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Odd media things…

Posted by RenB on January 28, 2010 – 12:43 pm

Tbe O’Keefe thing is ‘suspicious’. I think there is more behind it.

I recently told Annti I had seen a magazine with a title page saying that Richard Chamberlain was dead and had left an odd will….

Was puzzled after not seeing any other reports for a week, so I went fishing on Google. Yup…. Google is your friend.. And the media are whores. Link HERE.

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  1. 1. Terrible Said:

    Was talking about this some too last night with some people. Well about the O'Keefe thing and how lame our media is not the Chamberlain death. And we pretty much all agred that TV was the last place to go for information about current events, newspapers next to last and the internet as the best as long as you're careful to filter out the crapo the right puts out there.

  2. 2. RenB Said:


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