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It doesn’t happen often…

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on February 1, 2010 – 6:03 am

…that I see a film or TV production that makes me jealous and makes me wish that I were still involved in filmmaking, but this one did. “HIP-HOP: Beyond Beats & Rhymes” is excellent documentary filmmaking by Byron Hurt, and I encourage everyone to watch it, because it’s about AMERICAN culture, not black or white or what-the-fuck-ever. It’s part of who we ALL are, whether we actively participate in hip-hop culture or not.

Byron neglected a huge fucking HUNK of hip-hop history and culture, one that’s been deleted by the frightened white men who run the music corporations, from Sony to Clear Channel: BLACK WOMEN. I grew up on “Black Reign” by Queen Latifah; every single that Salt ‘N Pepa (hell yes, we need to “Talk About Sex,” we need to put sex-ed BACK INTO OUR FUCKING SCHOOLS!!!) put out; MC Lyte, even if she IS a damned “christian,” she was NOT a woman be called a “bitch” or a “ho,” for damned sure! SO many women were kicking-ass and taking names in music when I was in high school, and somehow, it never occurs to Byron to ask, “WHERE ARE THESE POWERFUL BLACK WOMEN *NOW*, and why don’t we HEAR FROM strong black women in rap & hip-hop anymore?” Let us all hope that Dana Owens kicks his ass before long and that he puts out a sequel, wherein he corrects this huge fucking deletion. Yes, Latifah has gone all fucking Disney & shit, but I hope that she doesn’t forget what got her there.

And yes, I was listening to ALL kinds of music in high school, even before I broke out of the bibul-banger bullshit. Granted, it was more Black Sabbath than KRS-One, but I knew who had intelligent shit to say, and who was fulla shit. I will always miss Public Enemy, but I ain’t never looked for NWA. Ice-T used to be smart (see: BODY COUNT and FUCK Warner Brothers!), but he’s just a ho now, just like Curtis Jackson. Hip-hop was a big part of my nephew’s life, but I made damned sure that he knew about the blues and rock & roll that made hip-hop possible, too. Last conversation we ever had, we were (mostly jokingly) arguing about that suburbanite “50 Cent”(nope, no linky for Curtis.) and how he’d been “shot” 5 or 7 or 9 times, whatever count we’re on this year. I’ve still got more respect for Chuck D (even though I wasn’t thrilled with his autobiography), Mos-Def (though the Wiki is wildly inaccurate) and KRS-One than I will ever have for that misogynistic douche Snoop. Look at how HE has changed Murkin culture towards the negative. He can coach all of the fucking Pop Warner football that he wants to, it still doesn’t change the way that he has made a FORTUNE by doing nothing but getting stoned and denigrating women. Get stoned, I don’t give a fuck, but even at his most coked-out and paranoid, Ozzy didn’t focus his career around making women into THINGS.

So good on ya’, Byron, keep up the good work, but go back and pick up the HUGE HONKIN’ HUNKA HISTORY THAT YOU MISSED.

See also: SLAMJAMZ for Haiti! And PUBLIC ENEMY.COM.

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  1. 1. flawedplan Said:


    You might not remember me but we exchanged comments a year or so ago about our similarities in lived experience.

    I'm writing b/c I don't know where else to turn, I'm on Twitter all day but none of my readers have experience with feral cats and I need some mentoring. I live in deep poverty, one step up from a colonia, most of the neighborhood is non-english speaking undocumented immigrants who won't spay/neuter though it's free, move around, abandon their trailers & belongings, including pets.

    I've been feeding the ferals since October, they're breeding and it's unsustainable. I just learned that the city of Austin has a TNR program, and am on a waiting list. The volunteers will do most of the work but I want to step up and have it together on my end when they do get here, but I don't have a car or discretionary money, don't know what to do or who to trust even when it comes to decisions.

    There's a kitten, s/he comes to me, not yet feral, I can't take her in, I'm at my limit w/3 sick cats all under expensive doctor care, one on insulin life support. OK, so this kitten is part of my colony, cute/adoptable and the No Kill Humane Society said I can trap and surrender it to them. Is that a good idea? What actually happens to them if not adopted, do they live in a cage indefinitely? That's food, water and shelter, is that better than to let hir live free outdoors? What would you do? I don't trust agencies & bureaucrats, I need experienced, honest perspective.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. 2. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    If they are truly certified "No Kill," and they have a foster plan, DO IT. The best thing about is that, before they had the $$$ to build a shelter, they had a rock-solid network of "foster parents," who would keep, take care of, and socialize the cats, whether stray, abandoned or feral. They were able to adopt-out dozens of the cats I handled, thankfully, if they were able to find homes for them. Even though PetSmart is overpriced, they're not nearly as stuck-up and overpriced as other big chains, and they fucking RAWK about holding adoption events for Cat Haven & other organizations. Yeah, it sucks for the cats if they don't get adopted in that period in PetSmart's little cages, but it IS great exposure, and every Saturday, there is a Cat Haven event at a PetSmart somewhere in this area/Baton Redneck Republicunt Rouge. As sadistic & sick as these rednecks are in torturing cats to death, at least SOME people around there are willing to do what it takes to help them.

