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Fuck fuck fuckity-fuckity-FUCK FUCK *FUCK*!!!!!!

Posted by Anntichrist S Coulter on February 9, 2010 – 1:12 pm

Another of the good guys bites the dust: U.S. Representative John Murtha, PA, USMC retired, is now gone. If ever it could be said that someone gave their all and went down fighting, this is the man. Two Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star & the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry — but I think that his best recognition comes from how hard he always fought for his fellow veterans, especially fighting against The Halliburton/Bechtel/Blackwater/Shaw Group War On Iraq.

What, it wasn’t enough that they took TEDDY from us, now we gotta lose Murtha from a fucking GALLBLADDER operation?!?!?!? Fuck, if a bunch of hack MEDICAL STUDENTS & INTERNS could yank MY gallbladder without killing me, then why in the FUCK wasn’t John Murtha back on his feet within three days?!?!?! They “accidentally” nicked his intestine during THE most-routine operation this side of a tonsillectomy. That is SUCH bullshit!!! That man was too damned tough to just “die.” And fuck WaPo sideways with a chainsaw for THEIR “version” of his career. Fuck no, I ain’t linkin’ to those Moonie cunts. I’m not thrilled that he helped put “Don’t mind me, I’m just a li’l ol’ Italian grandmother” roll-over wuss Pelosi in charge, but he probably believed that she was a real Democrat. How anybody put one over on this ol’ bull, I have no fucking idea.

John Murtha will be sorely missed. Nobody put the boot up Dumbya & Dick’s asses like he did.

OT PS: Fuck a buncha HuffPo, too, as, I might note, as SOON AS I SIGNED-UP TO COMMENT on a post, MY PROFILE/ACCOUNT WAS IMMEDIATELY FUCKING DELETED. Hmmm… Roman Catholics in the tech-support @ HuffPo? Or just plain ol’ Disney-mentality language bots? Never even got the chance to properly comment on anything, despite my being “logged-in” WITH AN ACCOUNT THAT “HAS BEEN DELETED.” Ariana supports/performs censorship. Fascinating. Alec Baldwin is a columnist, but *I* can’t even log-in to comment on a post about the White Stripes being ripped-off by the Air Force? Which, of course, brings me right the fuck back to catholics… Hey, if YOU hadda live in Vatican West for nearly 40 years, you’d see their filthy child-molesting, money-hoarding-whilst-people-starve, condom-hating/AIDS-PANDEMIC-FACILITATING asses behind every fucking tree, too.

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  1. 1. Terrible Said:

    Yeah! This is FUCKED!

  2. 2. SeattleDan Said:

    I think Annti nailed it here:

    Surgical "mistake". Damn.

  3. 3. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Yeah, a "mistake," like the last 12 years of my life… Surgeons and doctors period need more oversight, because they literally take our lives in their hands and can give, take, or destroy as THEY see fit. And the corporate hospital conglomerates do nothing but cover their asses.

    There's no logical reason why a fucking gallbladder operation should've killed Murtha. Period. This is not an age-sensitive operation, nor is it one where infection and hemorrhaging should've been involved or problematic.

  4. 4. Terrible Said:

    Like you point out Annti, it's like dieing during a tonsillectomy. And it's a damn good example of the need to regulate and control the corporate insurance and hospital conglomerates.

  5. 5. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Seeing as how he was a decorated war vet, and was, apparently being treated at a VA facility in Virginia, who put the fix in? The man's done little BUT defend his fellow veterans throughout his career, so how did the fucking rat-bastards find a PENTAGON-PAID SURGEON to murder him?

    Oh, and fuck a buncha HUFF-PO, those motherfuckers won't even let ME sign-up to COMMENT ON A SINGLE FUCKING POST. Cuntbites.

  6. 6. SeattleDan Said:

    HUFF-PO is people magazine for the Left. Which is really pretty sad.

  7. 7. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    If they were truly "liberal," then a nic name wouldn't matter, would it. I mean, hell, the people who claim to be "liberal," like Springer being on Air America — gimme a fucking break. They just go where the money is, and look at all of the tabloid crap all over HuffPo — does anybody honestly give a fuck about Kim Kardashian's ass? Really? How is she "news"??? Yay for Reggie, they "won" the SuperCorporateTransactionBowl, but SHE didn't contribute anything but pussy to the deal.

