I have been duly chastened. I figured Annti wanted me to post her reply to me as well as the story.

    My bad. So she had to clean up after my mess.

    Sorry. Truly.

  2. 2. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    It's fixed, so apologies aren't needed. But just like when I was on yearbook staff in high school, if you're gonna crib my work, TELL ME. Then I can EDIT IT PROPERLY. I may be brain-dead, but I can read.

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