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Just a thought…

Posted by RenB on February 5, 2010 – 1:27 pm

on repealing DADT. (yeah, your token gay got to reminiscing….) Am relying on Terrible to tell me where I went wrong on this. I ‘think’ I am right in principle, based on the very little I saw.

Link Here….

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  1. 1. Terrible Said:

    Yeah I think you are probably correct Ren. For all I know all the guys I served with were gay. Although I suppose not or at least the ones I used to go to the nude beach in Germany on weekends with most likely weren't or it might have been noticable. Anyway I certainly can't see allowing gay and lesbians to serve openly having a negative effect on unit cohesion as the naysayers claim.

  2. 2. Terrible Said:

    Thinking a little bit about this at milking this morning(along with 100 other things per usual) and what I was thinking is this – that military basic training isn't so much about creating fighting men and women but about creating fighting automatons. And of course automatons are impersonal and sexless so if there is some problem with gays and lesbians serving in the military it is a failure of the training system NOT the individual. Which is kind of what Ren was saying anyway.

  3. 3. RenB Said:

    Am late, and Google ate my comment.

    I wasn't critical of the system.

    What I was trying to say was that if people were open, it wouldn't matter. You are in a unit, and they have your back, and can rely on them.

    All I can add is Dan Choi and Victor Fehrenbach, highly decorated for brave things, and they want to kick them out?

    Doesn't make sense.

  4. 4. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Well, I never got my chance @ the Air Force Officers' Training Corps due to the bum knee and the closed-head injury, despite my high ASVAB scores, so I can't really comment on how things "ought" to be in the military except for my usual, "WHOSE FUCKING BIDNESS IS IT *WHO* ANYBODY FUCKS, AS LONG AS BOTH PARTIES ARE ADULTS AND HAPPY TO BE THERE?!?!?!"

    And as a retired bisexual, I *do* take issue with that "your token gay" quip. Alllllways treat us bisexuals like the redheaded stepchildren, dontcha… Either we don't exist, or we "need to get off the fence," or what-the-fuck-ever, but it's not called "LGBT" for NOTHIN'!

    And if we still had all of our original M.O.B. mob, I wouldn't be the only one, nor would YOU be "THE" ghey. So there. Not my place to "out" anybody, 'cause it would sure as hell piss ME off if somebody did it to me; that's a truly, deeply personal decision that nobody should make for anybody else (unless they're, say, Jimmy Swaggart or Fatfuck Limbaugh — obnoxious, genocidal hypocrites don't DESERVE privacy!). But no, punkin, you are NOT "teh token ghey," nor have you ever been, nyeh-nyeh-nah-nah-nyah.


    And considering how many centuries that he helped Newt Gingrich turn the clock back on feminism and women's rights
    (especially our dominion over OUR OWN DAMNED BODIES)
    , have you ever been surprised that Bill Clinton rolled-over and exposed his belly to his republicunt massahs like a good little doggie when it came to DA/DT?

    One would think, on the cusp of the 21st century, that such a thing wouldn't even BE an issue — if people want to go turn themselves into cannon-fodder for the military-industrial complex, what the fuck DIFFERENCE does it make who they love/fuck/etc.?!??!?! How in the HELL does that affect their fitness for those jobs or any other form of employment?

    Of course, I'm still stuck here in Cancer Alley, Lousy-ana, where there are actual laws PROTECTING THE BIBUL-BANGING, HATE-MONGERING HYPOCRITES from LAWSUITS BROUGHT BY PEOPLE WHO WERE DENIED EMPLOYMENT BASED SOLELY UPON THEIR (perceived) SEXUAL ORIENTATION. I shit you not. Cathlick-conversion poster-boy Piyush made DAMNED sure that his cronies and their bigotries were well-protected, have no doubt… And though Mee-Maw Blanco was seen to be "making an effort," she sure as hell didn't push hard enough to MAKE IT INTO A PERMANENT LAW, did she.

    I've been denied/deprived of employment for being a non-breeder, for being an atheist, for being single and over the age of 30 and NOT being in heart-gnawing pursuit of a HUSSSSSBANNNDDD ('cause it made teh others "nervous"), and best of all, pissing right in the face of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1994, I've been deprived of employment (shit-canned) for having sarcoidosis, arthritis, spine injuries, bad knees, a herniated neck, etc. Nobody in the state of Lousyana has EVER obeyed the ADA except to bitch about the "expense" of installing handicapped ramps.

    So no, dear heart, you are not alone, you have never been a "token" anything, except maybe in the expatriate department, and teh gheyz are not the only group here who have been treated as less than sub-human. I honestly wish that we had a full-on to-the-bone dyke on the writing staff here, but I haven't been able to lure anybody over here to fit that "niche," at least not yet. Maybe when we get moved to a non-censored address, when and if I can get that shit together, we'll put out smoke signals to appeal to a wider audience. Hell, you might have to be Head Token Ghey Of Teh Ghey Platoon, ya never know!

  5. 5. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:


    What I meant to say about Mee-Maw was that she did a short-lived executive order to PROTECT teh gheyz from discrimination in the workplace, BUT SHE NEVER GOT IT PUT INTO LEGISLATION.

    So as soon as Piyush & Timmy Teepell took over the Gubner's Mansion, that was the second thing that they destroyed, right after gutting DHH.

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