    But the fact that they can't even explain WHY I am, shall we say, de facto BANNED from commenting there — well, that speaks volumes, doesn't it.

    I dunno if it's irony or just fucked-up timing, but that old miniseries, "The Kennedys Of Massachusetts" is on MGM's crap channel right now: the part where Joe has a prefrontal lobotomy done on Rosemary… "We both knew it had to be done…" Yeahhhh, THAT personality-eraser turned-out great, didn't it?

  8. 8. flawedplan Said:

    Hiya Annti,

    I want to update you on my feral cat doings, first of all, here she is, the 1 I told you about, was preggers, is recovering post op
    and going into adoption system tomorrow:

    We caught 2 last week and they're "home" now, pissed at me but sneaking food like fugitive spys. Three more to go and my colony is officially managed. But 1 thing on my mind, and I can't believe I spent a whole night studying the anti feral cat position, but I did because I'm wonky and multi-perspective that way. I read all the arguments and wrestled with the criticisms til I just gave up. I don't know if it's doing the right thing caring for ferals, and neither do they. It's not like feeding starving homeless cats creates cat heaven, it's more doing a little bit to reduce the number of emaciated corpses littering my trailer court. So fuck the critics, but for 1 question I come to you with.

    They say TNR is inhumane b/c once a cat is trapped you can never trap that particular cat again, so if it is ill or injured you've set it up to die a horrible protracted death. I saw those compelling photos of dead cats with their heads stuck in jars to drive the point home. I wonder if that's true, if one of mine that I trapped before shows signs of illness (and Austin has funding for treating sick ferals) will I be able to trap him again? It's a chance I'm just going to have to take but was wondering if you had experience with that.

    Thanks for being here.


  9. 9. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    I'd like to meet the morons who told you that shit. And then put a major boot up their asses.

    That is the biggest pile of horseshit that I have ever heard — what were those cats doing with their heads in damned jars, and what idiot left 'em there to die!?!??!

    Yes, they can always be trapped again. It took me THREE trappings to finally get our matriarch, Lex Luthor (my self-declared archenemy) to the vet, and she fell for the wet tuna cat food EVERY TIME. Bless Ginger's heart (boy cats are so much more affectionate, but they ain't always the sharpest tools in the shed), Ginger Baker, the doppelganger son of Papi would go into the damned traps every time that I put 'em out here, long after HE'D been neutered, 'cause he knew that there was GOOD FOOD IN THERE, and that sooner or later, he'd be free again. Maybe ha ain't so dense after all… He sure as hell got fat & happy off of those traps!

    So yes, if you keep them on dry food, and only use the canned food in the traps, hell yes, they'll fall for it, when they need to go to the vet. Those anti-TNR motherfuckers need their nuts cut off and stuffed in their mouths — what would they prefer, that the babies starve to death, rather than have them stop breeding?!??! Fuckin' morons.

    And fuck yes, tell 'em I said so!

  10. 10. flawedplan Said:

    Like so many modern troubles it all started with Wikipedia, if you innocently look up TNR you'll find a link to the anti-TNR clearinghouse. There's a lot of it, and they have lobbyists, advocates, an agenda, coded generally under environmentalism. I found about 6 websites. The critics maintain that housecats belong exclusively indoors, and letting strays live fucks up the habitat for wildlife species, so they recommend trapping and euthanasia. For the sake of persuasion they try to show that TNR is wrongheaded, inhumane and harmful for ferals so don't do it or you'll be spreading misery.
    That's where the photos come in.
    They don't have the research to back up any of their claims concerning the grievous damage ferals do to natural habitats, though I do think
    they make some good points, the pro-TNR advocates make more sense, and are doing something to improve a bad situation. Not all cities will set up TNR and those that do frame it as a way of reducing the cat population. So that's the hook. Advocates have to present as cold, clear-eyed and level-headed because it seems the ruling critique is that TNR devotees are emotional, unrealistic, and childlike w/no head for policy and its implications. I love this shit.

    Everything's a fucking controversy, you know that. I imagine the underpinnings with the anti TNR lobby came about the way it always does. A group of civic minded assholes hears that the city council is considering funding this great feral control option, and the anti freaks come out of the woodwork because feral cats kill sparrows and that makes baby jesus cry. I'm glad Austin went with the TNR option, I'm getting all the help I need and promises for more as needed. I can't tell you how relieved I feel to see my ferals running around today, sterilized and filled with antibiotics. But they're total haters, no gratitude, still hissing, my babies.

