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Hmmm… Mitch Landrieu, Mayor

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on February 8, 2010 – 1:39 pm

Well, he ain’t my first choice, but he sure as hell beats that puppet carpetbagger Ray Nagin, but then again, so could a dead dog. I don’t have anything against Mitch, though I have several HUNDRED things against Mary. Hypocritical antifeminist wench. Mitch *has* worked to revive the tourism that Mike Foster let die, but he’s gotten tax cuts for some of the wrong people in the process. Don’t get me started on Hotard & the Shaw Group…

I know that he’s got a big legend to live up to, and no, he ain’t never gonna be Moon Landrieu. But hopefully he’ll be a decent mayor in his own right. Ray Nagin made Sidney Barthelemy (the crookedest cocksucker to ever inhabit City Hall) look like a fucking saint, so it’s not a high bar to jump, that cowardly piece of shit who fled to TEXAS during Katrina and had to be DRAGGED BACK IN FOUR DAMNED DAYS LATER. Lyin’ on the damned radio, having a fall-out drag-queen nervous breakdown, claiming that babies were being “raped,” that old ladies were being killed, blah blah blah PLAY RIGHT INTO YOUR REPUBLICUNT BOSSES’ STEREOTYPES, YOU WHORE.

I’m glad that Moon was alive to see this happen, and I hope that Mitch tries harder to be like his daddy than Mary has ever done. And yes, if my Nannie was alive, she’d be shickled titless about the corporate transaction that happened in Miami yesterday. Whoop-tee-doo. Gee, five years later, they get a consolation prize. Nothing against Drew, Reggie or Schockey or any of those millionaires, but show me ANY “professional sport” that ain’t rigged. Hell, if they could finagle THIS, why the hell can’t I hit the damned powerball?!?!?!?

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  1. 1. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    I'm surprised that this post didn't get more play… seeing as how Moon Landrieu was one of the best mayors in New Orleans history, Mitch has a helluva legacy to live up to… and I'm awfully sick of the bigoted/ignorant yankees hyping the "fact" that Mitch is a "WHITE Mayor," though most native Louisianians know that their family is more than "Acadian," or possibly "Cane River Creole" descendants. In other words, no matter how much Mary bleaches her hair, she ain't no 100% caucasian, any more than I am; which, one would think, that she'd use TO her advantage. Nope, you can't find any evidence about Moon or Mrs. Landrieu's genealogy online, I've dug and dug and dug, but it's a story that's been around since Moon was first elected mayor. Let us just hope that, no matter what genetics Mitch & Co. may claim, that he can fix all of the clusterfuckedness of Marc Morial (whose daddy Dutch should've beaten him for the way he HELPED THE REPUBLICUNTS DESTROY THE LEVEES) and See-Ray Nagin left behind their filthy whore asses.


    Oh, and fuck a buncha latecomer B.R. & N.LA. carpetbagger "Saints fans" who NOW claim to "love" New Orleans, when these cocksucking crackers have HATED New Orleans since before The War, Jim Crow, etc. Oh, but they finally purchase a "winning team," and suddenly the WHOLE FUCKING STATE IS WEARING FLEUR DE LIS AND CLAIMING TO BE "WHO DATS". The same lying opportunist fucking WHORES who CHEERED as they watched my city and my people DROWN during Katrina, NOW they're overcrowding Bourbon and going to Miami for "their" team.


    Fuck all'a y'all. Y'all are the same motherfuckers who freed that whore Anna Pou AND GAVE HER A NEW JOB IN BATON ROUGE; y'all are the same racist cracker motherfuckers who FREED THE ST. RITA'S NURSING HOME MASS-MURDERERS, and y'all are the same hypocritical judgemental fucking BIGOTS who said that THERE WAS NOTHING IN NEW ORLEANS "WORTH" SAVING.

    Fuck all'a y'all. Sideways with a rusty fucking chainsaw. Yeah, spend alla your ill-gotten carpetbagger gains in the Quarter, drink yourselves sick and choke on Lucky Dogs. Then go the fuck back to your "Gated Communities" and your uber-white suburbs and STOP LYING THAT YOU GIVE A FLYING ***RAT-FUCK*** ABOUT NEW ORLEANS, AS PIYUSH GENOCIDAL JINDAL STEALS ***RECOVERY*** MONEY TO PUT INTO HIS OWN FUCKING BACK POCKET.

    He claims that there's not enough people who want to get back into New Orleans, therefore the state should "appropriate" those federal recovery dollars to use "where HE sees fit."

    Anybody wanna lay odds on what THOSE little "projects" are gonna be? Saving Charity Hospital? Fuck no. Trying to save what's LEFT of our public school system? FUUUUUUCKKKKKK NO. Handing big chunks of it over to Jim Bernhard and similar no-bid contract cronies AND the Roman Catholic Church? Babies, that's just the TIP of the Jindal/Teepell Iceberg of corruption.

    Just wait. Shit's gonna get WAY the fuck uglier around here, and don't act surprised, 'cause y'all knew that I done told y'all.

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