    Anyway, yeah, if you CAN get him/her into a program, she/he will stand a better chance of survival. Just watch those municipal shelters, they only give six days in most cases. And if she/he will come to you, scruff the back of the neck, scoop a hand under the butt, and put her/him into a carrier! You won't get many chances, because cats learn FAST. Pet Milk is your friennnd. Even though it costs a BUCK A CAN now, which is OBSCENE, that evaporated milk is like CRACK to cats. If you can get the kitten to try a bowl or saucer of that, you can keep moving the bowl/saucer closer and closer to yourself until the kitten becomes so engrossed in the milk (or the milk on some cheap dry food), that he/she won't notice until you've got him/her into the carrier! Just make sure that the kitten doesn't eat after midnight, if you get a spay/neuter date before she/he is taken by the no-kill shelter. Vets get REAL pissy about that. Also, when you're online, search for other programs, like Cat Haven, in your area. Best Friends (over in our sidebar!) can help you find everything you need in your area, and they will probably point you towards people who can come get as many cats as possible. But yeah, when it comes to neutering the feral adults, YOU ARE GONNA NEED ALL OF THE HELP YOU CAN GET. You can't kill yourself like I did, doing it all alone, IF THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO CAN AND *WILL* HELP. If there are volunteers who'll help you trap & get them to a vet, GET THEIR HELP. Srsly. Especially as you seem to have a burgeoning colony there.

    One other tip: ONLY FEED ONCE A DAY, in one bowl, at one location: cuts down on their fat ratio, which cuts down on their estrogen production. If they're lean & mean, they're not going to be as horny. Granted, it's hard to do ANYTHING about horny intact males, but if the girls aren't in season, there's nobody to fuck. They can TRY… but they're liable to get their peckers handed to 'em on a paper plate by the females. NOBODY has the killer instincts of a feral woman-cat. They'll take yer face off if you're not careful, so if you get 'em in a trap, DO NOT TRY TO PET THEM IN ANY WAY, no matter how much they do the Puss-In-Boots routine with the big, innocent eyes and the sweet-widdle-kitty face. And NEVER let them turn the traps over, or they'll get the doors open and you'll either have one gone-as-hell cat or one bouncing off the shower enclosure in your bathroom, trying to rip your friggin' head off.

    Good luck with it, and definitely check out, k?

  3. 3. robin Said:

    I knew you would come through. This is a lot of good information that I can't find anywhere else, & am learning as fast as I can. I'm sitting here worried about this kitten, and the evil men do, that happens here in Austin regularly. But there are a bunch of open abandoned trailers around here, I figure they're set for shelter. This kitten is already eating out of my hands, if I bring her inside she'll upset the cats and bring in parasites, but I'll ask about a foster program, and restrain myself from adopting her myself. Turning into a fucking CCL here, and I've always been a dog person, but cannot stand to look at the emaciated corpses littering these yards.

    My ferals are getting fat, I'll start feeding once a day tomorrow. I live on psych disability and part time work from home, smoke American Spirits at 8$ a pack, can only pay for 3 cans and 2 cups of cheap cat food a day. My indoor cats went from Wellness to Fancy Feast, so we're all doing our part, but there is a new feral a week, 6 regulars and I'm freaking out. The Humane Society TNR director says they'll get my colony under control, but it's all volunteers and I'm on a damn list.

    I'm glad you're here, glad to know there are other people doing this, and poor people too, which could be hard for others to understand. Not that I understand it myself. But I will come back, maybe just to think out loud if I may. Been going through a lot of feelings since I started feeding them, one disappeared for 5 days and I was beside myself til he came back hungry like nobody's business. But I made it a point not to name them, so as not to get too attached. Worked as well as any other of my shrewd envisioning.

    Off to check out bestfriendsorg, thanks and you take care.

  4. 4. ????? Said:

    ever listen to Immortal Technique?

  5. 5. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Nope, Hermes, hadn't heard of 'em. It's been so long since I've bought a record (I already know I'm old, so shaddup!), I don't even know what's going on with rock music these days, there are so many SHIT local commercials, it's actually PAINFUL to listen to the fucking cookie-cutter corporate radio stations. If I still had my CD-burning boombox (from tape, too! Olllldden dayyysss…), with the remote control, I might be able to stand it, but all I have now is a fucked-up-by-Dullard-McDumbass little toy radio with a broken CD player. Takes too much effort to turn it on and off when those excruciatingly-bass-ackwards titty-bar commercials come on, voiced BY THE STRIPPERS/hookers themselves, and no, they would NOT qualify for dial-a-porn.

    So, who is Immortal Technique and what do they sound like?

    And you're very welcome, Robin, and I will try to help however I can; unfortunately, you caught me on THE WORST WEEK OF MY ENTIRE FUCKTARDED LIFE, so I'm not a whole lotta good to anybody. If there were such a thing as "medical care" for people who WORKED FOR A LIVING, as opposed to the silver-coke-spoon WEALTHY ONLY approach we have NOW — I would never have been put through this shit.

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