    Good to hear the cats will go back into the cages more than once. I stopped using dry food a couple years ago when my housecat Angelbait got diabetes from it, but I can revert to dry for the ferals when I need to.

    I love these conversations, let me know when you join Twitter so I can follow you, eh.

    (((HUG))) <<if you'll take it

  11. 11. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    I'm not a tweety kinda person, and even *I* am not egotistical enough to believe that anybody in the world wants to hear my every thought, deed, brain-fart, etc., as tends to be the majority of "content" on Twitter, so don't hold yer breath on that one.

    I just have to ask, seeing as how I am flat-out fucking FLABBERGASTED that there are motherfuckers out there who are AGAINST T/N/R — what the FUCK could POSSIBLY motivate ANYFUCKINGBODY BUT PURE FUCKING ***SADISTS*** to be AGAINST NEUTERING FERAL CATS?!?!?!?! They must be some homicidal fucking maniacs, is all I can figure. Sickos who get their rocks off on killing cats — of course, considering where I've been trapped for the past 5 years, I *know* that sickos like this EXIST, but around here, they're never ORGANIZED, they just DO IT THEMSELVES. Shotguns, croaker sacks, claw hammers, fireworks, whatever's handy when the sicko serial-killer-wannabes get the urge to torture a living creature to death SIMPLY FOR EXISTING — they even BRAG ABOUT IT.

    And no, I don't wanna know the names of these "organizations" or what fucking BEASTS are behind them, though it IS going on the Powerball wish list to someday DESTROY them when I have the money. I don't want to know that such ignorant, inhuman monsters actually fucking EXIST. To me, they are no different from John Wayne Gacy, Jim Jones, or Jeffrey Dahmer. But if they were alllll for killing POOR PEOPLE, they'd have a career IN POLITICS. Look at Piyush "Bobby-Brady-Wannabe" Jindal and his puppetmaster/butt-buddy Timmy Teepell — they think that Hitler was RIGHT ON TRACK, in terms of getting rid of the "undesirables."

    If you feel the need to interact further with those nematodes, feel free to quote me at will, and embellish as you see fit. I just don't want to further sully my already-filthy soul by having direct contact with the likes of them.

    And I cannot POSSIBLY understand how DRY food could give a cat diabetes — it's usually the fatty stuff like canned food, treats, and human food that does the most damage to their poor little inefficient digestive systems! Srsly — I only give my antiquated old farts one single-serve can (split between the two of 'em) of wet food because the vet MADE ME, because they were so blocked-up and on the verge of developing "super-colon."

    Dry food, as long as it's not THE cheapest shit (like Dollar General generic or Fred's SuperGhetto Store brand) that's majority SAWDUST, is way healthier for overweight cats or other cats who are in danger of high cholesterol/triglycerides.



  12. 12. Anntichrist S. Coulter Said:

    Pt. 2:

    If they CAN'T go outside, like my two can't go outside here @ L'Hotel des Fouquetards, either get someone who has a house & a yard to take them every couple of weeks for a day or two of "sleepaway camp," so that they CAN go outside and BE CATS and graze 'til their hearts' content, or get some oatgrass & rye grass seed and GROW CAT GRASS YERSELF. When my babies are in-between trips to "camp," that's what I grow for them. DON'T pay for those "cat grass kits" at PetSmart or PetCo, that shit is a RIPOFF, and few people think to recycle those plastic containers.

    Find an old bowl, shallow as possible (2" deep or so), get a smallish bag of MiracleGro potting soil, some tinfoil, and germinate yer own seeds for 3 days in moist soil, then take off the foil and put 'em in the sunshine. Within a week, you've got a big fat healthy bowl fulla grass for teh kittehs to graze like sheeps! And trust me, they will KNOW what to do with it. Sure as hell beats chancing them getting poisoned by eating your houseplants, for damned sure! My cats love it, and gnaw that shit down to the NUB. The overpriced kits only include oat-grass seed, which is really bland, but if you throw in some rye and maybe St. Augustine seeds, it'll be like a really good mixed salad for them!

    When mine lived at THEIR house (the unspeakable allegedly "parental" units), THEY never hadda break out the weed-eater, because Biddy & Boy would gnaw every weed around everything, including that big ol' oak stump in the backyard. How they're still so FAT, after years of grazing, I have no friggin' idea. I give 'em high-fiber "indoor cat" dry food, their only "luxury" is that half-a-can of wet food at night, and their only treats are "indoor" treats with greens in 'em. I dunno.

    OH!!! And another thing, in case I haven't mentioned it twelve or twenty times already, if you have indoor cats, DO NOT **EVER** GIVE THEM HAIRBALL TREATS!!!!!! Those things nearly killed my cats, by fucking-up their entire bizarro intestinal systems! Seriously — cats have a weird little gullet where the hair that they "ingest" through grooming is stashed until it's enough of a hairball to hock-up, and the mineral oil in the hairball treats just KEEPS THE HAIR DOWN THERE, and it can overflow into their actual guts/intestines, and BLOCK THEM UP LIKE QUICK-RETE CEMENT!!! Hairball treats are for the convenience of the owners, not for the health of the cats. They HAVE to get rid of those hairballs, or they will die of colon problems that are almost as sadistic as the ANTI-TNR freaks. Their stomachs can't digest the hair, so it just PLUGS 'EM UP, to where they start projectile-vomiting and stop eating. It skeers the hell outta them AND you. When Biddy went to go potty and was CRYING because she COULDN'T, that's when I knew that they hadda go to the vet.

    So YES to greens, NO to hairball treats! As gross as it is for them to hock-up those slimy, disgusting wads of hair and bodily fluids, that's how their bodies are SUPPOSED to work. If they get to go outdoors, they're more likely to DO IT outdoors, rather than on your floors or in your shag rugs. But even if they can't go outside, they HAVE to hock-up hairballs, or they die young of very painful gut problems.

    Hope that this helps!

    And lastly, to those idiots who say that feral cats are "invading" the territory of other predators, CATS ARE ***NOT*** BURMESE PYTHONS IN THE FLORIDA EVERGLADES, THEY ARE ***NOT*** SUPER-PREDATORS!!!!!! More times than not, the cats themselves become din-din for the bigger predators, like bobcats, Florida panthers, nasty-assed raccoons, feral dogs, etc. So that "argument" in favor of MURDERING EVERY FERAL CAT IN MURKA is PURE-DEE, GRADE-A ***HORSESHIT***!!!!!!

  13. 13. flawedplan Said:

    I'm not liking this exchange quite as much. I'm not your enemy. I agree w/letting cats enjoy the outdoors w/supervision, and you get no argument about the sadists among us, and the use of cats as their playground, I've seen that up close all my life. But as for dry food, here we part ways. Google "kitty crack" or "Dry food and feline diabetes" for a start if you're inclined to hear the argument against it. Here's a quick introduction to the major health risks posed by dry food:

    And this book by Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins:

    Lisa A. Pierson, DVM

    I belong to a bunch of feline diabetic support groups and know that hundreds of cats w/diabetes go into remission once taken off dry and put on a high protein/low carb diet. That's the protocol, and while it hasn't happened for Angelbait, I do home testing and can tell instantly when she's been eating dry; her blood glucose level spikes like mad. That is a fact.

    Cats are obligate carnivores, dry food is essentially corn meal, the worst thing you can feed them. Wellness is one brand of dry that uses ground animals as first ingredient, so I let my cats have a few nibbles a day since they're hooked, but I don't overdo it. And I absolutely detest the dry food industry, it's on par with the tobacco industry, and I can't quit that either.

    You know cat food is not tested on cats in longterm studies, so it's no surprise that the manufacturers haven't made the connection between longterm feeding of dry food and diabetes, but it's becoming more known among vets and that's due to the education we owners have provided them over recent years. The manufacturers still hoard the nutritional data, you have to work your ass off to find out the composition of your cat's food, but there again sick cat owners have put up websites shaming them and some brands have released the information. Why do you think they hide this simple data concerning the fat/carb/protein percentages in their food? Because Friskies thinks you want pet food that appeals to *you* full of veggies and blueberries when your cat needs a mouse.

    And Twitter is only silly for silly curators. That's your role on Twitter, you curate. Some do it poorly I have no doubt. My own stream is made up of scholars, critics, pundits, poets and musicians who feed my heart and head every day.

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